Pet Simulator X Best Eggs Guide

Pet Simulator X Best Eggs Guide: Pixel Eggs, Axolotl Eggs, and More

Pet Simulator X tells you right in the title what it is all about: the pets themselves. The point of the game is to collect various types of eggs and hatch them to get the many pets in the game.

The problem with such a wide-open game like this one, though, is the unbelievable number of eggs you can buy. Thankfully, I have this Pet Simulator X best eggs guide to help you out.

I know as a Pet Simulator X endgame player myself how limited your resources can be unless you grind for currency repeatedly. Even once you “beat” the game or at least the current set of content, eggs don’t necessarily get cheaper.

And it only gets worse when new eggs are added to the Roblox experience. To help you simplify the procedure of finding the right eggs for you to spend money on with the best pets, I have assembled this Pet Simulator X best eggs guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are nearly 70 eggs and counting in Pet Simulator X at the time of writing this list. That number only increases with significant content updates that include new areas, worlds, and eggs to check out. Below, you’ll find the 13 best eggs that exist in the Roblox game currently.

If I had to pick a single egg on this list as the best one, I would go with the Pixel Egg. This egg features five of the best pets around, including the Pixel Tiger and Pixel Dragon, all in their gorgeous pixelated forms that look fantastic.

Selection Criteria

Coming up with the best eggs in Pet Simulator X is a tough task when you have nearly 70 eggs and counting at the time of making this list. That said, I have beaten the game or, well, completed the content up until the latest update. As such, I used my knowledge about the game to determine the 13 best eggs using the below criteria:

  • Pets: The point of getting an egg is for the pets inside of it. If the pets that an egg offers are bad, or there aren’t enough good pets inside of it to validate the egg’s existence, it certainly didn’t make this list.
  • Rarity: While I tried to include eggs across the spectrum, the rarer the egg, the chances are that it’s worth your time and Pet Simulator X currency. After all, these usually have the best pets worth getting.
  • Uniqueness: Another issue with the eggs in Pet Simulator X is that they reuse ideas repeatedly at this point. You might find the same animal in more than one egg, but the fact is that they have a different color scheme or a different style. I prioritized the eggs with unique pets or memorable takes on existing pets.
  • Value: Your money is precious, even in a free-to-play game like this. I tried to include some eggs from across the range of options, including some of the cheaper and earlier eggs you can find. While they aren’t many (the newer eggs are generally better), I have entries on this list for players of all power levels and experiences.
  • Diversity: This is similar to the value criteria but a little different. Some eggs don’t offer a lot of pets, with only three or so in an egg. I gave some special priority to the eggs that provide the most pets of the highest quality, so you aren’t likely to get the same one over and over. And to give you a reason to buy the egg multiple times.

Best Pet Simulator X Eggs List

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into Pet Simulator X and check out the 13 best eggs that the Roblox experience has to offer. These are the eggs that you should make a list of and pick up as you make your way through the worlds and regions of the game.

To this point, I recommend not buying every egg you come across unless you are a completionist since your currency is quite limited at first when in a new area.

Here are the eggs you should always keep track of, including where to buy them and how much they cost. They are in no particular order, either, as there is no real reason to rank them at this point.

Snow Egg

Pet Simulator X snow egg
  • Pet Location: Winter Biome
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 650,000 coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 5.85 million coins

Starting off this list is a relatively cheaper egg than some of the other ones you’ll find below. As you might expect, Pet Simulator X saves the best eggs for later on in the game as it becomes wilder and more extravagant all at the same time.

That said, one of the earlier eggs you can get in the game is the Snow Egg, an egg that is found in the Winter Biome. It is only the 17th egg in the game (believe it or not, that is a very small number), and you can get to this region in just a few minutes.

Where the Snow Egg stands out is in the overall chill design that isn’t too crazy but also not too dull like the earlier eggs before it. However, the true star here is its pets, which are honestly some of the best on this list.

The snow cat, snow dog, deer, arctic fox, and frost dragon are five of the best base pets you’ll ever find in Pet Simulator X.


  • The five pets here are some of the best on this list
  • The frost dragon is where it’s at
  • It is the cheapest and most accessible egg on this list


  • The golden egg version isn’t worth it, in my opinion
  • If you try to grind to this egg location on your own, it could still take a while (you should get help from established players)

Dominus Egg

pet simulator x dominus egg
  • Pet Location: Dominus Gate
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 900 million coins
  • Golden Version Cost: N/A

The Dominus Egg was the epitome of the eggs you could get for the original version of Pet Simulator X. It was located in the final location in the Spawn World, which is the original world in the game. As such, you can expect to pay a hefty penny to open up this egg and get the pets inside.

