Bedwars Game Overview

Bedwars Game Overview: Minecraft-Style PvP Roblox Game Explained

When you think of the most successful games of all time, what are the titles you think of? If you’re like me, the four games that immediately come to mind are as follows: Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and, of course, Roblox.

Alas, they are among the most successful and popular games of all time. But what happens when you mix two of them, like Minecraft and Roblox, together? You get something like this Bedwars game overview.

Roblox has so many different experiences for players to enjoy these days, and one of the most prominent ones is none other than Bedwars.

Like many of the other Roblox experiences on the massively successful platform, it is based on another popular game. In this case, it is based on Bedwars, the popular mobile game that itself is based on Minecraft. Find out everything you need to know about this game with our Bedwars game overview.

Bottom Line Up Front

Bedwars came out in 2021 and within only a couple of years has become one of the leading games on Roblox. It is due to the high-quality gameplay that is featured, based on the Minecraft format. It is surprisingly close to Minecraft in everything from movement to building to visual appearance to combat.

This is rather impressive for a Roblox game that is simply about teaming up with other players to build out a base to protect your bed. All the while, aiming to take out your opponents’ bed and eliminate them from the game entirely.

Bedwars Roblox Explained

If there are two games that remind me so much of one another, both in terms of style and success, it would be Roblox and Minecraft. The latter came out after Roblox but nailed down the blocky style that Roblox was going for and arguably surpassed it. The simplistic survival-building game ballooned into one of the biggest games on the planet.

All the while Roblox has been biding its time and growing in popularity to regain its spot near the top of the most-played games in the world every day. So, what happens when Roblox finally takes back some inspiration from Minecraft? Well, you get a game like Bedwars, which is both fascinating and unique.

Playing Bedwars is almost like I’m not even playing Roblox. It feels genuinely like a Minecraft game, though with some quirks, which is one of the most impressive feats that someone has accomplished on the platform. It helps, too, that Bedwars isn’t exactly a new game.

It is seemingly based on the various player-versus-player (PvP) modes that Minecraft itself already has. But that’s not the end of the story. It seems those modes were then taken out of Minecraft and ballooned into its own free mobile game known as Bedwars which is currently running in its fifth season.

And then that game was seemingly the inspiration behind the Roblox version of Bedwars. It is a strange and honestly confusing situation that is quite unique. But in the process, Bedwars has become one of the biggest and best games to play on the Roblox platform.

If you don’t already know about this Minecraft-style game that includes building and PvP combat with an unbelievable number of players in such a short time, you’re missing out. But, thankfully, that’s where I come in with everything you need to know about Bedwars.

Story Synopsis: Is there Even a Story to Bedwars?

roblox bedwars game story synopsis

First, let’s begin by taking a look at the story of Bedwars. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like there is much of a story in this game in the first place. Besides the intriguing development and path it has taken to arrive on Roblox, being a mix of multiple games, there isn’t much to see here.

You have a Minecraft-style world where you are forced into an arena to compete against others for your life. It seems like this is some game world, but the stakes aren’t as high as some of the other similar games like Murder Mystery 2.

Perhaps there is a sinister backstory to this otherwise colorful, endless arena combat or it’s just kids having fun. It’s hard to say which is the case here.

Gameplay Breakdown

The gameplay is the heart of Bedwars as it is all about online multiplayer PvP action. This is not a relaxing and chill game like Bloxburg or Adopt Me. The whole point of this game is to outlive your opponents and be the winner at the end of the match.

Despite the simple premise, there is quite a lot when it comes to the gameplay in Bedwars. If you have never played Minecraft, chances are that you might be overwhelmed by the options you have in the game, the UI, and how all of the items work.

And even if you’ve played Minecraft before, there is a chance that you will be a bit confused by how this game works and how to win in a match. I know that I fell into this category when I first tried it out. Thankfully, I will make sure to break down the entire game for you one step at a time.


For starters, there is movement in this game, which is a little bit different than what you may be used to in Roblox titles. In general, the movement is based on some of the critical features you know and love: walking, sprinting, and jumping.

There isn’t much more to the movement system other than these mechanics. However, the feel of the gameplay and movement is very different than other Roblox games. It is heavy, feeling like someone increased the gravity on this server.

