Flame Control Shindo Life Guide

Flame Control Shindo Life Guide: How to Unlock This Sub Ability

Roblox Shindo Life is all about the player customization you have when it comes to your combat stances and the like. One of the best sub-abilities that players can equip in Shindo Life is the Flame Control ability. This one lets the player add an entire moveset to their arsenal that they wouldn’t usually have. Find out why this is such a fun and valuable ability in this Flame Control Shindo Life guide.

For starters, there is the fact that the Flame Control ability is not necessarily a fighting style or full-on moveset like other techniques. Instead, Flame Control is a single sub-ability that players can equip. This adds to your combat capabilities and helps you stand out from the other players who likely use the same old fighting styles and moves. I also appreciate how it changes up your weapons with a fiery touch, as you’ll see in this Flame Control Shindo Life guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Flame Control is one of the many moves you can equip and use in Roblox Shindo Life. This particular sub-ability lets the user take the fire element and use it in a way that few other players are able to. With it, they are able to give themselves essentially a weapon buff.

Most of the fighting styles and moves in Shindo Life focus on leaping forward and attacking your opponent. Or simply using electric attacks or wave moves. But Flame Control gives a buff to all of the player’s weapons that can apply a burn status to any enemies they face.

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Flame Control Shindo Life Overview

What I love the most about Shindo Life is your breadth of customization in the Roblox game. And, no, I’m not talking about your avatar’s anime look or anything like that. Instead, I am referring to the combat scenarios and movesets you can use to fight with.

Shindo Life is filled with so many different fighting techniques that players can switch between, plus all of the various elements that exist. These two together make up the large bulk of the combat possibilities in this title. But there are occasionally moves like Flame Control that breaks the mold.

You see, Flame Control is far from the usual moveset or the like that you’d expect to find in Shindo Life. This makes it effectively much more flexible than something else in the game. It is essentially a complementary skill that is used to enhance your equipment and make your fights easier.

Flame Control is also one of the flashier sub-abilities in the entire Roblox game. After all, it takes an aspect of the game that is rarely touched and makes it much better than it usually is. Here’s everything that you need to know about how the Flame Control Shindo Life ability works.

How the Flame Control Works

First off, you need to understand what a sub-ability is compared to a usual fighting style or element. A sub-ability is like an extra move or ability that you can add to your repertoire. It doesn’t replace an entire moveset and is simply there to add to it in a unique way.

In this case, Flame Control isn’t even a move in the traditional sense. Though some sub-abilities are transformation techniques and the like, Flame Control is basically like a passive buff in a way. It affects your weapons in some fantastic ways, which isn’t a common scenario.

It acts like a weapon buff, adding a special status effect to all of your weapon attacks for a limited time. Sure, technically, you have to press a key to activate this move and have enough Chi to make it happen, but the way it works is so vastly different from everything else.

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How to Unlock Flame Control

If you’re ready to add the unique Shindo Life Flame Control sub-ability to your equipment, here’s precisely how you can go about doing it. To begin with, there are going to be some requirements you must meet before you can even unlock this ability in the first place.

Once you meet those requirements, though, you’ll be able to go to a particular location in Shindo Life and have a chance to find the Flame Control ability. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Where to Find the Flame Control Scroll

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Firstly, there is the location where Flame Control is found. To get here, players must head to the Ember Village. That part is easy enough, as the Ember Village is a town that you can quickly spawn in. It also makes sense since this Kendo ability has to do with the fire element in a way.

Once you get to the Ember Village, what you’ll want to do is head to the outside of the town near the mountain. In the area where the mountain is, you’ll find a waterfall nearby. This beautiful waterfall is where the Flame Control scroll is located, just between it and the mountain overhead.

It is a small scroll item you’re looking for, and it can be pretty easy to overlook, so look carefully in this area. Worse still, there is the fact that this scroll doesn’t show up all the time in the game. So, if you go here at the wrong time, you won’t find anything spawning here for you.

Two times a day, the Flame Control scroll can show up in this area between the Ember Village waterfall and its mountain. It can happen at around 2:10 am PT (5:10 am ET) and also 2:10 pm PT (5:10 pm ET) in North America.

Take those times and adjust them to your local time zone if you need to. I get those are some awkward times, especially for those on the West Coast of North America. You’ll more than likely have to wait until a weekend when you’re off work and/or school to be able to nab it in the afternoon.

Chances Explained

You might have caught a certain something I said about the Flame Control scroll location. I said that you can find it there when you show up here at those specified times. Emphasis on the “can” part. It isn’t guaranteed, even if you show up at this location at the right time.

This can be the most confusing part of this situation since even showing up on time and at the right spot can result in a failure nonetheless. This is due to the fact that the Flame Control scroll isn’t ever a guaranteed spawn. It will only have a chance of showing up twice a day at that spot and those times.

