Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life Guide

Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life Guide: How to Unlock This Ability

Shindo Life wears its inspirations on its sleeves, taking many of the unique abilities and powers from the Naruto manga and anime series among others. One of the many abilities that players are able to unlock is the Heavenly Spirit sub-ability. This is one of the most popular abilities for players to unlock, especially since it is so easy to get. You’ll see this in our Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life guide.

Shindo Life features Heavenly Spirit as one of the sub-abilities that players can unlock. It is based upon one of the more notable Naruto techniques that fans of that anime and manga series might remember. By far my favorite part about this skill is that it has one of the flashiest animations when players use it. Find out how to unlock it, use its skills, and so much more in this Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Heavenly Spirit is one of the many sub-abilities in Shindo Life. Based upon one of the breathing techniques from Naruto, this lets players replicate their skill in Roblox. It causes the player to power up with a flashy animation and aura around them. This changes the color of the player to note their state.

But this isn’t just for show, as it lets the player use a swarm of speedy attacks to take down foes in quick succession. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest sub-abilities to unlock as you can pretty much get it with little effort.

Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life Overview

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There is something about that classic anime fight sequence. Think of manga and anime series like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto where the hero powers up, changing the aura around them or transforming. They then take on the enemy and defeat them using the power of friendship.

Apply that beautiful and beloved idea to a game like Roblox’s Shindo Life, and you have the Heavenly Spirit ability. This makes it one of the most popular in the game since it lets the player customize their avatar to work how they want it to.

Heavenly Spirit is also, thankfully, much easier to get than some of the elements in the game. The elements are stressful to gain since they require such intense gacha mechanics and a healthy dose of luck. That said, Heavenly Spirits, fortunately, doesn’t work that way in the slightest.

While it does require some luck, it is relatively easy to get as you will see in this guide. Let’s dive further in and take a look at how this sub ability works and how you can unlock it literally right now in the Roblox game.

How It Works

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Heavenly Spirit isn’t an element or central ability that you find in Shindo Life. As such, it is not one of the more essential abilities you need in the Roblox game. That said, many players like it mainly because of the utility that it offers the player and the impressive animations that happens with it.

Heavenly Spirit is, in reality, a sub-ability. What this essentially means is that it is a single core ability that players are able to equip for combat purposes. Heavenly Spirit takes the place of the various power-ups and transformation abilities that you can unlock in this game.

This essentially means that it doesn’t give you nearly the same amount of moves and flexibility as the various elements and core movesets do. While this could make it seem that Heavenly Spirit isn’t that viable or necessary in the game, it is one of the best supplemental abilities you can use.


The origins of the Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life sub-ability are quite simple. It comes from the Naruto anime and manga series, like most of the abilities that you find in this Roblox game. However, its specific inspiration is quite unique and one of the more niche techniques you’ll find.

Heavenly Spirit is based on the Seven Heavens breathing technique. This was a breathing skill that was made by the character Shira. It didn’t show up until well into the Naruto Shippuden anime and its respective manga chapter. It isn’t even featured that often in the beloved series, either.

Even still, it was notable when it happened because the technique was one of the flashiest in the series. It is reminiscent of the classic anime shounen power-up where the user charges up and has waves of energy swarming around them. It is stunning and unforgettable.

As such, it makes perfect sense why this beloved technique would be popular in its Shindo Life form. In fact, I would even argue that the Shindo Life version is far more impactful and intriguing than the Naruto version, which was pretty short-lived, in my opinion. It’s one of the easier ones to unlock, too, thankfully.

How to Unlock the Heavenly Spirit Sub Ability

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When it comes to unlocking the Heavenly Spirit sub ability, there are only a few things you need to worry about. Fortunately, most of these requirements and locations where you need to go are easy to accomplish. Here are the requirements you need to meet for this sub ability and where to get it.


To begin with, there are a few requirements that players must meet before they are able to unlock the Heavenly Spirit sub ability. Here are the three steps you must meet before you are able even to begin unlocking this transformation mode:

  • You must be level 550
  • You need 500,000 Ryo currency
  • Players must have at least 1400 Ninjutsu to unlock it

First off, there is the subject of reaching level 550. This is one of the more challenging requirements in Shindo Life, as it means that you’ll need to do some solid grinding in the Roblox title to reach this point. 550 is quite a high level to get in the game and will take many hours to obtain.

Of course, I am assuming you are already level 550 if you are reading this. In that case, you only need 1400 Ninjutsu and 500,000 Ryo. The former is one requirement that you have probably already obtained, especially if you are level 550 or higher. That won’t be the most demanding requirement to get.

Now, 500,000 Ryo is a lot of currency in this game. Technically, if you are someone who spends a lot of time unlocking skills and various elements in Shindo Life, there is a high chance that you don’t have this amount on you at this time. The benefit is that it is pretty easy to unlock.

There is always the option for Roblox game codes, which are quite frequently available in the game, compared to most Roblox games. Check the Rell Updates Twitter from the developer. They often share the latest codes in the game that usually grant free spins but can also give some Ryo currency as well.

In addition, there are the usual methods of grinding out boss fights and various raids to obtain lots of Ryo currency.


Heavenly Spirit Locations roblox

Meeting the three requirements isn’t the only thing you need to do to unlock the Heavenly Spirit sub ability. Once you have all three of the above things done, you are ready to get this ability. How it works is that it is found in a scroll in the world, so it is a lot easier to get than some other modes.

What you want to do is head to Dunes Village in Shindo Life. Unfortunately, the sucky part about this situation is that the scroll only has a chance of appearing there twice a day for a short time. It can show up at 3:45 am PT (6:45 am ET) or 12 hours later at 3:45 pm PT (6:45 pm ET).

