Conquerors 3 Getting Started Guide

I am continuously impressed by the achievements that some Roblox developers accomplish. For a gameplay system that seems so straightforward and simple, some developers have worked wonders with Roblox. The gameplay possibilities are seemingly endless, and one of the best examples of this is seen in this Conquerors 3 getting started guide. This particular game is one of the most impressive achievements I’ve seen since beginning Roblox in 2016.

The Conquerors 3 is a special Roblox game in that it fills a genre gap that you don’t often see in the game: real-time strategy games. RTS titles are mostly a niche experience due to the style of gameplay that is a bit harder to reproduce in something like Roblox. But The Conquerors 3 did it somehow, and it works surprisingly well. But is it complex and fun enough to be worth your time in Roblox? That is the true question I aim to answer in this Conquerors 3 getting started guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Conquerors 3 is the latest game from renowned Roblox developer BrokenBone. Set in the RTS genre, the idea is similar to other games like Age of Empires or Civilization. You gather resources, build structures, and command troops to scour the map for your foes. You can aim for a diplomatic approach if you’d like, but most players opt for the warpath — this is a game that appeals to kids, after all. The Conquerors 3 is a solid beginner’s RTS game, but I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of how it controls on Roblox. There are better free games out there in this genre.

Conquerors 3 Overview

RTS games have a special place in my heart. It is perhaps the genre that I play the least in all of video games, but there is occasionally that itch to come back to it. When this happens, I will usually pop in a new game I’ve never played before — Age of Empires 4 most recently — and see what the fuss is all about.

It all harkens back to my childhood when we didn’t have internet growing up but a useless computer. Because of this, I would occasionally buy a few PC games that didn’t require the internet to play. One of them was Star Wars: Empire at War, a game that remains one of my favorite games of all time.

When I go back to the RTS genre every so often, I am chasing the high of those late nights taking on various missions on planets and in space as a kid. The Conquerors 3 is in an interesting place since it is basically doing the same but for a new generation of kids.

For some kids that grow up in the future, they will look back on this Roblox title as their entry point into the sometimes gated and inaccessible RTS community. I envy them since they will have fond memories of playing against other players online, something I didn’t have growing up.

But, at the same time, I won’t envy them because The Conquerors 3 is a basic RTS experience. By and large, I am impressed by what it accomplished within the Roblox engine, but its systems are mostly barebones, with not a whole lot going on.

The Conquerors 3 came out in 2009, being one of the oldest Roblox games around. The 3 in the name comes from the fact that this is the third iteration of the RTS Roblox experience.

Gameplay Explained

Perhaps the most surprising part about The Conquerors 3 is that the gameplay is, by and large, instantly recognizable to anyone who plays standard RTS games. It is a point-and-click strategy game at its core, somehow happening within the confines of Roblox.

I mostly play Roblox on my tablet or Xbox, so my mileage will vary some when it comes to this aspect. But I will note this beforehand: don’t even try to play this game with a controller, as you will certainly be struggling with the controls most of the time.

Instead, your best bet is to play on mobile or PC, where you have the touchscreen or mouse to help you control this otherwise frustrating experience. Thankfully, I’ve got your back, and I hope to break down how to control this rather unique Roblox experience.

How to Control

When it comes to controls, touchscreen and mouse are going to be your best friends here. You will fit in quite nicely if you’ve played an RTS game. If not, this is a decent beginner’s strategy game in this vein. How it works is that you are on a massive map with different bases.

You will have your own base area and a crystal you are defending that provides energy and money for your army. The game is played from a top-down overview perspective, where you can see everything happening on the battlefield below.

You can maneuver around the map by scrolling around it using your mouse or finger on the touchscreen. The idea is to go to your base, then use this control method to select buildings, create structures, and command troops, all while not really needing most buttons on the keyboard.

The controls are almost entirely based on pointing and clicking with few shortcuts that use other keys in the game. In a way, this can seem like a simplistic gameplay approach, but there are a lot of menus and systems that you have to cycle through as you click around.

Overall, I would say that the controls in Conquerors 3 can be some of the deepest that you will find in all of Roblox. This is all before including the fact that you can swap at any time to your avatar character and run around the map like you would in any other game.

There isn’t a whole lot of use to doing this other than enjoying the fun of watching your troops battle it out firsthand. But it is at least a fun way of diverting your attention elsewhere when you get bored with clicking on soldiers and looking at a bunch of numbers and all that.


Image from the Conquerors fandom

Most of the time, when you aren’t dealing with your soldiers in Conquerors 3, you will be padding out your little base. There are various buildings that you can create on the map that will help you when it comes to battling against your fellow Roblox players.

It is a little bit confusing at first since the game doesn’t explain things, but if you’re ever confused about what a building does, hover your mouse over it or hold down on it with your finger on mobile. There are a couple of different building types that you can find that will help in various circumstances.

One that I highly recommend that players build immediately upon starting a new game is the Power Plant. It and the other income-based buildings will grant you more money every minute. The more money you have, the more buildings you can build and own on the map.

