Hide and Seek Extreme Guide

Hide and Seek Extreme Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Some of the best parts of Roblox games are when developers take simple ideas, like games we played as kids, and turn them into a digital interactive experience. Such is the case with Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme, one of the oldest and most simplistic games that you’ll find on the platform. Here’s what you need to know about the game in this Hide and Seek Extreme guide.

Hide and Seek Extreme is one of the first Roblox games that I ever played in 2016, many years ago at this point. Before games like Banana Eats, Among Us, and Dead by Daylight would ever promote this idea of hiding from the person who is “it,” Hide and Seek Extreme did it first. This was by recreating the glorious hide-and-seek game as a Roblox experience, complete with some monetization and light progression. Find out all about this and more in this Hide and Seek Extreme guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The idea of Hide and Seek Extreme is quite simple. Just like the regular schoolyard game in the real world, the idea is that one player is randomly chosen to be the “it” character. This person has to run around the massive map, find all of the hiding characters, and touch them to eliminate them from the match. It is an infinitely fun idea that is helped by the plethora of maps, various special abilities that the seeker can use to find people, and the relatively easy difficulty level when it comes to being a hider.

Hide and Seek Extreme Overview

What were some of your favorite games as a kid? Or, if you’re still a kid reading this, what are your favorite playground games to play? I would say that hide-and-seek was definitely one of my favorites. I never liked being the seeker, but being a hider was one of the most exhilarating childhood experiences for me.

Being able to use my brain to come up with a brilliant place to hide within a limited area and trying to outsmart the person I’m competing against was terrific. It was also much better than the bland tag variant which was even simpler. My love for this childhood game is why I appreciate Hide and Seek Extreme so much.

Hide and Seek Extreme Overview

It is essentially the real-world hide-and-seek game thrown into Roblox. It is also one of the oldest experiences I’ve ever enjoyed in Roblox due to how easy it is to pick up and play this game. Even for those who aren’t gamers, this is an easy enough game that they can join in and have some fun in the process.

Hide and Seek Extreme has been around longer than I have played Roblox and, yet, it does things so much better than some of the games that came out long after it. While it doesn’t have insane progression, there is a light version of it along with some classes for the “it” characters to make the game worth checking out.

With a relatively easy difficulty level for seekers and the ability to have fun seeking out friends or hiding alongside them, the rush of running from the seeker and all of that is such pure innocent fun. This is why Hide, and Seeker Extreme is still one of the most popular games today. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Story Synopsis: Is There Even a Backstory?

Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme

For starters, let’s talk about the premise of the game. The idea is that there is a single seeker in each lobby who is hunting down the other players in the game, usually around 12 or 13. There is no story in the game other than this, but there are some intriguing backstory elements we can pull from this.

For one, the seeker has to put on one of the avatar suits for the existing characters, rather than play as their chosen Roblox avatar. This, coupled with the idea that you are playing on massive maps that are like workshops and the like where you are tiny people, gives an intriguing idea.

There could be some dystopian premise where you are forced to play this game on massive recreations of real-world locations from a bygone era. Or, it could just be that you are playing a childhood game with your friends and the idea of being a small kid makes these standard areas like a bedroom feel like massive areas in your young mind.

Gameplay Breakdown

What is surprising about Hide and Seek Extreme is that there is more to the gameplay than meets the eye. While there are few buttons to press in the game and not a lot of intense mechanics, there are some gameplay ideas that you need to know about if you want to excel as the hider or the seeker.


Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme Movement

Moving around in Hide and Seek Extreme isn’t too crazy to deal with. This is part of the reason why it is simple enough for newcomers to not just Roblox but gaming, in general, can enjoy it. This isn’t necessarily an obby or anything like that, so the movement is relatively easy to deal with.

All you need to worry about are the three critical parts of Roblox movement: running, using the camera to see what’s around you, and then jumping. That is the core of the movement in this game and pretty much everything you have to worry about.

There is no crouching or anything like that for you to deal with. That said, there are some obby-lite challenges you can engage in, like jumping from block to block. This is mainly there to help you access locations where you can hide away from the seeker. Plus, this movement is necessary for running away from the seeker, if required.

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Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme

Hiding is one of the two prominent roles in this Roblox experience. It is the one you’ll likely spend most of the time doing, too, since there is only one seeker per round. Hiding is fun in this game, mainly because there isn’t much to the system.

The idea is to find somewhere to hide on the map. Now, you could just let the seeker find you and ensure a chase sequence, but I’ll assume that you legitimately want to win in most rounds. In that case, hiding involves being as creative as you can possibly be.

In the screenshot I shared on this post, you can see me hiding on top of a tire in the workshop map. I had to spend a good minute jumping up the tire, which wasn’t easy to accomplish. But it means that the seeker wouldn’t likely be able to reach me.

