Royale High Diamond Farming Guide

Royale High Diamond Farming Guide

Part of the joy of Royale High is claiming a brand new gorgeous outfit for your own to wear around the school and strut your stuff. However, you can’t do without enough diamonds to cover the costs of the clothing items. Diamonds are the primary currency in Royale High that you need, but they aren’t that easy to get. Thankfully, that is where this Royale High diamond farming guide comes into play.

The point of Royale High is to be yourself, which is what the diamonds are for. However, good luck getting these on your own. Without farming them through specific methods, you’re going to be going months, maybe even years, without buying the items you want to get. But I’ve been playing Royale High with my family for about five years, and I have the tricks we use to get anything we want. I’ll share these secrets with you in this Royale High diamond farming guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Diamonds are the primary currency used in Royale High. This currency lets you purchase clothing items and anything that you could want or need in Royale High. However, it is rather hard to collect them, even if you play every day if you don’t do the right activities. The best ways to farm diamonds are to log in daily, use your computer, spin the wheel, make a wish at the fountain, level up as much as possible, and win the pageant as many times as possible.

Royale High Diamonds Explained

Royale High Diamonds website

At the heart of Royale High are the diamonds. After all, diamonds are a Winx’s best friend. Originally based around the Winx Club series, Royale High allows you to explore the massive world and complete whatever activities you want to. Most of the progression and item collection comes from the diamonds.

The goal in Royale High is to look the best that you possibly can and show off your fashion skills to everyone who logs in. But to do that, you’ll need diamonds as the clothing items are pretty expensive in Royale High. Unfortunately, diamonds are not as common as you might expect for a currency in a Roblox game.

It is surprisingly difficult to get diamonds, and, when you do, it’s usually a dozen or so at best that you’ll find in most activities. If you’re lucky, you might get 100 at once. This is relatively meager considering that some of the best clothing items in the game will cost you in the hundreds of thousands of diamonds. And even the cheaper ones will run you around 30,000 diamonds or so.

For better or worse, the game emphasizes grinding and farming diamonds as much as possible. It also tries to point you in the direction of spending real-world money via Robux to get diamonds much more quickly.

Best Royale High Diamond Farming Methods Explained

The reality is, you’re going to have to devote a lot of time to farming diamonds if you want to earn some of the best clothes in the entire Roblox game. And, spoilers, this is even if you buy the game passes that let you collect diamonds more easily, as even that will require grinding.

There is essentially no way to avoid the grind at this point in time in Royale High. That said, there are a few methods of grinding that are the best in this Roblox experience. These particular ways allow you to get diamonds quicker, more efficiently, or without as much stress as some of the others. No matter what, though, you’ll need the time and dedication to complete them.

Logging in Daily

Logging in Daily dimond

First off, this is a rather strange farming method, but believe it or not, making sure that you log into Royale High every day is one of the grinds that you need to do. This is because the game offers some daily login rewards, similar to the free-to-play mobile games out there.

When you log into the game each day, there is the likelihood that you’ll receive some diamonds each day, but the unfortunate part is that they aren’t usually all that much. It might be a few diamonds at the most that you’ll get, which is why it is imperative that you do this every single day.

Better yet, there is a chain of logins that you can get if you keep showing up to Royale High so many days in a row. This chain will increase with each day you don’t miss logging in, so you’ll end up gaining more diamonds than you usually would as time goes on.

This is why I always recommend the dedicated Royale High players to hop on the game, even if you don’t plan on actually playing it that day. Just hop online, grab your daily rewards, and then bounce. This will keep the chain going and let you somewhat passively earn some diamonds over time.

However, there is another trick to this that you need to know about. What the game doesn’t tell you is that you don’t just get these daily login rewards from loading up the game. You have to receive them manually. This is done by heading to your apartment in the world.

When you get there, find the computer in your apartment, and then interact with it. This will grant you the daily diamond rewards for that day. You have to do this every time you log in each day, or else you’ll miss out on these rewards, even if you play Royale High.

Spin the Wheel

roblox diamond Spin the Wheel
Image from royale high fandom

In the same vein as the daily login rewards, there are two other daily activities you can do every day to earn diamonds. The first of these is spinning the lucky rainbow wheel. It is on the Earth realm near where you spawn. Head here, and you can spin this wheel once per day.

