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Piggy’s popularity has soared in recent years, making it one of the most preferred experiences amongst the Roblox community. With its mass fame, several game-related apparel, such as T-shirts and other clothing, have become available for fans worldwide.

If you are an aficionado looking for T-shirts to represent and support the well-liked game, you can get them from the official Piggy store or other stores such as Walmart and Target. However, the wide variety of options may make it tough to make a decision and lead you to hunt for the best possible options to choose from.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to some of the coolest Piggy shirts available.

Details About Cool Piggy Shirts

Simply attempting to find the best Piggy Shirts would be a hassle since you’d have to check through a wide variety of stores and websites. In my opinion, the best places to get Piggy products are from the official website or from major retailers like Walmart and Target.

I have compiled a handy rundown of a few of the cool Piggy tees for your consideration. Many thoughts have been given to this, and I am confident that it will aid you in finding the best option.

Top Picks at a Glance

If you just want to swiftly scan the best selections, I am here to help. From all the options which are going to be mentioned in the detailed list, the following are my favorite picks:

  • Split-Face Distressed [Exclusive] Long-Sleeve T-Shirt: You can’t go wrong with this T-shirt if you’re looking for something related to “Piggy” to wear. This will surely give you an attractive and trendy appearance, with the split-face pattern being an exceptionally distinctive design.  
  • Boys’ Piggy Gamer Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt: For those who are looking for apparel related to the game on a budget, this would be among the cheaper options. Regardless of the price, it also gives a great look due to the perfect mix of the White and Gray color combination and incredible design.
  • Infected Faces T-Shirt: Infected Faces T-Shirt features a great design. The main highlight is the different faces of the characters that inhabit the Piggy universe. You can get it in numerous colors based on your preference.

Selection Criteria

Piggy Shirt

Choosing an outfit is never easy, but if you’re picky like me, it can feel downright impossible at times. Listed below are the several criteria I have considered to determine which Piggy Shirts are the coolest:

  • Design: Design is one of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing any clothing item. Although the overall choice would be based on personal tastes, a good design is essential. As a result, depending on my opinion, I have chosen the shirts below with the best possible designs.
  • Price: Price is another factor that everyone considers when shopping for clothes. The ones that are too expensive are generally not worth getting unless you are gifting it to someone. In the list below, I’ve considered the same.
  • Overall look: Certain clothes are more suited to be worn by children, while others are more suited to be donned by teenagers, and so on. All of this has been taken into consideration, and the range of options below provides a perfect mix.
  • Distinctiveness: One must take into account the distinctiveness of the outfit before going ahead to purchase them. The shirts with the most unique concept are the ones that are considered to be the coolest.

Your criterion for choosing could be different, but the ones I’ve outlined above are typically the things I look forward to the most when I’m out shopping for clothes for myself.

Other elements, such as the material used, have also been considered; however, because the T-shirts are from reputable sources, the ones utilized are likely to be great.

Let’s get straight into the list of the cool Piggy shirts I think would be the best fit for you. Please note that I have chosen these purely based on my personal preference and are presented in no particular order:

#01 Split-Face Distressed [Exclusive] Long-Sleeve T-Shirt 

Piggy Long-Sleave T-Shirt

In my opinion, full-sleeved T-shirts are pretty stylish and pleasant to wear. Given its amazing appearance, the “Split-Face Distressed [Exclusive] Long-Sleeve T-Shirt” is among the best Piggy apparel that you may purchase. It has the signature Piggy split-faced imprinted and can be worn outside to school/college, parties, and other occasions

You can end up purchasing the particular T-Shirt in a range of different colors, with Black, Heather Grey, and Deep Navy appearing as the best shades for me.


  • Special Split-Face design which makes it quite attractive.
  • There is a wide variety of colors and styles (Mens, Women, and Youth) available.


  • Priced at $23.99, which could be comparatively costlier than Shirts available in other stores.  

#02 Boys’ Piggy Gamer Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt – White/Gray

Piggy Gamer T-Shirt

Available at Target, the “Boys’ Piggy Gamer Short Sleeve” is another great one that you can pick up for yourself or your kids. It has the iconic Piggy Has Awoken graphics, and the colors White and Gray work well together to give you a fabulous look.

If it were up to me, I would coordinate this with a black or blue jacket. Doing so will actually end up making the outfit appear better as a whole.


  • Comparatively less expensive than the majority of other game-related clothing.
  • The pairing of grey and white forms a beautiful color combination.


  • White clothing is more prone to staining, and the colors gradually fade with time.

#03 Piggy Logo T-Shirt

Piggy Logo T-Shirt

Piggy Logo T-Shirt is the next option on this list and is one more excellent option for Piggy enthusiasts like you. The design is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for everyone. Essentially, it only has the classic Piggy printed with its Baseball Bat.

In the event that you decide to move on with this one, the colors Royal Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Pink are the ones that I recommend choosing in the different available Styles. These stand out the most and are eye-catching.


  • Piggy Logo T-Shirt features a simple and minimalistic design.  
  • It can be bought in a range of colors, from which you can select the one that best suits your tastes.


  • Similar to Split-Face Distressed, it is on the more expensive side, with a price tag of $21.99.

