Pet Simulator X Huge Pets Guide

Pet Simulator X Huge Pets Guide: How to Unlock Huge Pet

The allure of Pet Simulator X comes from the first word in the title: pet. This is a game that is all about pets and it doesn’t shy away from having literally hundreds of pets for you to collect throughout your adventure. It’s pretty impressive all of the different animals and pets that are represented in this game across the various worlds you can visit. But there is a particular type of pet that some players may not know about, and they are the stars of this Pet Simulator X huge pets guide.

Giant pets are a unique distinction for a type of pet that is much larger than the normal ones. Usually, pets are pretty tiny in Pet Simulator X, mainly for the fact that you are supposed to have several of them out at once to battle for you across the various worlds in the Roblox game.

Giant pets, though, eschew that subtle size and are absolutely massive, making it clear that you have one. Huge pets are also quite rare, but I broke down where and how to get one yourself in this Pet Simulator X huge pets guide.

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Bottom Line Up Front

Huge pets are a particular type of pet that you’ll find in Roblox Pet Simulator X. They are pretty rare in the game, with only a couple dozen of them that exist at this point in time. Worse still, many of the enormous pets were related to limited-time holiday events like the Huge Pumpkin Cat and the Huge Scarecrow Cat that aren’t available at this time.

Meanwhile, other giant pets were part of the exclusive shop where you had to spend Robux to get them. But there is a final group of them that are pretty limited, but you can get through regular eggs without having to spend Robux.

Pet Simulator X Huge Pets Overview

Pet Simulator X Huge Pets Guide

My favorite part about Pet Simulator X is the best part of the game, too: the pets themselves. The only reason that I keep coming back to this Roblox experience is to collect new pets and trade them with my family and friends.

If it weren’t for this extremely deep aspect of the game, I probably wouldn’t play Pet Simulator X anymore. After all, these creatures can become your best friend pets over time. As part of this massive part of Pet Simulator X, what I appreciate is that the developers have found ways to keep the pets engaging and unique over time.

For starters, there are different forms that you can transform most pets into. Most of the pets you find within eggs, even in the spawn world, can be transformed into their golden, Dark Matter, glitched pets, and/or rainbow variants. Some of them even have multiple versions that you are able to transform into.

But then there are also the huge pets, like the Huge Dragon and the Huge Easter Cat. This is another form that you can find in the game that is exceedingly rare, and some players may not even know about these gems. I’ll be sure to break down everything you need to know about huge pets and how to get some of your own below.

What Are Huge Pets?

Pet Simulator X Huge Pets Guide
Image from Fandom

Giant pets are a particular category of pets that you’ll find in Pet Simulator X. They are among the rarest in the Roblox game, as some players have possibly never even seen them before. You might not have even known about their existence until you found this article.

Giant pets are the second-rarest form of pets in the game, only beaten by the also excellent titanic pets. Giant pets are precisely what they sound like: pets that are much larger in size than your average Doodle Axolotl pets and the like, such as the Huge Scary Corgi or Huge Tiedye Cat. As you may know already, the pets in Pet Simulator X are relatively small.

They are essentially baby-sized, being so tiny and roughly the size of a small dog or cat. This is pretty typical for most Roblox games out there. But the vast pets are many times larger than the normal ones, making a clear difference between the two versions, such as in the case of the Huge Pterodactyl and the Huge Inferno Cat.

Huge pets are fantastic for those players who like to stand out or don’t like the mini size of the normal ones and the pog pets. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most challenging pets to get due to their few in existence and the difficulty that involves unlocking them.

Huge Pets vs. Normal Pets vs. Titanic Pets

Pet Simulator X Huge Pets Guide

When it comes to the sizes of pets in Pet Simulator X, there are three types that you’ll find these days. The first is the normal pets that almost everyone will know quite well. These are tiny pets that only go up to your knees at best on your avatar (assuming you don’t have a unique character).

The normal pets make up the largest selection of the pets in this Roblox game and are the standardization from which the other two types of pets expand. The next one up is the huge pets. These are simply much larger than normal pets and a lot rarer at the same time.

The huge pets, like the Huge Chest Mimic and Huge Lucky Cat, aren’t that special outside of their rarity and large size. They are valuable, sure, but they aren’t generally more potent than normal-sized pets around the same level. They also don’t do anything special for you in battle, doing the same abilities and skills that normal pets do.

However, the titanic pets are a rather unique version of pets that are quite different from the vast and regular pets before them. Like huge pets, they are much larger than your average pets. That said, there is a distinct gameplay difference that titanic pets enjoy.

If you are able to get one of these elusive pets through the exclusive egg and the like, you’ll find that they have the ability for you to ride them around. This makes you not only go much faster but look super cool compared to us plebs who are simply walking around on the map per usual.