It is the most expensive egg in the Spawn World that uses ordinary coins. While 900 million coins might sound like a lot, believe it or not, if you can reach the later worlds that were released and then come back to this location, you can grind out those coins and get that amount relatively quickly.

This is worth it for the strongest and some of the best-looking pets you’ll find in the first world in the game. They are some of the most unique, too, with the pets being the Dominus Infernus, Empyreus, and Domortuus. You rarely see such amazing pets in this game, so it is worth picking up for that.


  • Some of the most unique pets in the game
  • Each of the four pets in this egg is some of the most intricately designed
  • The rarest egg you’ll find in the original world


  • This is the most expensive egg in the original world, so it will be difficult for some players to reach
  • There is no golden version (that is a harsh deal-breaker)
  • Domortuus has a bonkers rarity chance from what I can tell

Samurai Egg

pet simulator x samurai egg
  • Pet Location: Fantasy Island
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 235,000 fantasy coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 2.12 million fantasy coins

The second world you’ll visit in Pet Simulator X is the Fantasy World. There is a new currency to deal with within this new location and tons of themed islands to check out. One of the earlier eggs on this island is the Samurai Egg, which is the pinnacle of a themed egg in the game.

The design of this egg is the most hilarious and original you’ll find. Most eggs are typically just some colored patterns, but this egg has some Japanese symbols across it, a ridiculous mustache, and the classic samurai helmet on it. It looks like a little samurai man in egg form.

But that is all before bringing up the pets you get inside. Many of them are Japanese or Chinese-inspired, which is already awesome, but you get some great value with up to six pets in this one egg. That is quite a lot for most eggs these days. The samurai dragon, red panda, and white panda are just a few of the pets you can get here.


  • The Asian-inspired pets are some of the most extravagant in the game
  • The samurai dragon and red panda, in particular, are terrific
  • This is one of the cheaper Fantasy World eggs
  • There is no other egg with such an inventive design
  • There are six pets in this egg, unlike the usual four or five


  • The shiny golden version of this egg is way too expensive at nearly ten times the price of the original
  • The higher number of possible pets in this egg may bother some players who only want a specific one

Pog Egg

pet simulator x pog egg
  • Pet Location: Limited-time event area
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 11 billion fantasy coins
  • Golden Version Cost: N/A

For my Poggers out there, the Pog Egg is one of the most bizarre eggs you’ll find. It was one of the few limited-time event eggs in Pet Simulator X. Players could unlock it for a limited-time event in September 2021 by having the Heaven’s Gate area opened and having to reach the Impossible rank in the game.

With those requirements met, players had to type “knock knock” into the text box chat and enter the new secret area. Yes, that, indeed, was the requirement. If you did that, you could enter this unique area and buy the egg if you had a whopping 11 billion fantasy coins.

That is somewhat hard to grind for even with endgame pets now, so you would have had an extremely difficult time back then when the event happened. There were four amazing pets, though, in the egg, including the pog cat and Pog Immortuus, which go for a bonkers amount on the second-hand market these days.


  • Some of the rarest pets that you’ll ever find
  • If you got one of these pets, you could make a whole lot of currency off of it today
  • The Pog Egg is unique in its unlock method and backstory


  • The bonkers method for unlocking the egg might be too confusing for most players.
  • The hefty price for this egg isn’t necessarily worth the lengthy grind for it for most players.
  • It hasn’t returned to the game.

Heaven Egg

pet simulator x heaven egg
  • Pet Location: Heaven Island (Fantasy World)
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 30 million fantasy coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 270 million fantasy coins

The beauty of the small but glorious Heaven Island in Pet Simulator X can’t be understated. Though the region is quite miniature in size, it looks like a Greek version of Heaven, complete with clouds, golden gates, and plenty of currency to farm there as the final area of this world.

The Fantasy World, which is possibly my favorite in Pet Simulator X, goes out with a bang with the Heaven Egg as one of the final ones for you to get. The peaceful design, complete with the glorious forms of the angel cat, angel dog, and more, is worth picking up.

Its primary focus, though, is the unique pets in the form of the dove, heavenly peacock, and pegasus, which are some of the rarer pets in the main game.


  • The peaceful and glorious design of these pets makes it worth picking up
  • The area you get the Heaven Egg from is one of the best in the game
  • The angelic version of the cat and dog is wonderful
  • Unique pets like the pegasus and dove are all among the best pets
  • One of the best golden egg variants


  • The heavenly peacock on its own is a 0.2% chance of getting, and it isn’t even the rarest one
  • The Pegasus is unbelievably rare and requires too much grinding to get

Empyrean Egg

pet simulator x empyrean egg
  • Pet Location: Fantasy Island (reach Heaven’s Gate)
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 350 million fantasy coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 3.15 billion fantasy coins

The final egg in the Fantasy World and Heaven Island, in particular, is among the best in the game. The Empyrean Egg is one of the most glorious and beautiful eggs you’ll ever find, with its pure, clear egg shape, wings, and angel halo.