#04 Boys’ Piggy Short Sleeve Graphic Shirt – Charcoal Gray

Piggy Graphic T-Shirt

The next option on this list is literally for those next-level Piggy gamers who have constantly been grinding the Roblox experience. If you’re one of them, the shirt would be a great buy since it boasts the “Next Level Piggy Gamer” Graphic on it.

One of the reasons I recommend this one is because the shade charcoal grey is among my favorites. Usually, many consider clothing with a darker overall color scheme to be more aesthetically pleasing, and this falls into the same category.


  • The shirt is available at a modest price and has a great design
  • It is available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.


  • The person wearing the shirt may not like the graphics that have been printed on it.

#05 Piggy Boys Carnival Heather T-Shirt

Piggy Carnival Hetaher T-Shirt

Carnival is one of Piggy’s most popular Chapters, and this T-Shirt is themed around it. It contains numerous phrases printed beside Clowny and Piggy, including “Get Your Tickets!”, “Step Right Up!” and “Piggy’s Carnival.”

Personally, I don’t mind having multiple texts printed on T-shirts, so if you’re like me, you’ll not mind this one. However, some children may not find texts appealing and prefer to choose something else.


  • Piggy Boys Carnival Heather T-Shirt is based on the prominent Carnival Chapter of Piggy.
  • Heather Gray is a nice and appealing color that could give you a great look.


  • The fabric included in this T-Shirt contains 3% polyester, and it isn’t 100% cotton like most of the other T-Shirts.

#06 Infected Faces T-Shirt

Piggy Infected Faces T-Shirt

The Infected Faces T-Shirt features the faces of nine well-known Piggy characters, including Zompiggy, Officer Doggy, Clowny, Piggy, and others. If you are an active player, you will enjoy it more than casual gamers because the design will strike you deeper.

Based on my personal view, the standard Black color would look the best for the Infected Faces T-Shirt. Moreover, I wouldn’t advocate experimenting with other colors such as Kelly Green, Yellow, and White because the pattern will seem odd with them.


  • Features imprint of the different characters from the Piggy universe
  • Unique design when compared to most of the other T-Shirts.


  • Designed mostly for kids and would not look good on adults.

#07 Piggy’s Gym Long-Sleeve T-Shirt 

Piggy's Gym Long-Sleeve T-Shirt 

In case you are a gym freak or are planning to start working out, Piggy’s Gym Long-Sleeve T-Shirt would look fantastic while you build those muscles. It would also look good as casual wear, but with the graphics on it, I think it would look ideal for you to don it to the gym.

Jokes aside, getting this T-Shirt would be a great option through the official store, with colors like Charcoal Grey and Navy looking fantastic.  


  • You can end up wearing it in the gym and flex it.
  • Features great graphics and is pretty unique when you look at all the other designs.


  • It would only look well on the Niche audience it is targeted on. Kids wouldn’t look that good wearing this T-Shirt.

Honorable Mentions

In spite of the fact that the list above includes the ones that I consider to be the best, I still highly recommend that you check out the following shirts:

  • PIGGY: Hunt – Which Survivor? T-Shirt: This T-Shirt is influenced on Piggy: Hunt, a new Piggy game that was released on Steam. It features a fantastic design, with the text “Choose Your Survivor!” alongside six different characters.
  • PIGGY: Hunt – Hunted! T-Shirt: Similar to the “Which Survivor? T-Shirt”, this is based on Piggy: Hunt. It has a great design but would look good only for kids, and most teenagers wouldn’t prefer wearing this design.
  • Piggy One Of Us! T-Shirt: This particular option has a wonderful design and is one of the most visually appealing alternatives. The fact that Zompiggy is practically pointing forward and the text “One of Us” is attached gives a creepy appearance.

FAQ: Cool Piggy Shirts Guide

Question: How to choose cool Piggy Shirts?

Answer: Although making a decision can be challenging, in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. You might feel a particular shirt is cool, even though other people might not. As a result, I strongly suggest that you explore all of the possibilities that are open to you and select the option that you believe is best.
It’s not a bad idea to form judgments based on what the majority of people think but going with your personal taste would be the right thing to do.

Question: What is the best Piggy Shirt?

Answer: The answer to this question will always be subjective. I believe the “Split-Face Distressed Long-Sleeve T-Shirt” is the best one you can currently purchase. However, there are loads of other options also available to you across the internet, which may suit your style better.
If you are indecisive, it is suggested that you ask a close friend or family member to choose the one that will look the finest on you.

Question: Where to buy the Piggy Shirts?

Answer: You can primarily purchase game-related apparel, accessories, and other items by going to the official website. Meanwhile, several online retailers sell the official Piggy Shirts, including Target and Walmart.
It can be noted that the shipping times and prices will fluctuate depending on the provider. You can additionally check out other websites; however, you must be careful and advised to buy only authentic items.


The aforementioned selection should serve as a helpful starting point as you look for the most suitable Roblox Shirts. I myself love buying merchandise to support my favorite games and shows, and those purchases mean a lot to me.

You may also take it a step further and create your own personalized Piggy Shirts. For the same, you’d have to acquire a plain T-shirt and find someone who prints stuff on shirts. This will make your design stand out even more than the alternatives.

Besides, there are many Piggy-based Hoodies also available. If you prefer Hoodies, you can proceed to browse through their list to find out the finest ones.

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