Pet Simulator X Best Pets

Pet Simulator X Best Pets

The entire point of Pet Simulator X is to collect and hatch eggs to gain pets. These pets then make your collection and power gradually stronger, allowing you to progress through the various regions and worlds that Pet Simulator X has to offer. But the most complicated part about the otherwise simple Roblox game is the fact that there are so many eggs and pets to worry about. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered with the Pet Simulator X best pets.

The Pet Simulator X best pets are the ones that dominate the game in one form or another. They may be the cutest pets in the game or simply the strongest that you’ll find around. No matter which of the two it falls under — or both — it has to have a fantastic creature design at the same time. Uniqueness and quality art are key for the best pets in this game which is all about collecting these beautiful creatures. Read on to find out the best pets in the game.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are literally hundreds of pets in Pet Simulator X. With well over 50 eggs and counting, each one of these includes several pets for you to collect across the various worlds in the game. The 15 best pets in Pet Simulator X stand out from the rest in one way or another. Most of them are exclusive pets that were from events or only available through Robux, but there are some standard pets included in this list, too. If I had to pick one pet as the best of the bunch, it would be the Huge Neon Cat for its stunning large black cat body with a red outline. Its gorgeous design and immense strength make it the best around.

Selection Criteria

When it came to selecting the best pets in Pet Simulator X, it wasn’t easy. As a fan of games like this one where there are so many pets that you can collect, it can be tough to narrow down the blocky Roblox pets to only a handful of the best. But these are the selection criteria I used to come up with this list:

  • Pet Design: Above all else, the pet design is the most essential part of this list. Sure, strength plays a factor but there are plenty of strong pets — just look at the entire Doodle World category — that is absolutely horrible. If I wasn’t overwhelmingly impressed by the visual design of a pet, it didn’t make this list.
  • Power: That said, design has to be matched by power in the same vein. After all, you can only use the base pets from the opening areas for so long before you need to move on to other ones. As such, only the most potent and beautiful pets made this list.
  • Uniqueness: There is something to be said about the recycling of pet designs in Pet Simulator X. Sure, you’ll see quite a few cats here but even a recycled animal like a cat has to be handled in a fascinating and unique way to help it stand out from the crowd to make this list.
  • Base Versions: This part is a bit strange but, as you know, there are Dark Matter and Rainbow variants of pets among others. With this list, I solely focused on the base versions of pets, with the exception of vast and titanic pets. If the pet can’t impress with its normal variants, it’s not worth upgrading it to the better versions.
  • Pet Value: Last but not least, the least important factor (but still worth noting) is the value of the pet. If you are someone looking to trade with others, you’ll want to know that your best pets are worth something. The value of the pet plays a minor factor in determining some of the best pets on this list.


Before we take a look at the best pets in Pet Simulator X, I would like to take a moment to give you some tips when it comes to collecting pets. When you see the pets below, you may want to immediately jump to start hatching eggs and collecting them. But it may not be possible or wise at this point for you.

Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of collecting the best pets below:

  • Don’t feel like you have to own all of the exclusive pets. Some of the best pets on this list require premium eggs that cost Robux. Don’t feel pressured into buying all of these as it is a time and money sink to the most significant degree. At best, try to get one of the premium pets, and you’ll be good to go for the current meta.
  • If you are a newer player, most of the pets on this list are far out of your reach at this time. However, if you want to easily collect them as soon as possible, I recommend finding a friend to help you out. High-level players can gift free endgame-ready pets that almost cost nothing to them, and you’ll immediately be able to catch up on the latest content and get these best pets.
  • The huge and titanic pets aren’t everything. Sure, there are three of them on this list, but that’s only a few of the many that exist. Most of the huge and titanic pets are a waste of time and money; only focus on the ones here. This is a cute gimmick that is nothing more than that: a trick to get you to spend more time and money in Pet Simulator X. Try not to fall for it.
  • Gold, Dark Matter, and Rainbow variants of pets generally won’t save a horrible design. Take the Doodle World pets, for example. They look like some of the worst pets in the game, despite being the current meta in Pet Simulator X. Trust me from experience, slapping a nice coat of gold paint on these won’t save them from their horrible fates, so don’t waste your time with this, either.

