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Teacher is loosely based on the Peppa Pig character Madame Gazelle and inhabits the world of the Roblox game Piggy. In my opinion, her story is one of the saddest in the game, as she has a strong desire to help others. Who is the Teacher, and what is her role in the game? This complete Teacher Piggy guide has the answers you’re looking for.

Key Info Up Front

  • Character Location: The School in Book One – Chapter 5
  • Species: Gazelle
  • Status: Infected
  • Weapon: Ruler
  • Skin: Purchased for 175 Piggy Tokens


Image From Piggy Roblox Fandom

Currently, the Teacher is a gazelle with light brown skin with two thin horns protruding from the top of her head. She wears black glasses sitting below her ears instead of resting on them. The character also has a snout with two clear nostrils and glowing yellow because of the infection. Her dark green dress reaches the floor and looks dirty along the bottom. She holds a ruler in her right hand and uses it as a weapon.

When Piggy was first released, Teacher looked quite a bit different. She had thicker horns with ears on the very top of her head, adorning her face with eye shadow and blush on her cheeks. Her dress was purple, but she still carried a ruler in her right hand. Overall, the Teacher’s design was much simpler in appearance. Teacher looks the same while uninfected but has black eyes instead of glowing yellow ones.

Key Moments for Teacher

School Map Chapter 5 Teacher
School Map Chapter 5 Teacher

Teacher makes her appearance in the School map, Chapter 5 of the Piggy game. She is the main bot that patrols the building and tries to destroy the players. Leading up to the events of Chapter 5, Teacher came across Substance 128 and drank it. The potion turned her into one of the infected, causing her to lose control of her body and attack anyone that comes near.

When the uninfected character Bunny gets trapped in the school with the Teacher, Chapter 5 revolves around the Player working to rescue Bunny and get her safely away. While doing so, players must avoid Teacher or they will be attacked and fail the mission. Players leave Teacher in the school after saving Bunny, and Teacher is left to wander the empty halls until someone makes a cure for the disease. You can see Teacher in the final credits scene of the game. She’s been cured of the infection and her eyes have returned to a normal hue.

Unlocking the Teacher Skin

Image From Piggy Roblox Fandom

There is no quest to unlock the Teacher’s skin in Piggy. Instead, players only have to spend 175 Piggy Tokens in the game shop to obtain it.

Alternative Skin Options

Sheppy From Roblox Fandom

If the Teacher skin doesn’t speak to you, there are several other options you can pick up for roughly the same price. For instance, Sheepy and Pandy are both on the cute side, costing 150 and 160 coins respectively. At 200 coins, Memory is a super creepy skin completely set in grayscale with big black eyes. Dinopiggy is an awesome-looking dinosaur equipped with claws and black spots over his green body. You’ll need 240 coins to unlock his skin.


Question: What Animal Is Teacher in Piggy?

Answer: Teacher is a gazelle in the game Piggy. Her original character model had her ears in the wrong place, but the problem was solved during a revamp of the skin.

Question: How Much Does Teacher Cost in Piggy?

Answer: Teacher’s skin can be found in the Piggy shop on the main screen. You can purchase it for 175 Piggy Tokens.

Question: Who Is Beary in Piggy?

Answer: Beary is a doctor appearing in the Hospital level of Piggy. He is infected and has a large sword to chase players around with.


Teacher Piggy’s story is a sad case of someone wanting to do good in the world, turning into an infected who can’t control her actions. She only desired to help out the students in her care, going so far as to drink a mysterious potion to keep up her energy. Unfortunately, the concoction took control of her mind and forced her to attack the ones she came to help. In the end, she’s one of the least scary-looking bots that chase players around various maps, perhaps because she was only recently infected. Fortunately, a happy ending awaits her once a cure is made.

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