Shindo Life Elements Explained

Shindo Life Elements Explained: Gilga, Chaos, Pyromania and More

Shindo Life is one of the best anime-inspired games in Roblox, and one that I come back to fairly often. The reason behind this is the massive world that the game has that is seemingly based on the beloved Naruto and Boruto series.

To this point, the game even takes some of the elements from the Naruto series, which you’ll see in this Shindo Life elements explained guide.

The elements in Shindo Life are quite intriguing. Some of them are the basic elements that you likely already know, like fire and wind. But then you have other ones that are far more special like Yin and Yang that are much more specialized.

What is the right element for you to try? Should you stick to the default elements or branch out into the rarer ones? With this Shindo Life elements explained guide, you’ll find out the answer to those questions and more.

Bottom Line Up Front

Shindo Life’s ninjutsu combat is derived from the Naruto manga and anime series. As such, it includes a lot of the same elemental ninjutsu skills that are in that series. You’ll see the basic elements like wind and water that are commonly used by ninjas.

But at the same time, you’ll also see rarer elements, some of which are based on Naruto characters, such as Gilga, Order, and Chaos. In total, there are five default elements and 12 rare ones.

Shindo Life Elements Overview

The heart of Shindo Life is its love and appreciation for the Naruto series. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely sure how the game is still running in Roblox given how much Naruto love it has going on. From the map including actual Naruto locations to the boss characters ripped right from the pages of the manga, it is surprising.

But, at the very least, it seems that Shindo Life has staved the test of copyright infringement shutdowns for now, unlike some of the other inspired games on the platform. As such, you can jump in still and check out the intense and speedy action-based combat that it has to offer.

Much of the combat involves the various ninjutsu skills you can use as a shinobi. Each of these skills has an element attached to it, such as wind or chaos. Most of these elements themselves are based on ones that were also used by Naruto characters in the manga and anime.

Mastery of these elements and the ones you prefer is a vital part of Shindo Life’s progression system. Each of the elements typically has around 500 levels for you to progress through, which is quite the bonkers grind. But this is one of the deep ways that Shindo Life keeps you hooked. Here’s all you need to know about these engaging elements.

How many Elements are There?

shindo life elements roblox

In total, there are 17 elements that you’ll find in Shindo Life. Five of them are the default elements that you can pick near the start of the game. But there are 12 more that are much rarer and require the player to deal with some severe RNG factors in order to unlock them.

Here are the five default elements that you’ll find in Shindo Life:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind

Beyond those five, there are also the 12 rare elements that you will also discover in the game. These are more challenging to find and unlock, but they may be worth it for the sheer power and intensity of these unique elements that are unlike any you find in other elemental-style RPGs.

Here are the 12 rare elements that are also available in Shindo Life:

  • Acid
  • Cement
  • Chaos
  • Combustion
  • Gale
  • Gilga
  • Order
  • Prism
  • Pyromania
  • Shiver
  • Yang
  • Yin

Players have the opportunity to switch between elements on the fly, allowing you to mix and match some of them to allow for surprise attacks against your foes that they won’t expect.

Default Elements vs Rare Elements

When it comes to the two types of elements — basic ones and rare elements — you might be wondering what the differences are. Well, there are a couple of crucial differences that you should know about. For one, the default elements are pretty much available to everyone.

It isn’t challenging at all to unlock the five essential elements and pretty much any player is able to use them near the start of the game since they have such high chances of obtaining them.

This means that you aren’t going to be using anything that unique when you have these elements, but they are tried-and-true skill types.

If you want something much more unique and specialized for you as a player, that is where the rare elements come into play. Most players want to use these skill types since they allow them to show off their uniqueness and stand out from the other players in the Roblox game.

These rare elements, of course, usually have a very low chance of acquiring them in the game. We’re talking about the essential elements generally having a 20% chance of getting them versus the rare elements that could have a 1% chance or even a 0.5% chance of obtaining them.

But it is possible to get a rare element so long as you have the patience and currency to do so. What is also intriguing about the rare elements is that they are generally considered to be slightly better than the default ones.

Sure, you can use the default elements if you like, but the rare ones offer much more versatility in terms of what they offer. In fact, many of the rare aspects take some of the ideas and skills from the basic skill types and bump them up to a more powerful state.