Pet Simulator X Best Pets List

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the best pets that you’ll ever find in Pet Simulator X. With the hundreds of pets that exist, I felt that it was only suitable to expand this list to include the 15 best ones you can collect. For once on our site, I decided to rank these pets from the least good of the bunch to the number one pet that everyone should consider. Let’s take a look.

15. Ghost Cat

ghost cat pet simulator roblox
Image from Pet Simulator Wiki Fandom
  • Pet Egg: Eerie Egg
  • Where to Get It: Halloween World
  • Price: 120,000 Halloween currency

Starting off this list, we have a rather tragically beautiful pet for a couple of reasons. For one, there is the fact that this pet is no longer available due to being part of a Halloween limited-time event. On the other hand, it is sad because this is a dead cat that has turned into a Mimikyu-like ghost version.

Ghost Cat is vastly different from its standard counterpart, appearing like a pet that is wearing a white sheet over its head. But the sheet seems almost too comfortable, like this is indeed an actual ghost. This is especially the case when you see hollow eyes. Ghost Cat is simple but one of the most hauntingly beautiful pets you’ll ever meet.

14. Pixel Dragon

Pixel Dragon pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Pixel Egg
  • Location: Pixel World
  • Price: 525,000 rainbow coins

I will be the first to admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to Pixel Dragon. It was the Pixel World arc when I first dived into Pet Simulator X, and the Pixel Dragon was one of the first endgame pets I received during that time.

But, at the same time, there is something to be said about the gorgeous pixelated style. It fits well with the blocky nature of this Roblox experience. In addition, this is one of the best forms of the smiley green dragon you’ll find in the game, which is excellent since it is also one of the most potent pets around.

13. Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Pixel Egg
  • Location: Pixel World
  • Price: 525,000 rainbow coins

Following up on the Pixel Dragon is its less rare but much more adorable Pixel Cat. If you couldn’t already tell, I am a huge cat lover, but it doesn’t help that some of the pet designs in Pet Simulator X are cat-based. Also, there is the fact that the game has severely disappointing dog pet designs, but that’s a story for another time.

Pixel Cat looks rather similar to the original gray cat, with its perked-up ears and large eyes. But the transition to this almost Minecraft-style mixed with a bit of 16-bit love is lovely. Like with the Pixel Dragon, it helps, too, that this is one of the better pets for you to use these days.

12. Hellish Axolotl

Hellish Axolotl pet simulator roblox
  • Pet Egg: Shiny Axolotl Egg
  • Location: Axolotl Ocean
  • Price: 150,000 rainbow coins

Imagine for a moment that you have a gorgeous axolotl, one of the most popular animals in Pet Simulator X. Then take that cute little sea creature and send it to the most horrifying, lava-filled depths of hell. Do that, and you have the Hellish Axolotl, one of the most unique and bold pets in Roblox history.

This absurd mix of two completely disparate themes somehow works magnificently, making one for one of the best mythical rarity pets you’ll find. The hellish wings on the side of the pet and its sinister smirk make it one of the most detailed and fearsome pets in the game. It’s also a rare case where the Dark Matter and Golden variants can’t even touch the original version.

11. M6 Prototype

M6 Prototype pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Dark Tech Egg
  • Location: Tech City
  • Price: 115,000 tech coins

Thus far in Pet Simulator X, all of the pets are generally based around real-life and fictional animals. However, there is something to be said about one of the rare cases where a non-animal pet was created. Such is the case with the sharply-designed M6 Prototype.

This particular pet seems to be a spaceship of some kind that can follow you around and battle for you. The mythical pet is among the strangest entries on this list but also one of the more stunning. The sharp edges of the ship give it a Star Trek vibe mixed with that of a mythological creature like a Pegasus. It’s crazy but lovable in a way.

10. Glitched Immortuus

Glitched Immortuus pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Glitch Egg
  • Location: Glitch Zone
  • Price: 500 million tech coins

Sticking to the Tech World for another moment, there is the Glitched Immortuus, which is essentially one of the last and best pets you can get in this region. The mythical pet is one of the several forms of Immortuus, a strange four-headed demon-like creature.

