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The vast majority of Roblox mods are developed by individuals and small groups wishing to recreate their fantasies, something that reflects in the poor quality of their gameplay. As such, anime-inspired mods are quite common, with most lacking any sort of stimulation that can get players even just a little bit invested. However, Shindo Life, a Naruto-inspired mod, is a project that transcends casual gaming, to the point of retaining over 10,000 active users every day!

Shindo Life’s success can be partially attributed to the anime it is based on. Much like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto enjoys an unparalleled level of popularity, the kind that has penetrated entertainment so much that practically everyone knows about it. While most have thoroughly binged the show, even those who haven’t watched it are fully aware of what it’s about and understand its appeal.

But then, of course, that begs the question about why other Naruto-inspired mods aren’t as possible, and this is where RELL World’s admirable efforts come into play. Unlike other mods, the developers have gone the extra mile to enrich their projects with content, introducing different mechanics that diversify the average experience. One such mechanic is that of Bloodlines.

Ragnar Overview

Ragnar is one of the many bloodlines in Shindo Life that are designed to grant you access to a unique set of movesets derived from Naruto in one way or the other. In a nutshell, they determine how powerful your character is, although, at the same time, the more potent bloodlines are rarer.

As such, Ragnar is considered a rare bloodline and offers three different movesets that are useful in several situations. While one is geared towards simply going on the offensive, one is best applied for extending combos, while the other is a straightforward counter capable of getting you out of some serious pinches.


Ragnar Shindo Life
Image from shindo life rell fandom wiki

Any bloodline in Shindo Life can be qualified into one of three types according to the game: Clan, Eye, and Elemental. While there is little evidence to suggest that these types add any special perks to their bloodlines, I’ve noticed that Elemental bloodlines usually pale in the comparison of Clan and Eye bloodlines in just about any tier list. I hope the developers add some more S-tier Elemental bloodlines to the game to help them make a place for themselves in the current meta.

Fortunately, though, Ragnar does not fall under the category of Elemental bloodlines and is instead a Clan bloodline. I find that a little questionable because the movesets clearly indicate that Ragnar is based on the Fourth Raikage from Naruto, who is a master in the craft of lightning, an element.


When creating a new account, you start with two bloodline slots (can be increased to four with Robux) and 15 spins. Spins allow you to roll for a random bloodline, where all bloodlines vary in rarity – in other words, the rarer the bloodline, the stronger it makes you. Of course, not all bloodlines need to be obtained by rolling – some are dropped by bosses such as the Shindai Rengoku (dropped from the Shindai Rengoku boss).

Shindai Rengoku
Image from shindo life rell fandom wiki

As far as Ragnar is concerned, though, it can only be obtained by rolling where the chance of getting it is 1/200, qualifying it as a rare bloodline.


Moving onto the most exciting part about this guide – Ragnar’s movesets! Before I delve into each of the three movesets, it’s important to note that these do not become available to you the moment you roll and equip the bloodline. Instead, you must unlock each moveset individually, which is not only gated behind a level requirement but also costs Chi and Ryo.

As such, it takes genuine equipment to grind and max out a bloodline because there’s always the opportunity cost of focusing on another bloodline. So, if you’re prepared to unravel everything Ragnar offers, keep reading!

Move Name Level Requirement Chi Cost (Unlocking) Ryo Cost Chi Cost (Use time) Cooldown
Odin Style: Storm Breaker 200 520 500,000 22,000 20 Seconds
Odin Style: True Thunder 400 1,600 1,000,000 20,000 25 Seconds
Odin Style: Bifrost Counter 700 2,200 1,000,000 30,000 20 Seconds

Odin Style: Storm Breaker

Odin Style: Storm Breaker
Image from ShindoLife Rell Fandom

While the Ragnar bloodline is related most closely to the Fourth Raikage from the anime, this moveset is flat-out inspired by Thor’s Storm Breaker. In fact, upon execution, your character pulls out an Odinson Breaker (which is also an obtainable ninja tool in the game) and calls upon the clouds to strike lightning on where your cursor is pointing. Since we’re talking about multiple lightning bolts here, you’d be right to assume that this means a good hitbox for some massive damage.

The best part, however, is that the move is actually designed to be a guard breaker – a ranged guard breaker, I should say. Thus, this is a great move to have in your arsenal as you can not only start close-range combos with it but can also interrupt enemy attacks from far away. Although, I would discourage distancing yourself too much from the enemy as the follow-up two-second stun that the Storm Breaker delivers is something you should definitely be around to take advantage of.

Odin Style: True Thunder

Odin Style: True Thunder
Image from ShindoLife Rell Fandom

Although Storm Breaker has an instant cast-time, True Thunder is the only moveset that actually has some kind of start-up (in the form of Naruto-style hand signs). However, it would be unfair to try to understand the move from an offensive/damage-based perspective because it excels in a completely different department. Perhaps the most concise way of telling anyone about the crux of this move is to reference Odin Shock Wolf before it was nerfed.