Those two times generally make it so that everyone around the world should be able to get it at some point during the day, so long as they aren’t busy with school, work, etc. The Heavenly Spirit scroll has a chance of appearing at the exact location in Dunes Village on the bridge in the town each time.

Note that I said “chance” in this situation. That is because, unfortunately, the worst part about Heavenly Spirit is that it doesn’t spawn on that bridge in the village every single time. Instead, it has a one in seven chance of appearing on the bridge at both times of the day.

As such, this means that even if you go to the spot at both times every single day, it could be a few days or even a week before it shows up. It honestly just depends on the server and your luck.

On the other hand, if only one of the times works for you, like is the situation for me, you could quickly go a week or longer without seeing the scroll. But once you have the scroll and meet the above requirements, you’ll finally be able to equip the Heavenly Spirit sub-ability and use it.

Moveset Explained

Heavenly Spirit moveset roblox

The Heavenly Spirit sub-ability is essentially one of the transformation modes. As such, it doesn’t have multiple moves in its set but rather a single action that can be upgraded and changed. The moveset for Heavenly Spirit is a single move that is set to the Z key or the transformation key on mobile that opens up the way for some extra attacks.

With this sub ability, you get a single move that you are able to equip and use in combat. In the initial version of this move, pressing the right button or key will allow you to transform. The character will have an aura that is yellow and bright around them.

During this transformation, the ability has to do with the classic anime teleportation fighting technique. You are able to instantly transmit your body to the opponent and start attacking them with some close-range hits. In addition, you can use a quick dash technique at the same time.

When you use this, by hitting the same button as for the transformation technique, you are able to use a special move that unleashes a swarm of melee hits on the enemy. Unlike the main ability, this is a special move, so you can only use it every 20 seconds or so.

Finally, one more option exists when you have this transformation sequence on. You can also turn invisible for a short time. While the other players and enemies will likely still be able to see you, the whole point is to move lightning-fast during this short time and unleash even more quick-moving attacks.

That particular invisibility move has a 15-second cooldown while using the Heavenly Spirit sub-ability. The best part about these two core abilities you have while transforming is that they don’t use any chi or other points to use them. You can use them over and over as much as you want while transformed, so long as it is off cooldown.

Now, it doesn’t stop there, though. The idea is that you can upgrade the Heavenly Spirit’s ability so that your skills within it are more powerful and intriguing. This is by leveling up your sub ability the more that you use it and defeat enemies that you are taking on.

When you reach level 400, you’ll get to the second stage, where the transformation is white instead of yellow. Not a whole lot changes here except your first combat ability while transformed is a bit more robust and flashier than before.

Then there is the third and final stage. What you want to do is reach level 650 for the last upgrade for this transformation ability. If you can reach this point, which will take considerable grinding, the command will have an intense, fiery transformation version.

In this version, the initial teleportation attack ability changes up completely and has a totally different style involving flips and kicks. It is also much stronger than the original version.

How to Unlock the Improved Heavenly Spirit Sub Ability

Heavenly Spirit Shindo Life Guide
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What’s intriguing about Heavenly Spirit is that a newer version of it is now available. Oddly enough, it is separate from the other sub ability and has different moves simultaneously. The enhanced version of the Heavenly Spirit is much harder to get than the original.

In this case, you want to ensure you meet the initial three requirements that are exactly the same as before. The problem here is that you don’t need to head to a location and pick up a scroll like before. Instead, you have to defeat a boss to unlock the sub ability.

You’ll want to go to the Training Fields area and take on the Bruce Kenichi boss. What sucks here, too, is that even if you defeat Bruce Kenichi, you only have a one in-40 chance of getting the sub ability as a drop. This is unfortunate since it means you’ll likely have to grind this boss fight many times before you get this version.

There is a much more guaranteed way of unlocking the sub ability, and that is by first purchasing the x2 Rell coin game pass. If you own this, you will earn some Rell coin premium currency over time. Once you have this game pass, you can spend 80,000 Rell coins to buy the ability instantly. I don’t recommend this since you can grind to earn this ability without spending Robux.

That said, it may be worth unlocking since it comes with its own set of moves and transformations. You can freely switch between the two versions of the Heavenly Spirit when you equip them in the menu. Of course, this goes without saying but you can only equip one version at a time.


Question: Where does Heavenly Wall spawn in Shindo Life?

Answer: Heavenly Walls spawn in Shindo Life in Orochimaru’s base. This is where you fight the classic Naruto boss enemy, and you are able to find this ability by heading to the bottom of the floor and grabbing it there.

Question: How do you get the Demon Gate Spirit in Shindo Life?

Answer: You can get the Demon Gate Spirit in Shindo Life by heading to Ember Village. There, you can find the spirit near the training area in the town.

Question: What is Heavenly Spirit in Shindo Life?

Answer: Heavenly Spirit is a sub-ability and transformation mode in Shindo Life. There are two versions of it, both of which are pretty challenging and luck-based to get.

What to Unlock Next in Shindo Life

Shindo Life is filled to the brim with so many different abilities and elements to unlock. One of these is, of course, the Heavenly Spirit sub-ability which is fantastic and one of the best transformation modes in the entire Roblox game.

What I appreciate about Heavenly Spirit is the fact that it features so many various stages and upgrades for it. It only makes the flashy technique even better over time, and you have the option to pick between two distinct versions that appeal to different types of Shindo Life players.

That said, Heavenly Spirit is a tiny part of Shindo Life. The bulk of the game comes from the core elements that exist in the Roblox experience. There are so many various elements available, including the essential elements and rarer ones that are an unfortunate case of luck to unlock.

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