Mr. Stitchy Piggy Guide: How to Obtain the Creepy Skin

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Mr. Stitchy is one of the creepier characters in the Roblox game Piggy. It fits perfectly into the horror-themed nature of the game as you try to solve the mysteries that unfold. Piggy is one of my favorite games on Roblox. It’s definitely geared more toward mature audiences but still tame enough that I can play with my son.

I’ve been able to play through most of the game and navigate its many twists and turns. This is one of the skins I’ve been able to pick up along the way and is one of the skins I choose frequently to use. Read on to find out more about this special skin and what you need to do to obtain it in my Mr. Stitchy Piggy Guide. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Item Location: Forest Map, Chapter 4 in Book 1

Item Cost: None

Key Features: Transforms the character into a Mr. Stitchy

What Does the Mr. Stitchy Skin Look Like?

Mr. Stitchy Piggy
Image From Roblox Piggy Fandom

Mr. Stitchy has the face of a brown teddy bear with stitches in several locations. One eye is completely white with stitching underneath, while the other eye has an orange iris and black pupil in the middle. The rest of Mr. Stitchy’s body is pure black and stretched out to be tall and thin. He holds a lantern in his right hand that doubles as a weapon.

How to Obtain the Mr. Stitchy Skin

Forest map Chapter 4
Forest map Chapter 4

To get your hands on Mr. Stitchy skin, start a mission and choose the Forest map (Chapter 4). Once there, you’ll need to locate five candles scattered around the map. As you collect them, they appear on the same platform inside the broken cabin where Piggy spawns shortly after the level begins. You’ll find the candles in the following locations:

Image from Piggy Fandom
  • Inside the tent where you use the orange key
  • Near the entrance of the cave, wedged in a corner of the map that requires the hammer to reveal
  • Next to the farthest left cabin from where you spawn
  • In the top part of the watch tower, tucked away in a corner that requires the plank to access
  • Behind the platform, Piggy spawns on

The candles are still unlit as they appear on the spawn platform. You must light each candle with a torch found either at the boarded cave or in the orange key area. With the torch in hand, you need to return to the start area and place it in the fire. Now that the torch is lit, you can use it to light each of the five candles. Do not use the torch to obtain the white key before illuminating the candles because this destroys the torch. If you make this mistake, you’ll have to start the level over again.

Image From Piggy Roblox Fandom

To light the candles, keep the torch in your inventory but don’t hold onto it. After the last candle begins to glow, Mr. Stitchy will spawn on the map and begin chasing after you. If you’re not careful, he will kill your character by raising his free hand and hitting you. Avoid this at all costs, as it will end your chances of getting the skin. Lead Mr. Stitchy around the map toward the cave. Now that Mr. Stitchy has spawned, a purple portal will have appeared inside. To unlock the skin, you have to trick Mr. Stitchy into entering the portal.

The best way to do this is to stand behind the portal and wait. Mr. Stitchy will try to catch you and instead fall into the swirling vortex. As soon as this happens, you’ll hear the sound of a cash register machine telling you that you’ve earned the skin. You don’t have to complete the map after getting the skin, but you certainly can if you want to.

The Spooky Hunt Event

Image Of One of The Skins For The Spooky Hunt Event From Piggy Roblox Wiki

The Spooky Hunt Event first appeared in Piggy on October 17th of 2020. It ran through most of the fall and made four different skins available. Mr. Stitchy and Owell were attached to quests that had to be completed to get the goods. Piggy creator MiniToon originally stated the Spooky Hunt would end in November but instead ran well into December.

Image Of One of The Skins For The Spooky Hunt Event From Piggy Roblox Wiki

Fans were hopeful the event would return in 2021, but MiniToon chose to do something different. That being said, MiniToon has made it clear that this event could come back in the future, making the Mr. Stitchy skin obtainable once again. As it stands right now, players can’t complete the quest to pick up the Mr. Stitchy skin.


Question: What is the Rarest Skin in Piggy?

Answer: The Mr. P skin is the most difficult to obtain since you have to beat all the chapters and find a particular item. As a result, it is the rarest skin to find while playing.

Question: Can You Get Mr. Stitchy in Piggy?

Answer: Mr. Stitchy is a seasonal skin that appears during the Spooky Hunt event in Piggy. The event isn’t always available, so be sure to check the game status before attempting the quest.

Question: Is Willow Evil in Piggy?

Answer: Willow had a tough childhood after losing her parents and eventually trying to raise her brother alone. In the events of Piggy, she is one of the main antagonists players face during the first six chapters.


Mr. Stitchy is a cool skin you can unlock during the Spooky Hunt that usually takes place around Halloween time. The skin is the tallest in the game, and its black body can make it difficult to see on darker maps. You can obtain it without much difficulty on the Forest map whether playing with a group or by yourself.

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