Similar to the Odin Shock Wolf, True Thunder allows you to hurl several streams of lightning towards your enemy in a forward direction, stunning them upon contact. While the stun itself does not do much damage, the best way to capitalize off the stun is to extend your combo (whether it be simple M1 spam or an air combo Q spec). Even though your DPS will remain more or less the same, you’ll have inevitably punished your enemy a lot more for giving you an opening to attack from.

It’s also important to preface that, even though there are visible gaps between the lightning streams, they do not help evasiveness. If your enemy gets caught in the gap, they will be stunned – any other outcome would be brought about by extraneous variables such as lag.

Odin Style: Bifrost Counter

Odin Style: Bifrost Counter
Image from ShindoLife Rell Fandom

Although the foregoing two abilities are great, I personally find myself using the Bifrost Counter the most out of all of them. While it comes off as an ordinary counter at first glance, let me tell you that, much like the Storm Breaker, one must add the adjective “Ranged” to really do it justice. In other words, the Bifrost Counter is a ranged counter where, upon being hit, you teleport behind the enemy (regardless of whether or not they are close or far) and decimate them with a beam summoned from the heavens.

While Storm Breaker and True Thunder had their fair share of shortcomings, the Bifrost Counter is simply good, although it could be better. Compared to Doku-Tengoku’s counter (128 Palm Counter), one could argue that the Bifrost Counter does not punish enough as a counter should. Regarding competing with the meta, there are better counters out that do more than just damage. The 128 Palm Counter, for instance, delivers significant knockback and steals some Chi from the enemy on top of heavy damage.


Image from Shindo Life Rell Fandom

Ragnar’s mode is quite decent, aside from the C spec, which is very difficult to utilize without putting yourself in a rather uncomfortable position. Don’t forget that this can only be unlocked at level 400.

Passive Bonuses

The passive bonuses are nothing less than what I expected them to be. Apart from greatly enhanced movement speed, your dashes are replaced by teleports (thus increasing evasiveness), and your regular M1s now send lightning blasts at your enemy. It’s important to remember that while these blasts have medium range, they stun and electrocute your enemy simultaneously, making M1 spam combos quite deadly.

Stat Boosts

  • +2,800 Chi
  • +2,800 Ninjutsu
  • +2,600 Taijutsu
  • +2,600 HP

Q Spec

While the passive bonuses and stat boosts earn my approval, the C spec has to be my favorite aspect of Ragnar’s mode. Similar to Storm Breaker, your character pulls out the Odinson Breaker and literally knocks the enemy into the ground before senselessly plummeting them – this, of course, yields massive damage!

Many people don’t know this, but the best part is that you can actually execute other moves before the final slam segment of the animation plays out, increasing damage output even further! Unfortunately, as much as I love to spam this move, it takes up 20,000 of my Chi and leaves me on a long 30-second cooldown.

C Spec

It’s very hard to find the C Spec of Ragnar’s mode useful. After all, all it does is that it makes your character run around really fast while being electrically charged – unsurprisingly, anyone who makes contact with your character gets electrocuted. The worst part is that you are completely vulnerable during this animation and still take damage from incoming attacks and projectiles. The move’s only saving grace is that you can cut the run short by left clicking, which will also cause a high-damage AOE lightning burst.

So how do I personally use the C Spec? I generally don’t use it a lot, partially due to the 20-second cooldown, but when I do, I either use the extra speed to create distance or run outside of the range of guard breakers. And if I’m ever feeling a little aggressive, I try to land the AOE lightning burst, which stuns the enemy, allowing me to launch a flurry of M1s.

FAQs – Ragnar Shindo Life

Question: How do I get more spins?

Answer: Rather than having to buy more spins with actual money (which one experienced with gacha games would expect), the developers over at REEL World have promoted a more healthy environment. Aside from getting spins by completing everyday challenges and engaging in different game modes, the developers themselves like to drop codes on special occasions.

Question: What is Shiver-Ragnar?

Answer: Shiver-Ragnar is closely related to the Ragnar bloodline because it is a limited-time variation of it. This is seen in the two having the exact same moves, except that the Shiver-Ragnar follows the theme of purple lightning

Question: How do I level up bloodlines quickly?

Answer: While successfully rolling for your desired bloodline is an achievement, it doesn’t amount to anything if you don’t upgrade said bloodline. As such, I usually prefer to level it up by grinding Green and Orange Scroll requests while I’m playing and staying AFK at a Training Log using an auto-clicker.


In conclusion, the Ragnar bloodline is a tad bit above average due to it being a mix of really good abilities, really bad abilities, and mediocre in-betweens. I would mainly recommend it to beginners with the advice to only unlock Storm Breaker – this is a high-damage move that is simple to learn for just about anyone. And as far as other moves go, one would be better off grinding that much for upgrading bloodlines much better than Ragnar.

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