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Dynablocks sounds like a random word that has just appeared from nowhere. However, there is so much talk around it because it is what Roblox may have been named instead. As with any game development, immense thought goes into selecting a great name for the game. This particular name was one of the choices that appear to have been very close to being selected for the experience. There were even mockups created for the name and relevant site, including an actual domain. This article will take you over everything you need to know about the Dynablocks history and what it is.

Key Details of Dynablocks Up Front

Up for consideration as a name for Roblox was Dynablocks. This specific name even had a website domain purchased for it back in 2003 by Jim Stevens. It was clear that it was a serious consideration for the official name.

Up until near the end of 2020, searching for “dynablocks.com”, “dynablock.com”, or “dynablox.com” all had redirected users to the official Roblox website. This showcases the importance of Dynablocks throughout the history of Roblox.

The name has had a lot of attention from fans over the years!

Overview of Dynablocks

Dynablocks, although considered for the official Roblox name amongst a few other selections. Ultimately, it wasn’t the name for the experience. However, developers still shared the phrase and revealed it to members of the public.

There isn’t too much more to learn about the main overview of Dynablocks. It mainly was seen through the conceptualization of the experience as can be observed and read about for all of the details on the name itself.

I find it really interesting and exciting to learn about the processes of development for experiences as someone who also designs games, so all of the information about Dynablocks is excellent to write about!

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History of Dynablocks

The history of Dynablocks, is certainly fleshed out, with important information about the process of naming Roblox. Including the fact that the website was there to observe at the 2013 BLOXcon when it was shown to people.

This was shown by David Baszucki during one of the presentations. It must have been excellent for fans to view the website at such an early stage in its development. 

This specific mockup was from January of 2004, at which point the Dynablocks name would’ve still been in the running for being considered for the name of Roblox.

Contents of the Dynablock Website Mockup

For the main website mockup, it was apparent to see that it was a very early prototype of the experience. There is a sign-in option at the top left that users would be able to navigate over to. Throughout the website, it was clear to notice that there were three core columns for navigation.

One column at the far right showed what looks like a news feed for specific information about what players have been working on within the community.

The logo for Dynablocks was also in view, and this was a very colorful logo. The logo for Roblox, I personally think, is much better than the Dynablocks logo. There is a lot of almost what appears to be randomness with the Dynablocks logo.

In the footer of the website mockup, there was information that the patents were still pending. Further, there was an info hyperlink about the website seen near the bottom of the website, including terms of service, a contact page to visit, and more! 

Other Name Considerations For Roblox

There was one more name considered for Roblox. The name was GoBlocks, and it was another significant contender for the title of the game. It had a reference to this name within the website mockup of Dynablocks.

The other name considered as Roblox, which was, of course, selected.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there any way to access the Dynablocks website as of today?

Answer: Yes, technically! You can utilize the Waybackmachine and set the date for 2004 when searching. Unfortunately, the captures appear blank. However, the hyperlink is still for Dynablocks.

Question: Why was Dynablocks not used as the name for Roblox?

Answer: There are many reasons why it wasn’t the name. The developers likely felt that Roblox was a better option for the experience, and in many ways, it could also be observed as being catchier and more memorable. 

Question: Will Dynablocks ever make a return?

Answer: There is not a high likelihood that it will return, but there are no guarantees that it won’t make a return for fans! Perhaps we will get more details on the process of the name selections for the experience.


Although Dynablocks never got selected for the official name of Roblox, it has had a lot of importance to the lore and history of Roblox. Fans know its name, and it makes itself known in conversations about the game. 

If the name of Roblox wasn’t chosen, Dynablocks would’ve likely been the name for the experience. The history and relevance of this name will be sure to continue onwards, and it has been a thrill watching its popularity evolve over the years!

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