Blox Fruits Electric Claw Guide

Blox Fruits Electric Claw Guide: How to Unlock this Fighting Style

Blox Fruits is filled with so many various fighting styles and techniques for players to explore in this One Piece-inspired Roblox game.

Of the many fighting styles in the game, one of the fastest you’ll find is the Electric Claw style. Find out everything you need to know about this particular fighting style in this Blox Fruits Electric Claw guide.

This Blox Fruits Electric Claw guide is here to let you know how to unlock this particular fighting style and use it in combat. Unfortunately, it is one of the stricter fighting styles to unlock.

It takes a lot out of the player and requires you to master a specific fighting style before it. But for players like me who like to move fast in your battles, this is one of the best fighting styles for you to get.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Blox Fruits Electric Claw fighting style is one of the fastest in the game. It is perfect for players who like to get in and out of fights quickly, tackling foes at a lightning-fast speed. However, it is, technically, the improved version and successor to the electric fighting style.

This makes it quite hard to get as players who want the Electric Claw have to master the original electric technique, reach the Third Sea, and complete other various tasks. Plus, you’ll need a ton of money to unlock the three skills in its intense moveset.

Blox Fruits Electric Claw Overview

Blox Fruits Electric Claw Guide

There are many ways to approach the fights in Blox Fruits, and it comes down to personal preference. For some players, they may prefer to tackle battles with a brute force style of strength, which works for them. On the other hand, you might be someone like me who likes speed over everything else.

Your quickness in a fight is crucial to your survival and success. Knowing when to sneak up on a foe and land the first swift hit is just as important as knowing when to run away from a battle that you’re likely to lose. And when it comes to both of these, speed is of the essence.

When it comes to one of the swiftest fighting techniques in all of Blox Fruits, there is no comparison to the Electric Claw. It is one of the fastest fighting styles in the entire free Roblox game and a style that appeals to someone like me. If you’re also like that, you’re in good company now.

Below, you’ll find out everything that you need to know to get started on the path to unlocking the Blox Fruits Electric Claw fighting technique for yourself. This lightning-fast technique is both flashy and helpful in the Roblox game, but only if you know how to get it.

Relation to Electric Explained

First and foremost, the Electric Claw fighting style isn’t one that is entirely new. One of the earlier fighting styles, electric, is the original version of this technique. Electric is one of the first fighting styles that was introduced in Blox Fruits, and it is essentially a starter one.

Sure, you have to spend half a million dollars of in-game currency to get the electric fighting class, but it is one of the easiest ones to get in the game. As such, it is likely that you are reading this and already have this fighting style unlocked.

Electric and Electric Claw work rather well together since they have quite similar movesets. But the Electric Claw version is far better in every way in terms of speed and power. This fighting technique is meant for the endgame of Blox Fruits (at least at the time of writing), whereas the original electric only gets you so far.

Basically, Electric Claw is for those players who love the electric fighting style and want to keep using it in Blox Fruits. While at the same time, you are able to enjoy one of the best classes in the entire Roblox game.

How to Unlock the Electric Claw

Blox Fruits Electric Claw Guide

With all of that out of the way now, it is time to unlock the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits. What I should note ahead of time is that there are several requirements that you must meet before you are ever able to get this Roblox fighting style in the game.

In total, there are around four requirements that you should worry about. The first has to do with a particular other fighting technique that you need to be a master of before you can unlock it.

The other three have to do with the Electric Claw’s location, an associated quest, and a ton of money that you’ll need to spend to unlock it. Let’s get started.

Electric Mastery Level

To begin, the first requirement that players must have is to master the electric fighting style. Because the Electric Claw is primarily the improved and much better version of the electric fighting style, it is imperative that players master the original before they move on to the better version of it.

In this case, players need to directly reach a mastery level of 400 for the electric fighting style. That is quite impressively high for a fighting style, right near the max mark of unlocking the final move in the moveset for this particular fighting technique.

To be clear, reaching level 400 with the electric fighting style is no easy task. That said, some other intense requirements for this fighting style will take you even longer to accomplish.

Assuming that you have spent a lot of time in Blox Fruits and can actually unlock this technique, it is even possible that you have already hit level 400 with electricity.

This is especially true if you liked that fighting style enough, which I assume is the case if you look at its better version. In that case, you may have already reached level 400 or are pretty close to it right now.

That said, if you aren’t at level 400 with electric yet or are not even close to getting the Electric Claw style, now is the time to plan ahead.

As you complete the other requirements below, make the electric technique your main one and grind it out as much as you possibly can so that you are able to reach level 400 long before you need it for the Electric Claw.

Previous Hero Location

The second requirement that players should worry about has to do with the location of this particular fighting technique. The problem here is that finding the place isn’t necessarily enough to get the item, even with the first requirement finished, but more on that in a bit.

A particular NPC will give you the Electric Claw ability once you meet all the requirements. That person is none other than the Previous Hero NPC. This particular unique NPC is found in the Third Sea. Reaching the Third Sea is a requirement in and of itself.

How you go about reaching the Third Sea is rather challenging. You must meet the following requirements even to reach that destination in the first place:

  • You must reach an overall account level of 1500
  • You need to defeat rip_indra alongside King Red Head

Once you have done both of those bonkers tasks, you will be able to reach the Third Sea in Blox Fruits. This is one of the current endgame goals in the game, so be prepared for a long grind if you haven’t already reached this location. You’ll need it if you want the Electric Claw.