This wheel has a variety of rewards that it can give you, including diamonds. You could get nothing, of course, but more often than not, you’ll get some diamonds or various clothing items from this. Again, this is a daily activity so feel free to do this at the same time as you log in.

Make a Wish at the Fountain

Fountain diamond roblox
Image from royale high fandom

The other daily activity you need to know about is the fountain in Divinia Park. Head to that realm and then find the large fountain there. Similar to the spin wheel, you can interact with this to make a wish once per day. The wish will sometimes grant you nothing, but more often than not, in my experience, you’ll receive an item of some kind.

It can honestly vary from items to experience towards your current Royale High level to, of course, diamonds. There is a risk in this system as you can sometimes lose items, similar to the superstition of throwing a coin into a fountain before making a wish. In my experience, though, it is best to go ahead and make a wish every day for the best chance at max daily rewards. Plus, the RNG is a little fun to me.

Leveling Up

Moving away from the activities that are only daily and don’t have you doing too much, we have leveling up. How this works is that there is a level system in Royale High that the game doesn’t explain to you well. To make matters worse, this is one of the most reliable ways of earning some diamonds.

You see, every single time you level up in Royale High, you’ll get at least 300 diamonds. If you have some game passes (more on those in a bit), it can be much more than that. The idea is to level up and grind levels so you can keep getting 300 diamonds (or more) every single time.

How you go about farming levels in Royale High is by simply running around the realms in the Roblox game. You see, you have an energy meter that is on your screen. This energy meter doesn’t honestly do much other than prompt you to rest every 10 minutes or so of playing.

The idea is to play for about 10 minutes until your energy bar is low. Then head back to your apartment or find any bed you can use in the world, and then sleep there. This will refill your energy meter, as you might expect. The part that’s helpful to you is that it will grant you XP when you do this.

In general, it takes about one to two (usually 1.5) times of sleeping to fully recharge your energy to see a single level-up happen. This effectively means that anywhere between every 10-20 minutes in the game, you can earn a level, which will earn you 300 diamonds.

The best thing to do is go to school during this time or do the pageants (more on that in a bit). For the former, follow the typical daily schedule of classes, which will naturally earn your some diamonds. Once your energy is low, sleep, and level up. Then go back to classes or the pageant and rinse and repeat over and over to farm diamonds.

Winning the Pageant or Ball

Roblox Winning the Pageant

I will always suggest the pageant and ball to everyone when who wants to grind diamonds in Royale High. These are the best events in the entire game, allowing you to show off your fashionable skills for everyone in the entire community to see.

How it works is that there’s first the ball that happens every single night in Royale High. There is a daily schedule for the school where you go to different classes, eat lunch, and all that. The whole schedule is building towards the grand finale for the day, which is the ball that happens every night.

This ball lasts for a solid bit of time and lets players dress up to the nines and hang out with their friends. They can dance, have a fantastic time, and roleplay to their heart’s content. There is an award ceremony that happens during this time when the royalty of the ball is chosen.

Votes are cast from the players in attendance, and the winners of the royal ball receive a whole bunch of diamonds for their win. This is one area where you can grind, making diamonds at school during the day and dominating the ball at night. I know a lot of people who like to go about this method, in particular.

However, the preferred one is the pageant. Similar to the ball in a way, you can find this player-held event on Sunset Island. Head to that realm, and you can participate in the pageant every few minutes. How it works is that you’ll want to sign up at the board on the island, and then the pageant will begin.

Each time, there is a randomly chosen theme that you have to dress up for. Pick the best clothing items in the area based on the theme and try to come up with something impressive. After the timer runs out, everyone will strut their stuff on the runway, with all of the players able to vote for someone else.

The goal is to get the most votes. In all honesty, though, most players don’t use the theme as a basis since there are a lot of younger players here. They’ll pick whatever they think is best. But your goal is to win the pageant, as you’ll get 1000 diamonds for every single win you get.

In addition, you’ll receive some experience, which can help you level up and then receive even more diamonds. But if you get a second place or third, you’ll still get 600 and 400 diamonds, respectively. And even if you participate and don’t place at all, you’ll still receive 200 diamonds each time.

For those who genuinely want to grind diamonds, there is no better place to be. Just spend all your time here, doing the pageant over and over. Thankfully, it is a rather fun activity that is worth doing so much.

Diamond Multiplier Game Pass: Worth It?

Double Diamonds Game Pass

A considerable part of the diamond farming conversation in Royale High revolves around the various game passes in the experience. Whether you like it or not, the grind is awful for a reason. This is an excellent free game. You can play as much as you want on Roblox, so the developers have to make money somehow.