However, Glitched Immortuus stands (four) heads and shoulders above the rest with its bizarre mix of the occult and technology. The black and green aesthetic is phenomenal, being somehow cute and sinister all at the same time. It is also one of the more tame spooky variants, unlike the Hellish Axolotl, so it is a fun addition to anyone’s pet crew.

9. Titanic Neon Agony

Titanic Neon Agony pet simulator roblox
  • Pet Egg: Exclusive Pets Egg
  • Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 400 Robux

Neon pets are all the rage these days in Pet Simulator X due to their glorious designs and color schemes. Take that idea and hand it to Titanic Neon Agony, one of only a few titanic pets in the game, and you have one of the best pets you’ll find in Pet Simulator x.

Titanic Neon Agony takes the Agony pet from previous forms, with its twisted smirking monstrous design, and turns it into a radioactive black and purple variant. This helps it to stand out alongside the titanic nature, meaning that it is not only massive in size, but you can ride on it at the same time, which can’t be said for the other pets on this list.

8. Empyrean Axolotl

Empyrean Axolotl pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Axolotl Egg
  • Location: Axolotl Ocean
  • Price: 35,000 rainbow coins

Yes, the beautiful axolotl returns one more time for a very different pet than the one featured previously on this list. The Empyrean Axolotl is the polar opposite of the Hellish Axolotl, showcasing a more peaceful, radiant, and glorious version of the creature.

This heavenly creation is among my personal favorite designs for a pet in the game and one that I am proud to have as part of my collection. It has the signature three wings (gills?) on the side of its face, but they let off an angelic and peaceful vibe. A nice olive branch is also on top of its head, which is a subtle but lovely touch.

7. Neon Twilight Tiger

Neon Twilight Tiger pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Exclusive Pets Egg
  • Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 400 Robux

If you are someone who loves EDM, going to loud and colorful clubs, or having a bedroom with splashes of random colors everywhere, the Neon Twilight Tiger is for you. As mentioned, neon pets are some of the best today, and the Neon Twilight Tiger is the most extravagant of them all.

You have a tiger that also somewhat looks like a zebra that is blue and purple. The chaotic patterns across its body and the bright, colorful eyes immediately catch your attention no matter what’s around. Perhaps my favorite part about the Neon Twilight Tiger, though, is the sparkly effects that circle around it at all times.

6. 404 Demon

404 Demon pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Hacker Egg
  • Location: Hacker Gate
  • Price: 3 billion tech coins

The king of the Tech World is none other than the 404 Demon. When it comes to original designs in Pet Simulator X that are unmatched, this pet is hard to beat. While the following pets below are mainly based on existing creatures (minus one), 404 Demon is a valid exception to this list.

It takes the idea of a devilish little creature that is both terrifying and cute at the same time. It isn’t too hellish to be off-putting while still offering a fascinating appearance. The red and black color scheme is offset by the cutesy x-shaped eyes and error symbols that float around it. The base design alone is among my favorites on this list and one I am to acquire soon.

5. Galaxy Pegasus

Galaxy Pegasus pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Not applicable
  • Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 5199 Robux

The Galaxy Pegasus stands at the top of the pet chain when it comes to exclusives that require Robux. Sure, it is a premium pet, but this is the first and only direct one that isn’t in an egg that feels worth the hefty price of admission.

The Galaxy Pegasus shows what the Pet Simulator X developers can do when they go all out. First and foremost, there is the glorious galaxy color scheme that flows all throughout the Pegasus creature. It is a lighter touch on a galaxy pattern, opting for lighter shades of blue, pink, and purple.

Then there are the sparkly designs around it and the numerous wings. It honestly doesn’t look or feel like a Pegasus, but that doesn’t matter with this stunning space angel.

4. Angelus

Angelus pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Empyrean Egg
  • Location: Heaven’s Gate
  • Price: 350 million fantasy coins

Speaking of angels, the final original design on this list and the best of the entire bunch when it comes to unique pets is Angelus. This pet is almost as if you took 343 Guilty Spark from the Halo franchise, turned him into a white and yellow angel robot version, and then surrounded him with several wings and ribbons taken from the Digimon, Angemon.