The total chance is a one in seven chance of spawning. Those aren’t the worst odds, especially in a gacha-style fighting RPG game like Shindo Life. But those odds are also low enough that you could theoretically wake up in the middle of the night to check once and then check again in the afternoon and still not find it at this spot.

In fact, if you only check once per day at the time that works best for you, there is a strong possibility that you could go an entire week (seven days in total!) without finding the Flame Control ability. It is all up to chance, which is one of the most frustrating parts of this situation.

Flame Control Requirements Explained

Unfortunately, the frustration doesn’t end with the fact that the Flame Control ability is a chance-based discovery. There is also the fact that there are some base requirements you must meet before you can fully use this move in your set.

There are three main requirements you’ll need to meet, as follows:

  • Level 850
  • 4000 Ninjutsu
  • 1.5 million Ryo

Those are some intense requirements that will, unfortunately, likely gate more than a few players reading this from getting the scroll right now. Getting to level 850 in Shindo Life isn’t an easy task. It is time-consuming and will take a considerable amount of grinding to get to.

And even when you get there, you may not be able to meet the other two requirements. 4000 Ninjutsu isn’t the worst, and I imagine that most players who reach level 850 or higher should be at this point already or nearing it by then.

However, the 1.5 million Ryo is bonkers. That is an intense amount of currency that you’ll need to get this scroll when it spawns in the Roblox game. While the Ryo currency is relatively easy to come by, especially if there are Shindo Life codes available, getting well over a million isn’t the easiest.

This is a situation where you certainly have to plan ahead. If you truly want to unlock the Flame Control ability, this is a situation where you should save up your Ryo money and not spend it on items and styles that you aren’t entirely interested in.

How to Use the Flame Control Sub Ability

lame control sub ability

Once you finally locate the Flame Control scroll and the gacha gods above shine brightly upon you, it is now time to use the Flame Control ability in future battles. What you want to do first is equip the ability in the menus, ensuring that it is part of your combat set.

Once you have done this, there will be a specified button for the Flame Control sub-ability on your move bar. This differs from Xbox to PC to mobile, so be sure to look for its fiery icon carefully. For those of you who play mainly on mobile like me, look for the icon in the bottom right corner and touch it when ready to use it.

How the Flame Control ability works are that it drains your Chi over time while buffing your weapons. All of your weapons will have a flame buff to them when using them. This results in a fantastic visual effect on the screen where your character is swinging around a burning weapon.

This is a nice effect visually and physically, too. The burning weapon will have a strong chance of applying a burn status effect against enemies whenever you hit them in combat. This burn will damage the enemy over time in addition to the usual damage you are dealing with.

This passive damage is relatively substantial, too, so it can help players to maximize their damage output in fights. This burning weapon effect from Flame Control isn’t infinite, though. Compared to other moves out there, it doesn’t use a ton of Chi, but it stops working once your Chi dips under 300.

Fortunately, if you want only to apply the burning effect and then turn off Flame Control to save Chi, you can do that, too. All you need to do is press the same Flame Control button again to turn the effect off. Finally, one last note to keep in mind about Flame Control is that it only works with regular attacks. Special final weapon moves don’t put this burn status on enemies.


Question: Where is Flame Control in Shindo Life?

Answer: Players can find the Flame Control Shindo Life ability near Ember Village. Look for the scroll near the waterfall and mountains of the town. However, the critical point is to remember that it only has a one in seven chance of showing up at 2:10 am PT and 2:10 pm PT each day.

Question: Is Flame a Good Element in Shindo Life?

Answer: The Flame element is a decent one in Shindo Life. It has some solid moves in its set, while others are also good. It is one of the better elements in the game, but don’t feel like you have to use it if you want to use Flame Control.

Question: What is Stone Control in Shindo Life?

Answer: Stone Control is similar to Flame Control in Shindo Life. It is another ability that buffs your weapons with stone powers, allowing them to break the block of the enemy with ease. This is slightly different from the damage-over-time buff that Flame Control gives.

What Ability to Unlock Next in Shindo Life Roblox

Flame Control is by far one of the most underrated and powerful sub-abilities in Shindo Life Roblox. This is a skill that won’t be as crazy as some of the other fighting styles and elements out there, but it does a considerable amount of damage in the background of a fight.

With Flame Control, you can turn all of your regular weapon attacks into fiery moves that will burn away at your foe’s health over time. This alone makes it worth it for anyone who likes to crunch numbers to ensure they are dealing out the most damage possible with every second in a battle.

If that is also you and you want to add something more substantial to your moveset, you might also wish to consider a powerful eye bloodline ability like Tengoku. Couple this with a sub-ability like Flame Control, and you will be well on your way to dominating the battles you’re dealing with in Shindo Life.

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