World // Zero Game Overview

World // Zero Game Overview

There is something about the progression that happens in development with Roblox games. For the most part, Roblox games come out and they are unfinished, with, hopefully, many updates to come in the future to flesh out the experience more. Few games, though, take updates to heart and do so much with added content as a game like the star of this World // Zero game overview.

World Zero is one of the most underrated Roblox games. Sure, it has a strong audience and plenty of growth in recent years, but it definitely lacks the buzz that other similar games have. In fact, I was someone who used to play this game quite a lot when it first came out and quickly got bored with the content it had. But the developers took the criticism to heart and have since ballooned this game into a massive MMORPG experience. And, honestly, I’m hooked again. Find out why in this World // Zero game overview.

Bottom Line Up Front

World Zero is one of the growing MMORPG-style Roblox games. It actively has thousands of users online, giving it the vibes of an old-school mobile MMO from back in the early iPhone days. You pick from among three starting classes and venture out into several open worlds full of quests to do, dungeons to complete, and loot to grab. The real draw comes from progressing through the worlds and unlocking the better classes that are regularly offered in World Zero.

World // Zero Explained

World Zero roblox Game

World Zero came out in early 2019 and it wasn’t long before I discovered it. Given that my family and I have a system almost weekly at this point of checking out our favorite Roblox games and then trying out some new ones, it wasn’t long before we came across this gem.

At the time when World Zero first came out more than four years ago (at the time of writing), it was pretty different from the current experience you play. Sure, it had the classic dungeons and the starting classes that you choose from, but that was pretty much it.

The open-world experience that it has today wasn’t as expansive or interesting if I remember correctly. This meant that the game wore out its welcome quite fast as we would just grind the same several dungeons over and over for new loot and more experience.

However, I came back to this Roblox game for this overview guide and it looks like World Zero heard the feedback from fans and did something with it. Nowadays, the game that you play is massively more enormous and more fun to play than it was when it first came out. It is almost unrecognizable at this point in time. Here’s everything you need to know about why this is.

Story Synopsis: Is There a Story in World Zero?

World Zero roblox Game Story

For starters, let’s begin like we always do by talking about the story. World Zero has a reasonably basic fantasy MMO premise. You jump into the game, pick your class, and set out to explore an open world full of various dungeons and creatures to take on.

That premise is relatively light. There isn’t even a setup of some terrifying villain or enemy that you’re hunting down. It’s purely about the gameplay experience of exploring what’s happening in this world. But if I had to put a premise on it myself from playing the game, I assume that it is inspired by the famous light novel and anime series, Sword Art Online.

I imagine in my head while playing it that this is an SAO situation. World Zero is all about you joining up in this MMO game to hang out with your friends and all that. It could even be implying that it is a VR situation, too, where you fully control the character and explore this colorful world.

Gameplay Breakdown

There is a lot to the gameplay in World Zero, as this is one of the more complicated experiences in Roblox. It isn’t the deepest in terms of gameplay, but it comes pretty close. After all, this is all about a fantasy MMO experience in Roblox, so you’re going to have a lot to deal with.

Thankfully, I have the breakdown for you below so that you can adjust to the many numerous parts of the gameplay in World Zero. From movement to fighting to even the fabled dungeons that it has, here’s everything you need to know to get started on your road to max level.


World Zero roblox Game Gameplay

The movement in World Zero is arguably one of the more manageable parts of the game. It doesn’t do a whole lot here in this department, even with the later classes you unlock, so there isn’t much to worry about. The idea is that you have the usual Roblox suspects of moving your character around and aiming the camera.

Outside of that, the only mechanics that World Zero has for movement are jumping, which is another standard input option in Roblox, and a dodge button. The dodge button is there for every single class in the game. It doesn’t matter if you are a slow tank, fast warrior, or ranged mage, you can dodge at any point in the battle.

This is the part that you should keep in mind as dodging is so crucial to doing well in the game, especially with some of the later boss battles you’ll have to take on. If you want to do the best you possibly can in World Zero, this is the way to do it. The dodge should be something you use often and liberally, not something you shy away from.

Basic Fight Mechanics

World Zero roblox Game Basic Fight Mechanics

While the movement gameplay is relatively limited, the fighting mechanics have a lot going for them. Let’s begin with the basics of fighting first. Oddly enough, there isn’t a dedicated lock-on mechanic in World Zero, for better or worse.