Beyond those, the primary building type that players will deal with is the production ones. These create areas where you can summon new troops to join your army. From Barracks to the Shipyard, different buildings will grant you different types of soldiers for your armies.

I recommend figuring out what you need based on your situation. If you have a lot of water nearby, you might want to focus on naval troops first. If you’re in a free-for-all with an opponent right next door, you’ll probably need land troops first.

Of course, it isn’t as easy as just building production facilities, either. Unfortunately, you also need to worry about your population. Population buildings increase your overall town size, which means that you can bring in more troops to fight.

Some support buildings provide passive bonuses to your team, making them a little better in battle. They are the least important in my opinion, so focus on the others first, then these. Last but not least, you have your personal defenses.

Your base is your last stand, so you need to make sure you are ready for when the enemies inevitably reach your doorstep. Turrets, walls, land mines, and more are all defensive options you can manually set up around your base. Don’t wait to use these, as they will be necessary for those early and late match moments.

Commanding Troops

 Commanding Troops
Image from the conquerors fandom

When you aren’t building and planning your base, what you should be doing is commanding your troops. This works predominantly how other point-and-click RTS games work, so you should be fine if you’ve played them before. If you’re new, this is a solid place to start.

The idea is to click on an area near your troops and then drag your mouse while holding it down to create a rectangle. The rectangle that you draw will then select all troops within its range. At that point, you can tell your selected troops where to go and what to do.

The commands are mostly relatively simple in Conquerors 3, including clicking on the map to indicate their destination. They will start moving there immediately. Other actions include attacking foes that they come across.

Though the actions are few in number, the challenge in commanding your troops comes from strategically choosing what to do and when to do it.

How to Gather Cash

Money is your single most important resource, even more necessary than the troops you have. Without any form of cash, you are unable to build, gather more troops, or do anything else at all in Conquerors 3. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to get cash in the game, unlike the more complicated PC, RTS games out there.

At the start of each match, every player will begin receiving $10 every minute or so in the game. That will get you by for the first part of the game, but you want to expand from there as soon as you can. Your goal should be to build reactors and other buildings that I mentioned above that will gain you money.

With these, you will receive more cash every 60 seconds than you otherwise would. The key here is to build these as soon as you can. In most matches, you can build one of these as soon as you start, so it pays off to do so right from the beginning.

Sure, you will spend a massive chunk of your starting cash pool to do so, but it will pay off in the long term as you will end up with more money than everyone else over time. If done quickly enough, this can enable you to get better buildings and troops than the other players faster, which can dictate how the match will possibly end.

Diplomacy and War

Image from The Conquerors Wiki

What I love about Conquerors 3 is that it incorporates some of the optional mechanics and paths you find in other RTS games like Civilization. At the heart of the game is the conflict and war you are in against the other players, but you can manipulate how this progresses to a certain extent.

What you can do is use Diplomacy, one of the primary features of the RTS Roblox game, to take advantage of the battlefield. Even though you all start out as enemies against one another, you can chat with other players and negotiate with them to enter into an alliance.

As part of an alliance, you can work together to eliminate a stronger and more dangerous player or simply try to win as a team. Alternatively, you can manipulate and take advantage of alliances to trick people into letting you be the winner.

Diplomacy may not be a core victory condition in matches, but it can be useful for winning the overall war. What you need to keep in mind, though, is that you are playing this with kids, most of which just want to attack. I have attempted to build an alliance with players before, and, trust me, they weren’t having the peace talks.

Game Modes Explained

When you boot up Conquerors 3, you will find a ton of servers to choose from. Most of them will have various game modes that they are offering, with this game having five main modes that you can pick. Conquest is the most popular and common experience that you will find in the game.

This one is your straightforward war battle to see which side will be the winner in the end. The objective is just to destroy everything that your opponent has, from their buildings to their armies. As such, it is the marquee game mode of Conquerors 3 and the one I see all the time.

It has several versions of it from three teams of two players each to three on three to 4v4 and even 5v5. Free for All is the second most common game mode, and it has the same idea as Conquest. The difference this time around is that you are all on your own, with enemies surrounding you everywhere.

King of the Hill is a strange mode for this RTS game that works as it does in FPS games. How it works is that there is a point where players hold a point with their troops to earn points to win the match. It isn’t in the game right now but could return someday.

Survival is similar to King of the Hill (possibly the reason behind its removal), where you compete to survive in a single point for the most amount of time. Last but not least, Territory Conquest is a Domination-style mode where you are tasked with holding down as many of the several points that exist to earn points to win the match.

Though some of the modes, like Survival, sound nice, the reality is that no one plays anything but Conquest and Free for All. If you want to play something else, you need to create a server yourself, which requires you to be level five. Even then, there is no guarantee that players will join you since they mostly want the core experiences.

And even within the primary Conquest mode, I rarely see 4v4 and 5v5 in the game, which is what I mainly want to play. 3v3 is a decent alternative, but even it is rare sometimes and not as fun as the larger-scale modes. I do wish the community or the developers changed the game to promote the other modes better.