How to Unlock Huge Pets

Pet Simulator X Unlock Huge Pets

But this guide is specifically for the considerable pets in Pet Simulator X. If you want to unlock these pets and enjoy adding them to your collection, you’ll need to deal with some special eggs in the game.

There are very few eggs that have giant pets, especially when it comes to ones that don’t cost Robux.

Unfortunately, if you want a vast pet, most of them require the player to spend actual Robux on them in the exclusive shop. This is where the premium pets that cost real-world money are found. Sadly, the vast majority of the enormous pets are here, too.

The Robux-exclusive pets come in one of two forms: some of them are in exclusive Robux premium eggs but aren’t guaranteed. However, others are direct purchases where you have to spend Robux to ensure that colossal pet, but they generally cost a whole lot more than the eggs do because of this.

Speaking of spending money, there are some vast pets that were given out as part of a merch collection. If you bought some of the officially-licensed Pet Simulator X merch, you would get a code in them that would grant you a free code for a vast pet version digitally.

Then there are still other giant pets that were part of some limited-time holiday events. These were available in some special holiday eggs or required you to complete various tasks to acquire giant pets.

All Eggs That Include Huge Pets

I know that you are here to get yourself a huge pet, and you’re in the right place. I’ve broken down how to find these vast pets fully below. You’ll find all of the eggs that contain giant pets and your chances of finding one within that egg.

The unfortunate part of this is trial and error. You either have to know the information below because of a site like ours or figure it all out on your own. There are only a few eggs that contain the vast pets, but thankfully, we have the spoilers for you below. Let’s take a look.

1. Royal Egg

Pet Simulator X Royal Egg roblox
Image from Fandom
  • Egg Location: Cat Taiga
  • Price: 5.3 billion rainbow coins
  • Giant Pets Included: Huge Balloon Cat, Huge Green Balloon Cat

The Royal Egg is one of the more recent eggs that players can acquire in Pet Simulator X. It is highly expensive, being one of the final eggs in the Cat World. That said, it might be worth it for the fact that it is one of the only eggs in the entire game that include giant pets.

Most of the eggs that include a vast pet, especially the ones that are readily available, only have one massive pet in it. However, the Royal Egg has a whopping two giant pets in it, which is quite impressive. This is necessary, though, when you have such an expensive egg with such low chances.

In general, players can look at the Royal Egg to have minimal chances of obtaining a giant pet. The exact chances aren’t known, but I have seen some players mention that there are some possibly bonkers chances, like a 1 in 150,000 chance of obtaining just one of these giant cats.

2. Barn Doodle Egg

Pet Simulator X Barn Doodle Egg
Image from Fandom
  • Egg Location: Doodle Farm
  • Price: 425,000 cartoon coins
  • Huge Pets Included: Huge Doodle Cat

The Huge Doodle Cat is the sole colossal pet addition in the Barn Doodle Egg. This is one of the most recent eggs, being part of the current Doodle World. This is the latest world in Pet Simulator X at the time of writing. If you want one of the most potent giant pets around, this is the egg to get.

Unfortunately, you only have one huge pet here whereas there are five other pets in the egg. The worst part? It has to be the fact that you have a 99% chance of getting the Doodle Shark. Good luck with that last percent, as it is divided between five pets, including the Huge Doodle Cat.

This is another egg where you’ll likely have to gather probably thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, if you want a huge pet. To make matters worse, the Huge Doodle Cat isn’t necessarily worth it other than for its power level. After all, the doodle pets have some of the worst designs in the game.

3. Gem Doodle Egg

Pet Simulator X Gem Doodle Egg
Image from Fandom
  • Egg Location: Doodle Cave
  • Price: 25 million cartoon coins
  • Huge Pets Included: Huge Doodle Fairy

The Gem Doodle Egg is another tricky egg that has a single huge pet that you’ll find in the Doodle World. In this one, you’ll get the Huge Doodle Fairy, which is, on the bright side, one of the best-looking doodle pets. Considering how awful they look, this is a friendly positive.

That said, the negative here is that you’re going to need an unbelievable amount of cartoon coins to find this pet. After all, its chances are unknown but likely in the one in one hundred thousand range. This is mainly because it competes with a lot of pets.

The Gem Doodle Egg has seven pets, which is quite a lot for a normal egg, and the Doodle Lion and Doodle Dragon make up 99% of your chances. The other 1% is divided between five pets. Good luck with getting the Huge Doodle Fairy because you’ll need it.

4. Insane Christmas Egg

Pet Simulator X Insane Christmas Egg
  • Egg Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 1200 Robux
  • Huge Pets Included: Huge Festive Cat, Huge Santa Paws

I should be clear from the start that the Insane Christmas Egg is, understandably, no longer available in Pet Simulator X. This egg was released for a limited time during the holidays. As such, if you wanted to get its two decently high-chance giant pets, you’re out of luck now.