Movement is more impactful, a bit harder to control at times, and easier to make mistakes. This is likely due to the Minecraft influence. In fact, the movement in this game feels quite a lot like how you run and move in Minecraft, but with some light changes here and there.

In turn, the movement in Bedwars is quite unique for a Roblox game and it takes time to master. I recommend playing slow and methodical at first, as going crazy will likely result in a quick fall to your death in the arena. In fact, I have certainly won and lost countless fights because of this factor alone.


The other major part of Bedwars that it takes from Minecraft is the building. This is not at all like the building that you’ll find in a game like Adopt Me and its houses. No, the building in Bedwars is inspired by Minecraft, but even then, it isn’t exactly the same thing.

You have various materials you can use to build, just like Minecraft, and they are all in a block shape. You can stack them together, put them next to one another, and do whatever you like to create something. If you want to make stairs, you can do that by placing down two blocks, then a block on top of the second one, and continuing that pattern.

If you want to build a road path across the massive gaps in the sky arena, it is possible to do that, too. And if you’re looking to create a gate around your bed (more on that in a bit), you are free to do that. The building is pretty flexible and intriguing here.

All it involves is selecting the block you want to use in your inventory and then pressing the place button for quick placements right in front of you. Alternatively, you can choose the individual block space to put it beforehand, but this method is slower. Whichever building method you use will depend on the circumstances.


roblox bedwars game resources

Building, of course, is something that isn’t easy to do without resources to build with. For this, there are a ton of resources you can use to make, including even wool from sheep. There are also stone, wood blocks, and other materials that are fantastic for building.

The different materials last longer, too, like the stone being more durable than wood and wood being better than a simple wool block. But the resources don’t end with building. There are also currency resources in a match that include iron and emeralds.

These are used as money in the game to craft other items like better swords, axes, and the like to explore and win the map. These resources must be gathered, which is easier said than done when teams are competing for some of them.


Speaking of resources, there is the act of gathering in the game that will allow you to claim iron and emeralds for your own. How it works is that every team has an iron generator at their base. This will constantly drop iron material currency for the team every second and can be upgraded in specific modes.

This iron is your primary resource to gather and the one that is used mainly in the shop for the items you’ll need. But there are other resources for you to gather in the world, such as emeralds. These require higher-quality pickaxes to claim or to find the coveted emerald generator in the center of the map.

With a pickaxe, you can claim any of the materials you find in the world, but it will take some exploration. On the other hand, the emerald and iron generators simply require you to stand over them to gather their resources every few seconds. Lastly, you can also gather resources by eliminating other players and taking what they had on them, which is my preferred method of gathering.


Survival is the most crucial part of the Bedwars gameplay. Like in its inspiration, Minecraft, you and your team are going to want to survive the match and be the victors at the end. Unlike Minecraft, though, you don’t have to worry about hunger and thirst here, thankfully.

It is simplified enough that the only thing you have to worry about is your health and bed. If your health goes down too much from falling or getting attacked, you’ll die. Thankfully, there are respawns in Bedwars, so you’ll be back and at it again within a few seconds, so long as your teammates and base survive without you.

The problem here is the bed you have. This is your primary concern in matches since the bed is the center of everything. It is in the middle of your base, and its destruction will spell the end of your unlimited respawns. You’ll only have one life left, and if you lose it, you’re out of the match for good.

Survival is a delicate balance of keeping yourself alive long enough to defend your base and bed so that you don’t get kicked out of the match with a loss.

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PvP Combat

Much of the survival and winning in Bedwars revolves around the PvP-based combat it has. While Minecraft and other Roblox games might have combat as a side mechanic, it is at the forefront of this game. Perhaps even more so than the actual building and gathering in the game.

Every player starts out with a sword of their own, which can be upgraded at any point. This sword can even be accessed instantly by hitting a particular button, even when you don’t have it out. The point is to have easy access to your sword so you can slash away at enemies anytime you need to.

After all, the point of the whole game is to take out your opponents, take their resources, and then use that to hopefully take out their bed later on. The combat mainly involves rapid-slicing melee attacks with the sword, but you can also buy and use a bow at long-range.