How to Use Elements

shindo life using elements roblox

How the elements work is that once you have acquired it, you can equip it to one of your slots. You start out with two slots in Shindo Life, allowing you to equip up to two different elements at the same time.

This is fantastic since it means you can grind out and use the skills of both at the same time. This is especially helpful given that there are so many levels for each element, so you can grind two of them at the same time. Plus, it will allow you to come up with some fun and exciting type combinations.

When you equip the two skills in your inventory screen, you’ll start out at the base level of zero. From there, you’ll have to take on enemies, quests, and the like to level up and gain new abilities. Each basic type has several different skills you can learn.

The problem is that each element requires you to level it up to a certain amount to unlock each new skill. Some have lower skills that only need level 20 or 25, while others might require you to be near the max level of 500, such as Yin’s Dark Style: Sword Blaze at level 470.

Worse still, you’ll need to spend a fair bit of currency in the game to unlock these skills at the same time. So, it is worth trying out some elements at first and then seeing which ones you like through the first 30 or 40 levels before committing to grinding it all the way to completion.

How to Use 4 Elements

What some players may not realize is that it is possible to use three elements or even four elements at once. This allows you to grind levels for a whopping four elements (nearly a fourth of the entire elemental category!) all at the same time.

However, the problem with this is the fact that Shindo Life monetizes this entire idea. I do get that it is a free game, and they have to make money, but unfortunately, this is where Robux comes into play. There are two game passes in Shindo Life that you’ll need to expand your equipped elements.

Element Slot 3 will cost you 150 Robux, which isn’t too terribly much. You’ll need to buy this and the Element Slot 4 game pass, though, if you want to be able to use both additional slots. That game pass also costs 150 Robux, making for a total of 300 Robux (maybe around $5) you’ll need to be able to use four elements at once.

How to Unlock New Elements

Speaking of new elements, part of the trouble of unlocking new elements in Shindo Life is the actual process of acquiring them. How you do this is you want to go into the main menu for the game. There, you’ll find the element spinner that is in the game.

The elements are handled in an RNG, gacha-style mobile game way. You have to spin for the elements and you’ll be able to unlock new ones, depending on what you land on. The chances of each component vary, so some have greater chances than others.

You get five free elemental spins when you first start in Shindo Life. This will get you started in the game, as you’ll be able to acquire at least two different elements more than likely this way. And possibly even more if you have purchased the game pass.

You can get more spins through free Roblox codes that grant you more spins, but you might have to spend some currency if that isn’t available. Given the low chances of some of the elements, you may even have to spin hundreds, if not thousands of times, to acquire the ones that you prefer.

All Shindo Life Elements Explained

all shindo life elements roblox

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into all of the Shindo Life elements in the game so far. In total, there are 17. You’ll find the first five essential elements broken down below since those are the ones that I expect most players will have at the beginning of the game.

After that, I’ll break down the 12 rare elements that are much harder to get but well worth the effort. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Earth Element Explained

  • Elemental Category: Basic element
  • Max level: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 20%

The earth element is one of the basic ones you’ll find in Shindo Life. As you might expect, it has to do with stone-based attacks and skills. The skills involve throwing up walls to protect and attack, summoning earth dragons to attack your foes, and throwing some ranged earth power at your enemies.

The earth element is by no means a bad one to go with, especially when you have such visually stunning skills as the earth dragon and earth pillars one. If you don’t love the earth element and use that skill type for 500 levels, you should probably stay away.


  • Elemental Category: Default
  • Max Level: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 20%

The fire element is another one of the five default elements you’ll find in Shindo Life. It is by far one of the flashiest of the basic elements since it involves searing your opponents alive and dealing some intense, fiery damage to them. This is seen in all of its six skills.

Some of the later skills are pretty impressive, such as the dragon bullet and dragon bomb skills. These are massive, powerful attacks that have some nice effects that happen with them. But even some of the earlier attacks are quite strong considering their low levels, such as the flame breath.


  • Elemental Category: Basic
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 20%

The lightning element is the third of the basic skill types you’ll find in Shindo Life. I am pretty biased with this one as it was the first element I found in the game and one I used for quite some time. There is a lot to love about the shock-style skills that the lightning element mainly uses.