Unfortunately, simply reaching the Third Sea isn’t enough, but it is the bulk of the requirements you’ll need to complete for this fighting style. Once you are able to go to the Third Sea, you then need to head to the Floating Turtle in the sea. It is near here that you will find the Previous Hero NPC.

How to Complete the Electric Claw Quest

Blox Fruits Electric Claw Guide

Unfortunately, again, this is a situation where finding the Previous Hero doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to get the Electric Claw style right now. He has a unique quest for you that will task you with running to the Mansion located in the Third Sea within half a minute.

If you are able to do this, then you will complete the third requirement for the Electric Claw. For this task, you are going to want a speedy technique to use, like the original electric fighting style. Regardless of which method you use, you want to be as quick as possible, as that isn’t much time to work with.

Once you are finished with the Mansion mission, you will want to go back to the Previous Hero and let him know that you completed it with flying colors.

Money Requirement

Unfortunately, even completing that previous mission, finding the Previous Hero, and reaching the Third Sea isn’t enough for the Electric Claw. Heck, even mastering the electric style all the way to 400 isn’t enough at this point. There is still one final requirement you must meet before you can get the Electric Claw.

Thankfully, this is one of the more straightforward requirements to do if you have reached this point in the game. Presumably, you are quite the rich player so long as you save up your money and don’t blow it on everything that you come across. If that is the case, you probably already have completed this final step.

You need a whopping $3 million in the game or 5000 raid points to be able to purchase the Electric Claw from the Previous Hero. You can only complete this particular step once you have finally finished all of the previous requirements that you need to do.

If you are good to go and have everything you need, then go ahead and spend the money on this skill. Personally, I recommend spending the $3 million as the raid points are a bit harder to come by at times. You should save those for other items and fighting styles that don’t have a money option for them.

With all of this done and complete, you will finally receive the Electric Claw fighting style. You will now be able to equip the fighting style and start using its moveset in combat, which itself is another massive issue since you won’t have everything unlocked at the start.

Moveset Explained

Blox Fruits Electric Claw Guide

Like the other Blox Fruits fighting styles, Electric Claw has its own entire moveset for you to use in combat. This includes the three expected moves you can use in battle, but there is yet another twist. You won’t be able to use any of the moves until you have unlocked them.

Yes, even unlocking the Electric Claw set will not allow you to use it fully in future battles. You’ll need to master it over time and unlock each of the three skills individually.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the more unique fighting mastery systems where the first move isn’t available until well into your grind.

The first move is Electric Rampage, which you can’t get until you reach a whopping level 110 mastery with the Electric Claw. That said, if you can achieve this point, you will receive the first move in this set, which is already a game-changer on its own.

The Electric Rampage is a move that can be quick or let you slash away at foes for a more extended period if you hold down the skill.

Either way, you will deal a ton of damage in a short time and then follow up your slashing attacks with your claws with a quick dash and yet another electrical attack. It is honestly impressive for a first skill.

The second skill you can unlock is Lightning Thrust, which is available at Electric Claw mastery level 220.

This is another masterful skill that lets you once again leap forward and deal any damage to the enemies that are in that area. However, the twist is that you can also hold this down to move further and deal some insane damage to foes.

The final skill you can learn is Thunderclap and Flash, a single move available at Electric Claw mastery level 330. Ignoring the strange name for this skill that makes it seem like two different moves, it is a single move that has a lot that happens with it.

Thunderclap and Flash have the player, once again, leap forward at the enemy and attack them. This move ends with the player slamming the person down to the floor, creating a nice lightning effect for everyone to see after the fact. It is one of the flashiest moves you’ll see in all of Blox Fruits.

On their own, Thunderclap and Flash aren’t all that special. Sure, it is consequential and quite similar to its predecessor moves, but it does little to stand out that much. However, it stands out in its potential to mix with other moves in the game.

If players are able to mix it together with moves from other fighting styles, they are capable of dealing some of the best, fastest damage in the entire game. This makes Thunderclap and Flash one of the best moves in all of Blox Fruits for its chain potential with others.

And it’s a huge reason why many players want Electric Claw in the first place.


Question: How do I Get Electric Claw Blox Fruits?

Answer: You can get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits by completing the following requirements: mastering the electric style all the way to level 400, reaching the Third Sea, completing a quest for the Previous Hero NPC, and buying it from that NPC afterward.

Question: Is Superhuman Better than Electric Claw?

Answer: Some may disagree, but I think Electric Claw is better than Superhuman in Blox Fruits. This is mainly due to the immense strength that Electric Claw has and the fact that there is already a better version of Superhuman in Godhuman. Now, Godhuman versus Electric Claw is another story.

Question: Is Electric Claw Good?

Answer: Absolutely! Electric Claw is not only good but one of the best fighting styles that you’ll find in all of Blox Fruits. You honestly can’t go wrong with this technique. That is among the most robust and most versatile in the whole Roblox game.

What Fighting Style to Get Next in Blox Fruits

Electric Claw is one of the best movesets you will find in all of Blox Fruits. The Roblox game is filled with so many various fighting styles for players to use in combat. But when it comes to the best techniques in the entire game, Electric Claw is one that many players will mention.

This is due to the fact that Electric Claw is not only one of the most complex styles to unlock but among the most powerful, too. If you’re looking for one of the ultimate movesets in the game to dominate endgame modes, this is the way to do it.

But Electric Claw is far from the only fighting style that is worth considering. In fact, one of the most iconic fighting styles you should consider adding to your collection is the Dragon Fruit in Blox Fruits. Find out more about how this entire Blox Fruit works here.

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