This works a lot like Minecraft’s bow, where the aiming is wonky, and you have to pull it back in hopes of landing a shot from afar. Bows are only for those who truly do well with them. Otherwise, the swords will get the job done. There are some other niche and advanced but worthwhile combat elements, but I’ll cover those in the tips down below.


roblox bedwars game maps

There are several maps in Bedwars, but they don’t matter all that much. They are arenas that you use to build and create whatever you want to defeat the other enemies. However, the general layout of the maps is something that you should know about.

This will change depending on the game mode you pick, but the basic idea is to have four teams in an arena at once. It is somewhat rectangular in nature, with the four teams stationed at the four corners of the map. However, you are always closer to one team on your side than the team on the other side of you.

In general, what this means is that the team in front of you, rather than to the left or right of you, depending on which corner you’re in, will be much closer. Between teams to the left or right, there will be unclaimed islands with resources and a middle island area with some of the best resources for teams to fight over.

By and large, though, there is a lot of empty space on the maps. This is to leave room for the players to create whatever bases and extra islands in the sky that they want to help them win.


Despite the simplistic nature of Bedwars and its PvP focus, there are quite a lot of items that you’ll have to deal with in this Roblox game. There are the resources that you can gather, like iron and emeralds. But there are also blocks that you can build with, like wood and stone.

Then there are other blocks to deal with, like TNT, that you can use to blow stuff up. Furthermore, there is still the equipment you can have, like your sword, pickaxe, axe, armor, and so on. Even then, this is without bringing up the enchanting table that you can use to upgrade your items further.

It is quite a lot to deal with so don’t be surprised if you don’t gather and use all items in each match. In fact, this is a spoiler for one of the tips below, but I recommend finding a playstyle and items that work for it and sticking to only those.

How the Currency Works

Speaking of the currency that you gather in Bedwars, how does it work? Well, you have two forms of currency. The first is the currency within games, and then there is the progression currency outside of the matches. The currency within games is iron, emeralds, and so on that, you gather.

These aren’t blocks that you can build with, but materials used in the shops to gain better items. Iron is the base currency in matches and can be used for most items, including some of the better sword upgrades and armor. In addition, it’s used for most blocks for building and other random items like the bow.

On the other hand, emeralds are the more luxurious currency in matches. They are harder to find and have fewer items involved with them. If you want diamond gear, which is the best, you’re going to need this currency. It is also used for a couple of other powerful items beyond this.

When it comes to the currency outside of games, it is mainly based on the progression system. You have the basic level in Bedwars, which is usually tied to the current season’s battle pass. There is no traditional shop in this game, but, instead, all of the cosmetics are in the battle pass.

You have to spend Robux to buy the premium version, but there is a free version with some rewards available. The more matches you do and the more missions you complete, the more battle pass points you’ll get, which will unlock further levels before the time runs out on it.

Ranking up in the battle pass will grant you items like emotes, character skins that are exclusive to this game only, and more.

Game Modes

roblox bedwars game game modes

The beauty of Bedwars is that it isn’t a stale game. There are updates every Friday with something new, be it a limited-time game mode or a cosmetic item in the battle pass. There is a plethora of game modes to check out that twist on the usual Bedwars formula.

For instance, you have a solo mode for those players who want to compete in a free-for-all. There are duos for teams of two and squads for teams of three or four. Those are the basic modes, but then there are custom matches you can create for your friends where you mess with the rules and also limited-time modes.

Right now, at the time of writing, there are 5v5 Bedwars where, instead of four teams on the map and smaller groups, there are only two teams with five players on each. That is far more players than usual, and it has a more focused approach with only one team to worry about. This is possibly my favorite mode in the game, honestly.

Suffice it to say, that there is always a reason to come back and play. Especially since there are ranked seasons, too. These are the standard match modes, but ranked modes have a lot at stake, including rising and falling on the leaderboard. This is where the most hardcore players go to compete for fame, glory, and exclusive items.

How to Win in Bedwars

When it comes to Bedwars, though, the method of winning remains pretty much the same no matter the game mode. The goal is to be the last team standing, whether there are four teams or two teams, solo or squads. Your first goal in winning should be survival.

The second should be to destroy your opponents’ beds. This will eliminate their ability to respawn. At that point, you need to take them out once more, and they will be removed from the game. Do this to all of the other teams in the match before they do it to you, and you win.

However, chances are, you’ll get matches like I do where teams will battle, and maybe one of the four teams will get eliminated, but it is otherwise a stalemate. In this case, the game will keep going until the 20-minute mark in the lobby. At this point, some special rules will apply.