It is possible that the Insane Christmas Egg could return in the future, but that isn’t guaranteed. If it does, you’ll find some of the better giant pets in Huge Festive Cat and Huge Santa Paws (puppy version). The best part is that they have some solid chances of obtaining, unlike other giant pets.

There is an impressive 5% chance of getting the cat and a 0.5% chance of getting the dog. That said, since this egg costs real-world money through Robux, spending upwards of 20 eggs for the cat alone is bonkers. As such, this still isn’t the recommended way of getting a considerable pet, even if it returns.

5. Exclusive Eggs

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Eggs
Image from Fandom
  • Egg Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 400 Robux
  • Giant Pets Included: Many

The exclusive eggs are the ever-changing eggs that are available in the Exclusive Shop. Here, you’ll find all of the eggs and items that are only available with the use of Robux. The exclusive eggs are almost always 400 Robux, which is a somewhat decent amount.

The pets are constantly rotating in and out of these eggs, but there have been a few vast pets over the years. That said, this is one of the worst ways to go about trying to get them. It costs Robux, but the chances of getting a colossal pet here are horrible.

The exclusive eggs are a money sink designed to get you to spend too much money repeatedly in Pet Simulator X. Don’t fall for this trick since there are guaranteed ways of getting them, or at least without having to spend Robux.

6. Huge Machine Egg 1

Pet Simulator X Huge Machine Egg 1
Image from Fandom
  • Egg Location: Starting Shop
  • Price: Depends (more on this below)
  • Giant Pets Included: Huge Pterodactyl, Huge King Cobra, Huge Orca, Huge Chameleon, and Huge Angelus

When it comes to the best single egg in all of Pet Simulator X for gaining a new giant pet, look no further than the brand new Huge Machine Egg 1. This is brand new at the time of writing, and it includes nothing but only huge pets.

Basically, what this means is that you are guaranteed to get a considerable pet no matter what you get from this machine. That said, the confusing part is how this machine egg works. It is a premium egg, but it will require some tricky scenarios for it to work.

How it works is that it can spend 0-800 Robux to use. Yes, it can be free, but it requires you to sacrifice some exclusive (premium Robux) pets first. Pets that you spent Robux to obtain can be surrendered here for one to five points.

The more points you obtain, the cheaper the machine will be. 50-74 points will make it 800 Robux. 75-99 points will make it 300 Robux, while at 100 points, you’ll get the Huge Machine Egg 1 for free. But that means sacrificing at least 20 pets you paid Robux for. So, it might not be worth it for some players.

7. Cursed Egg

Pet Simulator X Cursed Egg
Image from Fandom
  • Egg Location: Halloween World
  • Price: 1.1 million Halloween candies
  • Giant Pets Included: Huge Pumpkin Cat, Huge Pumpkin Reaper

Some of the best considerable pets in Pet Simulator X were released during the Halloween World event. This limited-time event happened at a spooky time in the game around the time of Halloween, as you might expect. Unfortunately, the world that it released with was only for a short time.

Players had to grind through the Halloween World and earn a whopping million Halloween candy currency in order to purchase this egg. The worst part is this is another event egg where you didn’t know the chance of obtaining arguably two of the best giant pets.

There were six pets in the Cursed Egg, with four of them dividing up 1% of the chances of obtaining them. This meant that the two giant pets likely had far less than a 1% of chance of unlocking them. This made them some of the most challenging giant pets to get and quite rare nowadays for traders.


Question: What is a huge pet worth in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: Huge pets are worth a lot in Pet Simulator X. Take, for example, the Huge Party Axolotl for a moment. If you want to sell or acquire this one from another player, their Pet Simulator X value is roughly 2.5 billion diamonds. That is much higher than most normal pets, only rivaled by the best exclusive and endgame pets these days.

Question: What are the chances of getting a huge pet in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The chances of getting a huge pet will vary depending on the egg it’s in. That said, they are generally the rarest or second-rarest pet in that egg, so be prepared for some severe grinding. For instance, the huge green balloon cat apparently has a 1 in 150,000 chance of getting.

Question: What is the most powerful huge pet in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The most potent huge pet in Pet Simulator X is the most recent in the game. At the time of writing, this means that pets like the Huge Peacock and Huge Doodle Fairy are going to be among the most potent giant pets in the game currently.

Where to Find the Cutest Pets in Roblox Next

The giant pets in Pet Simulator X are some of the best and most elusive parts of the entire Roblox experience. They are much larger than your normal pets and are generally some of the most potent pets around the world that is found in. That said, they aren’t always the best-looking pets.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that, personally, the designs of the enormous pets are some of the worst in the game. This is due to the fact that giant pets usually take the basic designs of the original cat, for instance, and make it larger, which sucks since there are so many better pets these days, even without using some Pet Simulator X codes.

That said, there are some pets that are the cutest and best-looking ones that you need to check out. Unfortunately, the cutest pets in Roblox are going to be found in Adopt Me, not Pet Simulator X. But at least it is a similarly free game that you can check out right now.

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