Mari Piggy Guide

Mari Piggy Guide: Mari and Mary the Mice Explained

Piggy is one of the most lore-filled and best horror games you could ever find on Roblox’s massive platform. That said, there are so many characters, villains, and infected that you could easily miss out on some of the people in the story.

Enter Mari and Mary, two mice that look and sound similar to one another. How are they connected? Find out in this Mari Piggy guide.

Mari is a mouse that players are able to get as a skin to use as one of the infected enemies when playing against others. On the other hand, Mary is a character that appears in the main story and is also infected.

Both of these characters are seemingly infected mice, so it stands to reason that they are related. In fact, they almost have the exact same name, too. Here is the truth behind both in this Mari Piggy guide.

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Bottom Line Up Front

Mari is one of the many skins that players are able to purchase in the skins shop in Piggy Roblox. There, players can buy here using some of the Piggy currency, and it doesn’t cost any different than most of the other skins. Other than being a skin, Mari doesn’t do much.

However, Mary, on the other hand, is another infected mouse, but she is an actual villain character that players have to take on. It seems highly likely that both of these characters are related to one another in some manner, as the Piggy lore likely connects them for a reason.

Mari Piggy Overview

Mari Piggy Guide

Part of what people love about the Piggy Roblox game is that it is one of the best horror experiences you’ll find on the massive platform.

It is also available on all three systems of PC, Xbox, and mobile, so anyone is able to play it together with friends. That isn’t always the case, especially with horror Roblox games.

The other reason many people love Piggy is its breadth of characters and lore. Unlike other games like, say, Flee the Facility, there isn’t much going on in the lore department. But there is a rhyme and reason for everything that happens in Piggy.

Such is even the case with some of the lesser-known characters like Mari and Mary. Here, we have two characters who have similar names. We don’t know the actual pronunciations of these two names, but it seems likely that they are pronounced the same or only slightly differently.

Having two characters with almost identical names is something that is quite suspicious in a game that is so rich in lore, like Piggy. Now, the game itself doesn’t clarify what these characters have to do with one another (yet), nor does it honestly give any solid details about them.

That is where I come in. As a Piggy Roblox fan, I have compiled together the information that we know about these two characters as of now. With this together, I will let you know how the two characters work and reveal the truth of what I believe is going on here.


It begins with the appearance of Mari and Mary. Starting with the former, Mari is a skin that players are able to get in Piggy Roblox. She is there purely for cosmetic purposes, so her design is, understandably, one of the best in the entire Roblox horror game.

Mari features a puppet mouse girl who is clearly infected by the virus that is spreading around the Piggy world. She is a brownish orange color with a dark brown dress on.

The most significant parts of her appearance are the bulging orange eyes that are coming out of her head and the fascinating puppet strings.

On the other hand, Mary has a similar but more distinct appearance. She is not a puppet but is also a mouse like Mari.

She, too, is infected by the virus and has orange eyes that are, thankfully for her, still inside her head. Her ears are more prominent, and the most significant difference is her white camo soldier outfit that she wears.

Overall, Mary isn’t that scary to look at, but Mari is one of the most unique and frightening designs ever come up with in Piggy.

Key Moments in Piggy Roblox

Mari Piggy Guide roblox

As always, when talking about the key moments that happen in a Roblox game like Piggy, I must give the obligatory spoiler warning. That said, though, there isn’t much to see here. Neither Mari nor Mary are that present in the main story of Piggy, which is intriguing.

The few moments that happen in the story have to do with Mary. She appears in one of the game levels, being an enemy players have to deal with. She is only available in that particular level, for the most part, and then her only another appearance has to do with the multiple endings.

Mary appears once more in two of the secret endings in Piggy. There, she doesn’t have much to do in either option, but her appearance in both seems to indicate that she is going to play a much more significant role in the future. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for Piggy Book 3 to see what that is exactly.

How to Unlock the Mari Skin

When it comes to these two, only one of them is unlockable as a skin in Piggy at this time. Players can acquire the Mari skin, as that is the only purpose for her right now in the game. She isn’t a significant lore character like everyone else in Roblox.

In fact, Mari was the first skin ever in Piggy that you could purchase in the game and play as that wasn’t already a prominent villain. This trend would soon turn into many other skins for players beyond just Mari, but she was the one who first showed that this could be a possibility.

If you are someone who is intrigued by Mari — and who wouldn’t be with this design — you can usually find her in the Piggy skins shop.

She is part of the Piggy Book 2 section of the shop, where you can find her for only 500 Piggy coins. That is about the same as most other skins in the Roblox experience.

I recommend her as I think she is low-key one of the best skins in all of Piggy Roblox. There is something truly special about her puppet motif, that is, believe it or not, the reason behind her name. Or at least one of the reasons that she has the name, Mari. More on that is below.

Mari Name Explained

You might be wondering where the name Mari comes from, especially since another Mary character is so similar to her in every way. Well, the reality is that Mari’s name is, technically, a nickname in a way. Her full name is, in reality, Marionette.