Since the match could go on forever, the beds are instantly destroyed, and everyone has one last life. Now, it is just a straightforward fight to the death where the last person or team standing wins. This is usually how most of my matches go, too.

Bedwars Roblox Reception

bedwars roblox reception

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Bedwars is one of the most popular games on Roblox, right, especially for an experience that is under two years old at the time of writing this. Even despite its newer age on the platform, it existed elsewhere long before its debut in Roblox, so this is pretty much a proven product.

That said, it hasn’t stopped the general reception from the Roblox community from being quite popular for what is essentially a port of an already existing game without some of the bells and whistles it might have on its own.

At this time, Bedwars is sitting at an absolutely impressive 50,000 players online. To be fair, though, it is early morning in North America and not even the end of Europe’s work and school day at this time. You best believe that this is basically the bare minimum of what you’ll see from Bedwars on a daily basis.

In addition, it currently sits at a whopping 5.6 billion total visits in under two years. That is unbelievable, considering that it took another massively popular game like Bloxburg roughly seven or eight years to reach that point. It also has a healthy 83% upvote rating at this time, which is pretty average for a game of this size. That still gives it a “great” rating, which is roughly around where I’d probably put it (maybe in the 70s range for me).

Beginner’s Tips

For those of you who are just starting out with Bedwars, it can be confusing and hard to win even after reading everything I put above. Here are some of the tips and tricks I use to get wins, like the one you can see in the screenshot I took in a random match I did while writing this article:

  • Find your playstyle and stick to it. Don’t branch out too much. For instance, if you try the bow and suck with it, don’t waste your time with it. Simply use your iron and resources elsewhere on sword upgrades.
  • Don’t stray too far from your base if you’re a newer player. There is a cheap but effective way of playing the game of simply guarding your bed and building around it until the 20-minute mark. Then at this point, you can either get more aggressive and take out the final players or stay on the defense.
  • In general, I find staying on the defense works out so much more favorably, though, in Bedwars. You can build as much as you like and surprise enemies who attack you. It’s how I won in the above screenshot despite losing my teammate and being outnumbered.
  • Use TNT and falls for kills. It is possible to use TNT to destroy paths or hit someone and make them fall off the map for easy, instant elimination. I use this often, especially with how I build my base.
  • Don’t waste too much time and currency on the more expensive building blocks. Even simple wool can be effective for guarding your bed if you use enough of it.
  • Lastly, play with friends. While it is possible to win with strangers, having communication will increase your chances of winning exponentially since you can work together more efficiently.

Best Alternatives

roblox island royale game

Here are some of the best alternatives for players looking for something in Roblox similar to Bedwars:

  • Island Royale: The building and PvP nature of Bedwars reminds me of Fortnite in a way. Thankfully, Island Royale is Fortnite in Roblox. It has the building, materials, and battle royale mechanics you know and love. If you want something even faster-paced and smoother than Bedwars, Island Royale is for you.
  • Build to Survive: This game is rising through the ranks. The idea is to build to survive against the killers for a time. If you want a more horrific game with less focus on your fighting, this is the one.
  • Islands: This is pretty much Minecraft in Roblox on a small scale. You have a small island to build around. But there are some deep mechanics like food, farm animals, and more with a gorgeous Minecraft aesthetic.


Question: Is Bedwars Roblox Getting Deleted?

Answer: No, Bedwars Roblox isn’t getting deleted. Those are just rumors and clickbait from some Roblox creators. Despite being based on existing games, it should stick around. In fact, it gets updates every week with new content to check out.

Question: Can You Get a Free Kit in Roblox Bedwars?

Answer: No, you can’t get a free kit in Roblox Bedwars without a code. Don’t fall for scams, and there are no codes right now.

Question: What Age is Bedwars Roblox for?

Answer: Bedwars Roblox is for players of all ages. Unless you don’t like violent games, of course. That said, some younger kids may have trouble with the mechanics, though.

What Roblox Building Game to Play Next

Bedwars is a good game to check out in Roblox with its fun building and PvP mechanics. But I understand if the combat focus isn’t your thing. In that case, I recommend checking out a game like Bloxburg, where you can more peacefully gain money and build the house of your dreams.

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