Unfortunately, they incentivize you to spend real-world money via Robux to buy game passes. These can help you with the diamond grind but won’t alleviate it entirely. There are a lot of Royale High game passes, but here are the ones relative to diamond farming:

  • Double Diamonds Game Pass: 749 Robux
  • Quadruple Diamonds Game Pass: 1649 Robux

Before you ask, yes, you can buy both of these, and you will receive the benefits of both at the same time. How this works is that they allow you to earn more diamonds from certain activities in the game. For instance, it will multiply the number of diamonds you get from leveling up in the game.

With the double pass, that means you’ll get 600 diamonds every single time that you level up instead of 300. With the quadruple pass, you’ll get 1200 instead of 300. That means that you are now receiving the equivalent of several levels simultaneously in just a matter of minutes.

If you have the Robux to spare and don’t mind spending the money, I find that the two game passes are 100% worth it. Again, that is only if you have the Robux to spare and honestly care about getting as many clothing items in Royale High as possible.

If this is a grind you are serious about, then you should undoubtedly go for the two game passes. They are more than worth it in the end, as they make the farming of diamonds much more reasonable. You’ll still have to grind, don’t get me wrong, but it won’t be the massive headache it usually is.

But I should note that these game passes aren’t for everyone. You can still make a solid bit of diamonds without them if you have the time and dedication to offer. But if your time is limited because of school, work, etc., you may want to consider picking these game passes up.

Tips for Grinding Diamonds

To finish things off, I have a handful of final tips and thoughts that I’d like to share with you regarding grinding for diamonds. Some of these are my industry trade secrets I don’t share with anyone, so consider this your opportunity to run away with diamond farming in Royale High.

  • First and foremost, if you get the two diamond multiplier game passes, you’ll receive 6x the regular diamonds for specific activities, not 8x. It doesn’t go 2x times 4x as you might expect, but, instead, they are added to one another. So, you’d get 1800 diamonds each time you level up, which is extremely impressive. You’re getting six levels worth of diamonds several times an hour if you farm this way.
  • You can cheat the system in a way with the pageant and ball. This is a bit shady, but I’ll be honest you can get a massive group of friends together and take control of the voting system. You can designate someone to vote for and, with enough people, likely guarantee them the win every time.
  • If you choose to go about the, unfortunately, shady method of grinding pageants, I recommend warning everyone on the server so they can leave if they want to and find a fairer lobby. In addition, I recommend taking turns so that everyone in your group can enjoy the benefits together. I’ll admit this is something my family and friends do, but there is a right way to go about it.
  • In that same vein, pageants are the number one to grind. Always grind pageants, then sleep in between rounds to level up and repeat. This is the single best way to get diamonds, in my experience.
  • Lastly, don’t fall for scams regarding diamonds from other players. Some will try to trade you items that are supposedly super expensive, but always be careful and check what you’re trading. Know the worth of an item before you commit to it, or you may get ripped off.


Question: What is the best way to farm diamonds in Royale High?

Answer: The single best way to farm diamonds in Royale High, in my experience, is to do the pageant repeatedly. When your energy gets low, sleep between rounds to level up and earn more diamonds, then go back to the pageant to continue the grind.

Question: How do you exploit diamonds in Royale High? 

Answer: There are two main ways to exploit diamonds in Royale High in my time playing the game. The first is to buy both diamond multiplier game passes, which will give you 6x diamonds for every level up. The other is to grab a group of friends and force wins via votes for the pageant.

Question: How do I farm diamonds in Royale High? 

Answer: There are many ways to farm diamonds in Royale High, so it’s ultimately up to you what you do. The methods include going to school, winning the ball, winning the pageant, logging in every day, and leveling up after recovering your energy via sleep.

What to Use Diamonds for in Royale High

At the end of the day, the farm for diamonds in Royale High is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire game. But I can’t deny that the developers did a fantastic job of creating a Roblox game that is exciting to play and that encourages you to keep coming back every single day.

The loop is absolutely bonkers and one of the best parts about Royale High. But you aren’t just grinding activities like the pageants for diamonds for nothing. The whole purpose behind all of this is to buy some of the fantastic clothing items that are exclusively made just for this game. The phenomenal Royale High clothing sets and other items are better than anything you’ll see in the rest of Roblox.

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