That is Marionette, as in being a marionette doll that is controlled by a puppeteer. This is why she has the name and the reason behind the puppet strings in her actual design. Her nickname is Mari, shortening the name to its more lovable and much shorter version.

However, I also think there is a second meaning behind the name Mari, which comes down to her connection to a particular another evil mouse character, Mary.

Where to Find Mary in Piggy

Mari Piggy Guide roblox

When it comes to Mary in Piggy, she is, unfortunately, not a skin that you can pick up in the shop like her pal Mari is. Instead, she is only found in the main story of Piggy, where she is exclusively a character there. If you want to see her in action, you’ll have to play through the Piggy storyline.

The actual level where Mary is an NPC enemy is in Chapter 11: Camp level in Piggy Book 2. That is rather deep into the game, near the very end of the second book of Piggy. So, players will have to progress quite far into the game and clear the levels prior to it to reach this point.

However, if you are able to do that, you’ll find Mary as one of the enemies in Chapter 11. In addition, if you are able to beat that level and complete the rest of Book 2 after it, you should be able to see Mary once more, depending on which ending you get.

The first ending she appears in is the Tigry Survivor ending, which is one of the easier ones to get. However, the better ending, also known as the secret ending of Piggy Book 2, is where you will find Mary in her final cameo appearance.

These are all teases for a possible Piggy Book 3 where, hopefully, Mary will have a much more significant role to play in the main story. And perhaps Mari will finally make her appearance in the lore at this point, too.

Is There a Relation Between Mari and Mary?

Mari Piggy Guide roblox

When all is said and done, you might be wondering if there is some sort of relationship or familial connection between Mari and Mary. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t make that clear within the story’s context. Fortunately, I have your back and have come up with some ideas of my own.

I should note that this is all unconfirmed info at this time. However, there is always the chance that Piggy Book 3 could come out and reveal the truth behind these two mysterious mice characters. To begin with, I believe that Mari and Mary are likely sisters to one another.

Now, there is the apparent reason why I think this, and that is their names. Sure, Mari is, technically, a nickname, but that wouldn’t stop her mice parents from giving her that name and still calling her Mari to give her that direct connection to her sister, Mary. I don’t think that rules this out.

In fact, I only think that the developers choosing these two highly similar names only strengthens that fact.

Why would Mary be named Mary or Mari be named Mari when there is clearly someone else with such a similar name? Piggy doesn’t usually make coincidences or mistakes like that with its deep and well-thought-out lore.

In addition, there is the fact that they are both mice characters. To make matters even more intriguing, they look relatively similar to one another, too. Their fur is nearly the same color and everything. Again, this could come down to lazy developer choices, but I find that to be a cheap answer in a detailed game like Piggy.

Lastly, there is the fact that both of these similarly named mice characters are infected. This is the nail in the proverbial familial coffin for me. They sound the same, look the same, and are also both infected. While we don’t know how each got infected, it is possible that their infection is connected.

It could be a situation where Mary got infected in the military first and then infected her sister Mari, too, or vice versa. I wouldn’t be surprised if their infections are connected in some way. This is made even more possible by the fact that the lore behind these characters is so mysterious.

It is for this reason that I think both Mari and Mary are sisters. And if this is true, I believe we should find out more about each of them in Piggy Book 3.

It would be strange to leave such a strong connection between two otherwise unimportant characters unused for no reason at all, especially since Mary is now free and no longer infected in the main story.


Question: What does Mari in Piggy look like?

Answer: Mari in Piggy looks a lot like another mouse character, Mary. Mari is short for Marionette, and she is a brownish-orange mouse character with a dress. She has glowing orange eyes popping out of her head, and she has marionette strings connected to her.

Question: Who is Mary in Piggy?

Answer: Mary in Piggy is a minor villain-infected character who appears in Chapter 11: Camp in PIggy Book 2. She is an orange-ish infected mouse who wears a white camo soldier outfit on her. She has glowing orange eyes to indicate her infected status, though she is no longer infected at this point in the main story.

Question: Is Mr. Stitchy Canon?

Answer: Yes, Mr. Stitchy is canon because he is a skin that appeared during the Halloween event for a short time. Though he is no longer in the game for now, players can rest assured that he was going to play a seemingly much more prominent role. And he still could in the future.

Who to Check Out Next in Piggy Roblox

Mari and Mary are two of the most fascinating characters in the Piggy Roblox game. This horror experience is one of the most well-written lore experiences that you’ll find in Roblox. And these characters are prime examples of this with their minor appearances yet strong connections to one another.

It is highly likely that Mari and Mary are sisters or connected, but this is something that is hidden in the lore for now. In the meantime, there are plenty of other characters who are far more substantial and noteworthy in the Piggy storyline that you should know about.

If you are interested in finding out more about some of the Piggy characters out there, I recommend checking out the Teacher Piggy villain. This is one of the most unique characters in the game and a terrifying one the more that you think about her connection to the kids’ cartoon Peppa Pig.

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