General Tips

There are a few tips that I have for Conquerors 3 that will get you the most out of your experience. The reality is that this is a game that is best experienced with friends and on PC. If you aren’t PC, you are going to have a rather difficult time trying to navigate the controls and method of using the game.

I would even note that it is much more fun when using a mouse and keyboard, too. But suppose you find yourself unable to play on a computer. In that case, mobile is the next best option, specifically on a tablet with a larger screen. When it comes to Xbox, that is where you will likely be slower than other players, which can harm your entire experience.

As mentioned, I recommend playing Conquerors 3 with friends. If you aren’t hanging out with your other friends and playing it that way, you are absolutely missing out on the way that the game is meant to be played. It is not nearly as fun trying to communicate and work together with strangers in this Roblox game.

If you have some friends or family with you, you can easily communicate and figure out what you need to do together. In addition, it can even give you an edge over the competition. I believe that playing together with someone else that you know enhances the overall Conquerors 3 experience and makes it the absolute best.

In terms of gameplay, you want to always maximize your money-earning potential from the moment you start a match so that it pays off the most over the long run. This is something that I don’t do (mainly because I would feel bad), but betrayals are a great way of getting far in a Conquerors 3 match.

For example, you can reach out to another player and form an alliance, noting that you will save each other for the end of the match and take out the others first. But when they have their guard down and their troops elsewhere, you can easily sneak in and destroy their buildings.

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Is Conquerors 3 Worth Checking Out?

At the end of the day, Conquerors 3 is a game that I don’t really see the appeal in. While I think having a free-to-play RTS title is a welcome change of pace, it just pales in comparison to the rest of the genre. It falls short in every single way without having the fun factor of other Roblox games.

Sure, playing something like Flee the Facility might not be as tight or good-looking of an experience as its inspiration, Dead by Daylight. Still, it at least comes close to offering a similar time while being free. Conquerors 3 just isn’t able to provide that high-quality enough experience to be worth your time and effort.

I guess if you’re interested in taking a look, go ahead and do so but don’t feel bad about jumping ship as soon as you start to get bored. This game is for a few people out there, including RTS fans, in my opinion, so I don’t think there is going to be much persuading you into liking it more as some other Roblox games will.

There is a novelty to the idea that someone was able to successfully create a full-on RTS game in Roblox with no strings attached. Still, the reality is that it’s more of an impressive accomplishment than a game worth playing. This is one of the most skippable Roblox experiences out there. Just go play StarCraft 2 at this point.

Best Alternatives

If I haven’t made myself clear enough, Conquerors 3 isn’t worth your time in the slightest. With that being said, though, I am not going to leave you hanging. I have a few Roblox games that I think you should check out. Rather than recommend some non-Roblox RTS games, here are some strategic titles within Roblox I think you’d enjoy:

  • D-Day: Admittedly, D-Day is a first-person shooter and not an RTS. However, it is the most strategic shooter you’ll find in Roblox. It is all about worrying about your bases, defending them, and watching where the rest of the troops are. It can be as fast or slow as you want, offering that RTS feel from a different perspective.
  • Rise of Nations: This is the other main RTS title in Roblox, being quite different. You run a nation on the planet and aim to take over the other nations while setting up buildings, commanding troops, and the like. The graphics suck, but it is a much more fun experience than The Conquerors 3.
  • Star Wars -Coruscant: This is a newer Roblox game that focuses on large-scale Star Wars battles. There is a roleplay aspect for those who want it, or the more traditional divisions you can join to get right into the action. There is a tactical side to this game that could appeal to The Conquerors 3 and sci-fi fans out there.

FAQs – Conquerors 3 Getting Started Guide

Question: How do you equip skins in Conquerors 3 Roblox?

Answer: Head into the in-game shop and find the skins you own, then click on them to equip them.

Question: How do you use the nuke in Conquerors 3?

Answer: Create the Research Center and then use it to make the Nuclear Silo. From there, you can make a nuke, which you can aim on the map to deal instantaneous destruction to a wide area. You won’t automatically win the game, though.

Question: How do you destroy the submarines in Conquerors 3?

Answer: There are only two ways to destroy a submarine in Conquerors 3. The first is to use another submarine or a destroyer. If a player is left with nothing but submarines, they will automatically forfeit the match.

What to Conquer Next in Roblox

The Conquerors 3 is all about the challenge and multiplayer experience that it offers. The idea of having a strategic, top-down game like this one is fascinating and unique in Roblox. That said, I’ve been clear in my disdain for this game, and for a reason. I just don’t think that it is worth your precious time, even though it is a free experience.

However, there are a lot of other games out there that are much more worth your time and even money in Roblox. One such game that evokes the same level of stress and tactical side is Tower of Hell. While it is an obby, it is the most challenging one around. It can be a blessing for those who like the complicated nature of something like The Conquerors 3.

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