Across the 500 levels, you’ll need to grind for this skill type. You’ll encounter some intense single-target and considerable area-of-effect skills, such as Senbon, thunder rain, and dragon bomb (shock-style version). It also has one of the earlier final skill unlocks at only 440 instead of 470 and the like for some.


  • Elemental Category: Basic
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 20%

The water elemental skill type is another of the basic skills you’ll find in Shindo Life and the second skill I found in the game. For a while, I combined the water-style skills that it had with the lightning skills for some heavy damage against my foes. Like the others, it has 500 levels to grind.

Over the course of the 500 levels, you’ll unlock skills such as raging waves, water-style prison, and the water-style dragon. It is also one of the few elemental types that I appreciate the earlier skills it has with waterball and raging waves being quite fun to use in combat.


shindo life wind element roblox
  • Elemental Category: Default
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 20%

Lastly, for the basic elements, we have the wind element. This is a speedy elemental type that has fast skills that generally affect a wide area. There is a heavy emphasis on the weather, too, such as the final skill that it has that involves summoning an entire tornado to take down the enemies.

Some of the earlier skills in the wind element are pretty useful, too, such as the air-style bullet rush and the air-style blast. When it comes to the basic elemental skill types, I find that this is likely one of the most underrated ones, despite it being more valuable than some of the others in the category.


  • Elemental Category: Rare elements
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 80

Acid is the first of the rare elements that we are going to talk about here. As you might expect, this element involves coating the enemy in poisonous acid that will seep away their lives in a quick fashion. It is like the poison of this Roblox game and one of the more intriguing rare elements.

What should be noted about acid is that it takes many of the same skills from the water element. If you like that one, you’ll love acid as it shares skills like an acidic wave, acid rain, and the acidic twin dragon. These are mostly just radioactive takes on the already existing water skills.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 80

Cement is next up in the list of rare elements, and, as you might expect from the name, it generally takes most of its skills from the earth element. Some shared skills have more of a gravel and cement style to them, such as the solid wall and solid dragon.

That said, they are mostly taken from the same idea as the earth element. However, it has some unique skills of its own, such as the earth breaker and quicksand skills. Cement is overall the more exciting and more popular version of the earth element so it may be a suitable replacement for earth users out there.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1%

Chaos is one of the most unique skills you’ll find in Shindo Life. It is due to the fact that it is a partner element that is paired up with order (more on it below) in that they share mostly the same skills as each other. Chaos is pretty much its own unique element, though, not based on many of the basic elements.

If anything, it has some relation to the lightning element but not a whole lot. You have some skills like a beam of light that is impressive and gravity of light that is one of the best final skills. If you like mixing that lightning style with some weapon-based attacks like the blade of light and bomb of light, you might love this element.


shindo life combustion element roblox
  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 90

The combustion skill type in Shindo Life is another that takes directly from the essential elements. In this case, you have mostly the fire element that combustion is derived from. That said, I also feel like it has taken from the water element at the same time.

From the fireside, you have skills like a flame bullet and flame breath that are pretty similar to the fiery counterparts. In addition, though, there is a dragon bomb and dual grand flame ball that feels pretty similar to the water version. If you like water and fire and want to mix the two, combustion is for you.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 90

Gale is one of the more popular elements you’ll find in Shindo Life. This is because it is like combustion in that it happens to be a hybrid of sorts between two different basic elemental types. In this case, gale is mainly based on the wind element, as you might expect, plus some lightning love.

Gale includes some of the wind elemental attacks that are familiar, like a vortex and the gale-style blast. But there is a lot of lightning homage here, too, like the wind shock attack that blends the two together and the storm burst that feels like the perfect mix of wind and electricity.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 0.5%

Gilga is the rarest elemental type you’ll find in all of Shindo Life. This is odd, too, since it is a basis for the other two styles we’ll talk about later: yin and yang. It came after those two and is rarer than each of them, being the third reskin of that element type.

Like its predecessors, Gilga is a unique type that doesn’t take anything from the five default elements. Instead, it is the skill that players might want if they prefer to use more physical-based attacks in combat. It involves weapons being used like sword breaker, sword bash, and bow flash.

If you like using weapons in Shindo Life, which is not at all a standard style, Gilga might be for you.


shindo life stone element roblox
  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1%

Order is the other half of chaos. They aren’t total reskins of another since they differ some, but they mostly have the same skills. Order is the brighter and more purple version of chaos. Like chaos, it has some heavenly lightning aspects to it but a mix of both magical and weapon-based skills.