This means that it is a bit easier to fight for newcomers, but more challenging when you want to target a specific enemy on the screen. The idea is to simply get close enough to an enemy where their health bar shows up, and they are roughly in the center of your view.

At that point, you can start unleashing attacks, so long as you’re close enough if you’re a melee user, and you’ll deal damage to them automatically. It gets a bit confusing when you’re taking on multiple enemies, but, thankfully, the difficulty for most of World Zero is minimal at best.

You have a basic attack that is available nonstop in the game, which should be your go-to when you aren’t able to use any of your special skills. This basic attack will deal damage constantly in this action RPG, but not as much as some of the other skills.

In addition to using your basic attack, you must worry about the enemy’s attacks. Some of them are unavoidable, and you’ll take some damage in battle. But others, especially some of the bosses you face, will use area-of-effect attacks that you can dodge with the proper maneuvering.

So, fighting is a balance of attacking when you can, dodging if you have to, and defeating the enemy before they take you out. Thankfully, you can form parties with other players, which I recommend, to make the challenge of fighting enemies and taking on dungeons much easier.

Skills Explained

World Zero roblox Game Skills

The deeper part of the combat system is the skills you have. Thankfully, World Zero works rather well no matter which platform you’re on. I’ve said it before on here, but I love to play on my iPad with my family and friends, and World Zero runs super well there.

All of the skills line up nicely in the bottom right corner of the screen as the older mobile MMOs did. This system of having several skills available is what you need to keep in mind. Never use your basic attack in battle if you have access to a skill.

Unlike some other MMOs, there are no MP or mana points for you to worry about here. Skills work on a cooldown, so you can only use a specific skill every 10 seconds or 30 seconds, for instance. As such, there is no reason not to spam those skills as soon as they come off of cooldown.

This is especially because they are generally much more powerful than your basic attack, with only a few exceptions, like healing powers and all that. Plus, some of them will even affect multiple enemies in the area, which is something that your basic attack normally doesn’t do.

When I hop into combat, I start with my cooldown skills, let them go into their inactive state, and use my basic attack until the skills are available again. You will maximize your damage this way.


World Zero roblox Game Dungeons

A large part of World Zero and the main focus of the game when I first started were the dungeons. There are dozens of dungeons in the game, and they match the mobile-like nature of the game, only requiring a couple of minutes to complete most of them.

This isn’t World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, where you should have at least 20-30 minutes for a single dungeon, at best. You can complete dungeons in a handful of minutes, grab the rewards, and grind it again if you’d like to. This is one of the most effective ways of leveling up in the game.

Dungeons work in various environments where there is usually a linear path to follow. Along the way, you’ll face off against trash mob enemies that you’ll need to take out and the occasional light puzzle mechanic like grabbing an item to lower down a bridge to continue along.

You’ll face off against a boss enemy at the end of most dungeons. They are usually themed around the dungeon and a more powerful version of the enemies you’ve faced so far. They’ll have a massive health bar and plenty of powerful area attacks that they use against you.

Defeating these more formidable foes will net you a reward and the completion of the dungeon. Your reward is letting you pick one of two chests, which usually grants you some new equipment. If you have a specific game pass, though, you’ll be able to get both chests from every dungeon you do.

The benefit of dungeons is completing them with others. Even if you have no friends online, there is a handy MMO-style queue-up feature that lets you find a party also trying to do that dungeon and complete it together. I recommend this as it makes the game significantly more manageable and fun.

Exploring the Open Worlds

World Zero roblox Game Exploring The Open Worlds

Outside of the dungeon, there are several worlds to explore, as noted in the title World Zero. These act as open-world locations that you can visit, with plenty of quests for you to complete. The quests in these open-world areas mainly act on a linear path where it might tell you to kill a certain number of enemies.

You go to that location, kill the enemies, and instantly get your reward. You don’t talk to any NPCs or anything like that to receive your items. Right after accepting your prize, your next quest in the open world will immediately begin.

The worlds in World Zero are colorful and fun to explore for a time. While there isn’t a whole lot to do in them, since the focus is mainly on the dungeons, they are nice playgrounds to explore and test out your skills in. And if you level up and progress far enough, you’ll be able to unlock more worlds to check out that are vastly different from one another.


World Zero roblox Game Pets

Pets are an underrated part of World Zero that most players don’t know about or use from what I can tell when playing the game. While not on the level of a pet-themed game like Adopt Me or Pet Simulator X, this system is still quite substantial in World Zero.