The real star here is the five pets inside, which are surprisingly chosen for this egg. You get animals like the snake, stallion, fox, and the highly sought-after Empyrean Dragon.

But that is still before, including the extremely rare Angelus, the final pet in this world. While I prefer the Heaven Egg over this one, if you can get the Empyrean Dragon or Angelus, you have some of the best pets around.


  • The Empyrean Dragon and Angelus are some of the top pets in the game
  • These are the most powerful pets in the Fantasy World and will set you up nicely for endgame
  • A beautiful egg design


  • The other three pets are throwaway pets in my opinion
  • The golden egg variant is an absurd price

Haunted Egg

pet simulator x haunted egg
  • Pet Location: Haunted Island
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 3.5 million fantasy coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 31.5 million fantasy coins

There is something sinister but epic about the Haunted Egg’s design that hints at the horrifying creatures inside. It is also one of the rare situations where I like the golden egg at the same time, giving it this shiny and creepy look that I love.

The real draw from the Haunted Egg comes from the Halloween-style pets you’ll get inside that you don’t have to wait until October to get. Skeletons, ghosts, reapers, phantom wolves, and all of the expected pets are found here. The best part? You have a whopping seven ghastly pets to get from this egg, which is among the most in the game.


  • This egg has some of the best value in the game, with an unbelievable seven pets included
  • The golden version is worth picking up.
  • This is for my horror and Halloween fans out there


  • If you don’t like spooky pets, this isn’t for you
  • There might be too many pets in this egg, making the grind for the rarer ones like Agony tough

Glitch Egg

pet simulator x glitch egg
  • Pet Location: Glitch Zone
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 500 million tech coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 4.5 billion tech coins

The Glitch Egg is one of the few eggs from the Tech World that I appreciate. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t love this world that much due to its far too repetitive and boring themes, but the Glitch Egg and the next entry on this list are some of the exceptions.

The Glitch Egg is beloved and popular in the community due to the strange, glitchy take on some of the most common pets. If you want disturbing versions of the glitched cat, dog, dragon, Dominus, unicorn, and more, this is the one to check out with its seven strange but lovable pets.


  • This includes glitched versions of some of the most popular pets around
  • One of the few Tech World eggs worth picking up
  • The glitched unicorn, phoenix, and Immortuus are particularly fantastic


  • There are seven pets in this egg, so you may have to grind these eggs to get what you want
  • These are all standard pets you’ve seen before and can get cheaper elsewhere, so it might be interesting for some players.

Hacker Egg

pet simulator x hacker egg
  • Pet Location: Hacker Gate
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 3 billion tech coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 27 billion tech coins

The Hacker Egg is the final egg in the Tech World and the only one worth picking up. It was also only the third egg to include a huge pet, though that was sadly removed from the game and is no longer accessible.

That said, even ignoring that fact, the five pets left in the Hacker Egg are worth picking up. You get some surprising hacked forms of the raccoon, cat, the exclusive Haxigator, haxolotl, and the star of the show, the 404 demon. That last one, in particular, is one of the more popular pets around.


  • The Hacker Egg was one of the best places to get a giant pet
  • Even without the giant cat, the five pets remaining are still worth it
  • The 404 demon and haxolotl are especially notable


  • This is going to take some serious grinding in the Tech World to unlock this egg
  • The removal of the giant cat pet is a disgrace

10. Axolotl Egg

pet simulator x axolotl egg
  • Pet Location: Axolotl Ocean
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 35,000 rainbow coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 315,00 rainbow coins

This is where the real grind begins. These days in Pet Simulator X, the best eggs are included in the endgame of the title. The Axolotl Egg was the endgame egg when I started playing this title, and even today, it is still a tough one to grind for, even if you get help from other players.

This is due to how extraordinarily difficult it is to get rainbow coins without the best endgame pets in your inventory. Even though 35,000 rainbow coins may not sound like a lot, it is tough to get into the Rainbow World at first, but it is worth it for the six wonderful and surprisingly varied versions of axolotls you can get.


  • This is for the true Axolotl fans out there
  • All six of the pets you can get might be the same animal, but they are all wildly different from one another
  • The Empyrean Axolotl is a thing of beauty


  • Even today, the steep difficulty curve in reaching the Rainbow World is a challenge.
  • While nicely varied, if you don’t like Axolotl, you may not be a fan of this particular egg or region.