I prefer the aesthetic of order over chaos as it feels more intriguing with its purple style. But you have similar skills like the gravity of light and beam of light with its colorful twist. But then you also have some valuable attacks like a grenade of light and shock of light that adds to the mix.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 150

Prism is a skill that is based on the lightning element type. What makes prism quite unique is that it is essentially the exact same as shiver, another element we’ll meet further below. They both have the same skills, but the difference is that they are aesthetically different from one another.

Of course, this means that you don’t want to use both at the same time. If the prism is more your style, you’ll find a bright and flashy aesthetic for this one. It has skills like shock-style thunder rain and shock bombs that will light up your opponents with electrifying damage.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 100 (spins), 1 in 20 (Maru boss)

Pyromania is exactly what you might expect: the rarer and more extravagant version of the basic fire element. This is an intense skill type that involves mixing some of the ranged fire elemental attacks with a melee or martial arts-style twist.

Pyromania has some powerful skills like lions cero and flame grip that add a physical combat focus. If you like that, you’ll find it interesting that this is one of the only skills that are unlockable through spins and bosses. You have a nice 5% chance of getting this skill if you defeat the Maru boss.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 90

Shiver is one of the more intriguing elements since it is so closely related to the prism style. In fact, there is almost no difference between the two as they generally use the same skills. The main difference here is that the shiver element is considered a reskin of the original prism version.

Basically, if you like the prism skills but want more of a darker twist on them, shiver might be for you. Light prism, shiver is based on the lightning element and includes similar lightning blaze, laser stream, and thunder rain abilities. Aesthetically, this is one of my favorite rare elements in the game.


shindo life yang element roblox
  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 150

Yang is one of two elemental types that go together, the other being yin, which we will talk about in a moment. Yang is quite unique compared to most of the other skills that you have found on this list. Unlike the other rare elements, it isn’t based on any of the pre-existing default elements.

Instead, yang is all about defining its own moveset with weapon-based attacks. Instead of firing down the elements of water, wind, and the like, it is more grounded in using weapon-based attacks. These include blazing swords, breaking swords, and raging slices. It has mostly the same moves as yin.


  • Elemental Category: Rare
  • Levels: 500
  • Chances of obtaining: 1 in 150

Finally, we have the rare element known as yin. As you might expect, it is closely related to its companion element, yang, that we just discussed. That said, they are not reskinned of one another, such as in the case of prism and shiver. Instead, they share some of the same abilities together.

Like yang, yin is all about the weapon-based skills that you have in your moveset. There are bows, swords, and slices that you will use with this element type. If you want to stray away from the usual elemental skills that involve more magical-style attacks, the yin element type might be for you.


Question: What is the Best Element in Shindo Life?

Answer: The best element in Shindo Life is hard to determine. It is honestly what works best for you. But the ones I recommend to players include the rare elements of acid, order, shiver, and pyromania.

Question: What is the Rarest Element in Shindo Life?

Answer: The rarest element in Shindo Life currently is the Gilga element. This aesthetic change of the yin and yang elements is scarce at a 1 in 200 chance. That means you have a less than 1% chance of unlocking this element, so good luck.

Question: How do You Get New Elements in Shindo Life?

Answer: You can get new elements in Shindo Life through a couple of methods. The main one is to spin for them using the elemental spinner. You can use free spins gained via codes or by paying some currency to spin to unlock a new element there randomly.

How to Farm Bosses with these Elements in Shindo Life

There are so many different elements that you’ll find in Shindo Life. With 17 in total, there is something for everyone. And we are likely going to see more elements in the future, especially since earth doesn’t exactly have too much love when it comes to rarer versions of it.

If I had to recommend some skills to you, I would say that of the basic skills, fire, wind, and lightning are the ones that I would suggest. And of the rare elements, I am a massive fan of order, acid, shiver, and pyromania, as some of the best skills you can find in the game.

Whatever skills you end up using in Shindo Life, you’ll want to keep in mind that each of them has a whopping 500 levels for you to grind. This is a massive commitment, so think carefully about which elemental type you would prefer to use for that long.

Thankfully, you can speed up the grinding process by grinding some of the bosses in Shindo Life, which you can find out more about here.

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