How it works is that you can have a single pet companion at all times. They help out in both dungeons and exploring the open world. Not only do they keep you company while looking so cute, but they will also automatically collect item drops from enemies for you to make it a bit easier.

In addition, every pet has a single skill they can use in battle. You’ll need to activate it yourself, but these skills add to your arsenal. It varies from pet to pet, but it could deal damage, cast a barrier on you to protect you from damage, or even heal you from damage you’ve taken.

The pets usually have a lengthy cooldown for their skills, like 30 seconds, but they can be helpful in a pinch. Plus, they are so adorable and a welcome item to collect. Some of them cost Robux to get, but others can be bought in eggs to hatch for a randomly chosen pet.


World Zero roblox Game Equipment

Pets are only part of the equipment you need to worry about in World Zero. Leveling up isn’t the only way to get more powerful in this game. The other way is equipping the best items you can find in the game to increase your stats, increase your health, and deal the most damage possible in battle.

There are four main equipment components in World Zero: your main hand, off-hand, armor, and pet. The pet is an obvious one we already went over while your armor protects you in battle. There is only one slot for armor in this game so use the best one for you currently.

The same goes for your main hand, which is your weapon hand. Use the best weapon you have for your class, and you’ll be good to go. As for the off-hand, most classes won’t even touch this particular slot. Unless you are like a tank that has a shield and sword or a dual wielder with two weapons, you don’t need to worry about this slot.

Other than battle equipment, there is also cosmetic equipment, too. You don’t get to use your typical Roblox avatar in World Zero, so you have to create a brand-new character. You can buy cosmetic items in the game to equip and change the numerous slots, such as your head, top, accessories, and more. These are only there for visual appearance reasons.

Classes Breakdown

World Zero roblox Game Classes Breakdown

The single most in-depth part of World Zero is the classes. When I first played the game, only the three starting classes were available, but it has expanded into five tiers worth of classes. Some are inherently more powerful and versatile than others, so you want to switch when you can. Here’s how to go about doing so.

Starter Classes: Which to Pick?

The three starting classes in World Zero are as follows:

  • Swordmaster
  • Arcane Mage
  • Defender

They follow the general trope of the melee DPS, ranged mage DPS, and melee tank, respectively. If you like slashing and dealing lots of damage, Swordmaster is for you. If you prefer dealing with magical damage from afar, you should check out the Arcane Mage.

And if you prefer to be the tank that keeps the focus of the enemy on them, then the Defender might be for you. Just go with your gut for this one. If there is a class that you gravitate towards, feel free to pick it. I don’t recommend overthinking about this for reasons I’ll detail further below.

How to Unlock More Classes

World Zero roblox Game Classes Breakdown

There are many other classes in World Zero beyond the normal three starting ones. There are five total tiers of classes, with two or three per tier. They usually follow the tropes of melee users and ranged users, but they mix it up here and there with healers and support characters.

How you unlock more classes is by reaching a certain level with an existing class you have. For instance, the next three classes — Dual Wielder, Elementalist, and Guardian — unlock when one of your classes reaches level 15.

It goes up like that, with the two legendary classes being unlocked at level 100. However, you can speed up the unlocking process by instantly getting them as soon as you start the game by paying Robux. I don’t recommend this, though. Leveling up in this game is relatively easy.

How to Switch Classes Without Creating a New Character

Another reason why you shouldn’t pay to unlock classes is that World Zero functions like Final Fantasy XIV in that you can play all classes on a single character. Once you unlock a class you want, all you have to do is enter the game, open the menu, and select the classes option.

You can instantly switch to those classes and see how they shake out. The best part is that your account level remains the same. If you reach level 15 on your Arcane Mage and want to try out Elementalist, for instance, you’ll instantly start out as a level 15 Elementalist, so there is no need to grind it. This is why if you don’t like one of the starting classes you picked, you can easily switch to another one.

How the Currency Works

World Zero roblox Game Currency

There are two main types of currency in World Zero: the coins and crystals. The former is the free currency you earn from battles and dungeons. This is used to buy new equipment, upgrade current equipment, and improve your overall character for future fights.

However, the crystals in World Zero require you to spend Robux to earn them. They are a premium currency that allows you to spend crystals to earn cosmetic items, new pets, and other special rewards that you won’t be able to get otherwise. Thankfully, it isn’t required to succeed in the game.

Lastly, there is Robux, too. As mentioned before, Robux rarely has a part in World Zero directly, but it is used for game passes and to unlock classes early before you reach the required level needed for them.