This angelic robot creature is one of the most enlightening, peaceful, and cheerful pets you can get in the game. And there is nothing like Angelus up until this point, either. I keep hoping we get another version of it someday because it is one of the proudest members of my current collection.

3. Pixel Pink Slime

Pixel Pink Slime pet simulator roblox
Image from Pet Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Spotted Pixel Egg or Rainbow Pixel Egg
  • Location: Pixel World
  • Price: 1.67 million rainbow coins or 9.25 million rainbow coins

The Pixel Pink Slime is the only member of this list that is present in not one but two eggs for you to pick from. It is also the final member on here that I am happy to have as part of my collection. At the end of the day, the point of Pet Simulator X is to succeed in the game by advancing to each new area and dominating it.

When it comes to the Pixel Pink Slime, it is the epitome of a cute design for a creature that is deadly in battle. If you want the mix of adorable and powerful for endgame purposes, the Pixel Pink Slime is the one for you that won’t break the Robux bank. It is a Bloxy pink version of the classic blue Dragon Quest slimes, and we are all the better as humanity for its existence.

2. Huge Storm Agony

Huge Storm Agony pet simulator roblox
Image from Pets Simulator Wiki
  • Pet Egg: Exclusive Pets Egg
  • Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 400 Robux

Agony returns once more to wreak havoc with easily its best version in the game. This is, by and large, the same Agony face design you saw in the previous entry where it appeared. The difference, though, is extraordinary when you see what the developers were able to do with this pet.

The glowing Raiden Mortal Kombat eyes mixed with the lightning spirit version of this pet elevates it far beyond its other versions. Did I mention that it is a huge pet, too? I know that players love the huge pets that stick out when you’re running around with this life-sized companion, and Huge Storm Agony is one of the best you’ll find.

1. Huge Neon Cat

Huge Neon Cat pet simulator roblox
  • Pet Egg: Exclusive Pets Egg
  • Location: Exclusive Shop
  • Price: 400 Robux

There is no pet that comes close to the design and utility of the Huge Neon Cat. On its own, this is as beautiful as it gets when it comes to a neon-themed pet. The cat’s body is this mysterious black design that complements well with the vibrant red outline around it. This cat legit looks like a neon open sign you’d find on a business in cat form.

But the beauty of the Huge Neon Cat doesn’t stop there because it is a huge pet variant. This means that everyone will see and know just how fantastic this pet is when you’re roaming around. It towers over the other pets that exist in the game, both in its actual size and its stunning retro neon appearance. You can’t go wrong with the best-designed pet in the game here.


Question: Which is the Best Pet in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The best overall pet in Pet Simulator X is the Huge Neon Cat. It is the right mix of an amazing design and immense power. The gorgeous red outline, coupled with the darker body, gives it a vibe that is unparalleled. It is too bad, though, that it is a Robux-exclusive pet.

Question: What is the Most Valuable Pet in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The most valuable pet currently in Pet Simulator X is going to be the current endgame pets from the latest Doodle World. Some of the most valuable pets include the Huge Doodle Fairy, Titanic Red Balloon Cat, and Doodle Agony to name a few.

Question: What is the Strongest Pet in Pet Simulator X Right Now? 

Answer: The strongest pets in Pet Simulator X right now are any of the ones from the current Doodle World. As the latest endgame area, the pets here are the strongest. The aforementioned Huge Doodle Fairy and co. will help you dominate battles these days.

How to Master Pet Simulator X

At the end of the day, everyone has to pick and choose what pets to get. The likelihood of getting all of the pets on this list and every pet in the game, in general, is going to be slim to none. Sure, you can aim for that goal and succeed, but you would basically have to play nothing but Pet Simulator X for the foreseeable future until you do.

That is why if you have only so much time and money to spend, I suggest simply going for the best pet around, which is the Huge Neon Cat. It’s a shame that there isn’t a Neon World in the game, as these neon pets have the best designs in the entire game. This larger variant makes it suitable for battles as well as adequately showing it off to others. But if you ever want to get the Huge Neon Cat, you’ll need first to master Pet Simulator X, which we have previously covered before.

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