Shiny Axolotl Egg

pet simulator x shiny axolotl egg
  • Pet Location: Deep Axolotl Ocean
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 150,000 rainbow coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 1.35 million rainbow coins

The Shiny Axolotl Egg is another for the fans of these adorable sea creatures. Like the last egg, it contains nothing but all Axolotl in this egg set. But the difference this time is that they are much rarer and more intriguing versions.

You get some crazy additions, like elemental ones based around nature and the water (hydra). But then you have even more intense versions, like the angelic astral and hellish versions. Unfortunately, the actual egg design is pretty dull, though.


  • More axolotls!
  • These versions of the creature are the best with their elemental and celestial takes on them.
  • With these pets, you can genuinely tackle more of the endgame


  • Again, if you aren’t an Axolotl fan for whatever reason, this is the group to skip
  • The actual egg design is surprisingly one of the most boring on this list
  • The golden egg version costs way too much

Pixel Egg

pet simulator x pixel egg
  • Pet Location: Pixel Forest (Pixel World)
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 525,000 rainbow coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 4.72 million rainbow coins

This is by far my favorite egg in Pet Simulator X and the most impressive by a long shot. For a while, the Pixel Egg and its subsequent variants were the endgame eggs that players aimed for. They are still among the rarest and best in the game, too, setting you up well for the endgame purposes.

In this case, the Pixel Egg is all about taking existing pets, like the cat, corgi, and dragon, and turning them into pixelated forms. In the process, they look better than ever before with their colorful, 8-bit style variants. The grind is worth it for picking up this egg.


  • The best egg you’ll find in Pet Simulator X
  • The pixelated versions of some of the best pets make them even better
  • The 8-bit aesthetic is fantastic


  • The egg design itself is oddly plain
  • The grind is real for this egg but absolutely worth it

Rainbow Pixel Egg

pet simulator x rainbow pixel egg
  • Pet Location: Pixel Alps
  • Egg Purchase Cost: 9.25 million rainbow coins
  • Golden Version Cost: 83.2 million rainbow coins

This list ends with the Rainbow Pixel Egg. Though not the final egg in Pet Simulator X to date (that would go to the Doodle World eggs), I am not a fan of what those later eggs have done since. Instead, the final egg you should concern yourself with is the Rainbow Pixel Egg.

Now, in name and egg design, it might seem better than the normal Pixel Egg. However, it loses itself considerably when you look at the pets that it includes that pale when compared to what the normal Pixel Egg has to offer.

The three pets — pixel pink slime, pixel wolf, and pixel demon — are great, but there are only three of them, and they aren’t as memorable as the pixel dragon, for instance. Still worth picking up, though, for the colorful styles.


  • The three pets are beautiful with their colorful rainbow and 8-bit aesthetics mashed together
  • These are some of the better endgame pets in terms of stats


  • Why are there only three pets in this egg?
  • The Pixel Egg has better pets for cheaper


Question: What is the Best Egg in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: At this time, in Pet Simulator X, the best egg has to be the Pixel Egg. This is my favorite for its adorable design and the amazing pets that you get from it. I adore all the animals chosen for this egg, plus the unbelievably amazing and colorful pixelated versions of them that you can walk around with.

Question: What is the Rarest Egg in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The rarest egg in Pet Simulator X has to be the Insane Christmas Egg. There are eggs I didn’t include on this list for being part of the limited-time events in Pet Simulator X.
If you missed out on these events, you missed out on these eggs. Insane Christmas Egg wins for not just being a holiday egg but one you had to pay Robux for, unlike other holiday eggs.

Question: What is the Best Pet to Sell in Pet Simulator X?

Answer: The best pet to sell in Pet Simulator X, at least in terms of value, is the Huge Storm Agony pet. This one is worth more than a trillion gems, which is by far the most out of any tradeable pet. This is due to it being one of the endgame pets, having a super low chance of getting, and having a terrific design.

How to Get Better at Pet Simulator X

The best egg in Pet Simulator X has to be the Pixel Egg. This egg is found in the Pixel World, which used to be the final region of Pet Simulator X. While it isn’t the endgame egg these days, the Pixel Egg is still my favorite for the beautiful design it has that is reminiscent of the halcyon pixel game days but in 3D.

What makes it even better is that it includes some of the best pets around, like the tiger and dragon, but in their colorful pixelated forms that are stunning to look at. It’s expensive but reasonably possible to get if you are an endgame player.

However, to get the Pixel Egg, you’re going to want to be pretty deep into the progression of Pet Simulator X. This may be a problem for some of the newer players reading this or even some of the experienced veterans who struggle to advance to the later areas like the Pixel World.

Thankfully, though, I’ve already previously covered some of the tips and tricks about the Pet Simulator X gameplay to immediately get better at it. In fact, I have one tip that can guarantee you the ability to reach the Pixel World and get the Pixel Egg in one day if you’re okay with skipping much of the game.

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