World Zero Reception

World Zero first came out in early 2019, and it has done such an amazing job of expanding beyond what it first offered all those years ago. I can confidently say that it is back in my favorite games on Roblox these days because of this overview guide. I hadn’t touched it in a few months, and going back to see the new worlds, classes, and dungeons were wonderful. I am so excited to get back to it.

And it looks like I’m not the only one, either. World Zero currently has a modest 4,000 players active right now in the early morning in North America and the middle of the day during a work and school week in Europe. So, while there shouldn’t be too many players outside of Asia and Oceania, there is still a healthy amount.

In addition, the game has about 265 million total visits to date. While it doesn’t come close to touching some of the billion games in Roblox, that is a healthy number that is stronger than some of the games that came out before it. And it seems to be growing more and more over time.

This is helped by an unbelievable 94% upvote rating on Roblox. That may seem normal to you, but 94% is something that even the best games in Roblox, like Adopt Me, Bloxburg, Brookhaven, and Murder Mystery 2, can’t even come close to touching. And honestly, I agree with that rating, too.

Beginner’s Tips

World Zero can be one of the most overwhelming games on Roblox for newcomers, especially younger players and those who aren’t typically gamers who might not be used to deep RPGs. Here are some of the best tips and tricks I have for you to get you started on your journey to conquering all of the worlds in this game:

  • Pick the class that works best for you at the start. Try out a class and see if you like it. The worst thing that could happen is you don’t like it. Thankfully, you don’t have to make a new character to switch classes, so you can experiment to your heart’s content.
  • Collect a starter pet at the start of the game and equip it immediately. I see way too many players not using pets in this game when they can be super helpful, especially for solo players.
  • Speaking of playing solo, I recommend playing with a friend if you can. This is a perfect game to play with a younger sibling or cousin, or friend who likes RPGs, as it makes it easier and more fun.
  • Dungeons are the best places to grind for levels and XP if you’re itching to try out a new class. I recommend doing the dungeon closest to your current level.
  • That said, I recommend following the main quest line in its order unless you really wish to grind dungeons, as this gives you plenty of rewards and prepares you for the later worlds.
  • I said it before, and I’ll repeat it: prioritize your cooldown skills first. Don’t use your basic attack unless your skills are on cooldown.
  • Unlock new classes as soon as you get them. They are generally better than your current one and they might be more fun, too.
  • Don’t neglect your equipment. You get better items constantly in this game. Always go into your inventory and switch to new gear to perform better.

Best Alternatives

World Zero is a game that can keep you busy for dozens, if not hundreds, of hours to come. That said, if you want some Roblox games that are similar to it, here are a few:

  • Swordburst 2: Directly based on Sword Art Online, this massive and gorgeous world has you explore a tower with different floors. The sword combat is the focus here. If you want a much harder and grind-focused game compared to World Zero, this is the one.
  • Blox Fruits: This One Piece-inspired action RPG is another melee-focused venture. The hundreds of levels, two factions, and various skills will keep you busy for years to come.
  • Shindo Life: Shindo Life is the other anime-inspired melee RPG that is there for World Zero fans. This is the game to check out if you want to look like a ninja rather than a fantasy warrior.


Question: What is World Zero based on?

Answer: World Zero hasn’t made it clear what it is based on. That said, I think it is likely that it is based on a mix of MMOs like WoW and Final Fantasy XIV, anime like Sword Art Online, and mobile MMOs.

Question: What is the best class to pick in World Zero?

Answer: The best class right now in World Zero is likely going to be the legendary classes of Warlord or Summoner. That said, if you mean the best starting class to pick, I am biased as a mage, so I would go with the Arcane Mage for its powerful ranged abilities.

Question: How many worlds are in World Zero?

Answer: There are around nine worlds in World Zero at this time. That is much more than it was when the game first came out, and there are likely to be more added in the future.

Which Roblox Action Game to Check Out Next

World Zero is one of the most fun MMO-style Roblox games today. I like it more than some of the other similar games, like Dungeon Quest and Dragon Adventures. There is something to love about the depth of the combat, the freedom to choose your classes, and the engaging dungeon-based gameplay.

If you like what you see in World Zero, then there are some other action-based RPG games that you should check out in Roblox. The next game that I recommend to you is Blox Fruits. It is a massive world inspired by One Piece, full of skills to learn, two factions to explore, and hundreds of levels to grind XP for.

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