But you don’t have to try something as challenging as that. Hiding in Hide and Seek Extreme can be as simple as running to the other side of the map and hiding behind a wall while spectating the seeker. This is another major part of the hiding experience.

At any point, you can spectate the seeker and see where they are. In addition, you can view the distance they are from your current location. Both of these can help in keeping you alive and away from the seeker long enough to win the round.

In total, you need to hide and stay away from the seeker for five minutes in the round to survive. You only get one minute to hide before the killer is let loose on the map, which is honestly a fair bit of time compared to other Roblox games. That is plenty of time to find the right spot to hide and prepare for the next few minutes.


Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme Taunting

As you play on the hider’s side of the match, there is another button that you might notice that you can interact with. That button is the taunt button, letting you press it to make a sound and emote to then taunt the seeker. If you played games like Prop Hunt on Garry’s Mod before, you’ll know the purpose of this.

This game heavily favors the hider side, at least in my experience. As such, you might want to give the seeker a boost to help their search since they may not have any day where you are. This taunt button lets you loudly say “bye” and mess with the seeker.

Not only is this a great way to make fun of the seeker who is clearly struggling to find you, but it can help them out some. Now, you may be wondering why exactly I would want to do that. Well, you see, if you’re anything like me and have played this Roblox game many times before, you likely have the tips and tricks to win 90% of the time, if not more.

As such, the taunt is a way to keep the game from being a bore fest of sitting there in the same corner or a weird glitchy hiding spot and giving the seeker a chance. This can make the game more fun since the seeker will have the opportunity to actually find you and get you.


Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme

Speaking of finding, the other half of Hide and Seek Extreme is the seeker side. There is one seeker in each match, and they have to wait at the spawn area for a minute while the other players have a chance to hide. After that, they are set loose to hunt down everyone else on the map before time runs out.

Now, the problem here is that the maps are massive. All you need to do is touch players at least, and they are out. This is tougher than it looks, though, since the players have a couple of tools at their disposal to keep tabs on where you are.

For one, they can see the distance they are from your location currently, so they can, presumably, run away the closer you get. In addition, they can spectate you while still in the match, so they are able to see exactly where you are and how close you are to them.

Thankfully, there are a couple of skills you have at your disposal to help with this, but they aren’t perfect. They only do so much to help with this severely underpowered side. This is a rare exception to games like Murder Mystery 2, Among Us, Flee the Facility, and Banana Eats, where your side is the heavily weakened one.

If you do wish to become the seeker, you’ll likely have to play several games as the hider first. Like Murder Mystery 2, you have a percentage chance of becoming the seeker every round. The more matches you go without being the seeker, the higher it’ll go up until you’re basically guaranteed a match.

Seeker Special Abilities

Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme

The main help for seekers is the special abilities that you have. Instead of letting you play as your standard Roblox avatar while the seeker, you need to equip one of the premade characters in the game. You can purchase more in the store, but each has a unique design and ability to use in rounds.

There are four primary special abilities that you can choose between. The first of these is the camera ability. This is a skill that lets you place up to two cameras on the ground anywhere you like on the map. What this does is allow you to see if a hider passes in front of those cameras at any point. This is pretty useful if you set them up in the right spot. The two characters who use this ability are Jacob and the Panda.

The second unique ability you should know about is the glue power. This one lets you put down glue every 30 seconds, and anyone who steps in it will be stunned for around eight seconds. This is certainly more than enough time to take that person out. Emma, Ethan, and Ice Bear use this ability.

The third ability you should know about is the sprint. This one is self-explanatory and involves the ability to run super fast for a few seconds. The cooldown for this power is 25 seconds, which isn’t too bad. With this power, you will be nearly guaranteed to take anyone out who you are chasing down. If you want to use this ability, play as Grizzly, Jake, or Sophia.

Lastly, there is the stun ability. This one lets you stun the area around you every 13 seconds, and it will affect in the radius. It is a powerful ability that is able to let you take out more than one player at once, honestly. Unfortunately, it is only usable by the character known as Yeti.


Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme Maps

There are six maps in total in Hide and Seek Extreme at this time. There are some other maps that occasionally pop up during limited-time events, such as the Cursed Cavern map, but that one isn’t available at the time of writing. I’ll be the first to admit that six isn’t an alarming number, but it is relatively low for a game that has been around for this long.

Here are the six maps you’ll find when you boot up the Roblox experience right now:

  • Attic
  • Backyard
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Store
  • Workshop

As you can see, all six of these areas are based around places that a kid might visit on a regular basis. In fact, it is possible that all of the locations except for the Store map are seemingly placed inside the same house. All of these locations give off some It Takes Two vibes as they are massive blown-up versions of these spots with the characters being shrunken down to a tiny ant size.


Players can purchase a few items in Hide and Seek Extreme, starting with the different seeker avatars. This is how you unlock not only different looks for your character when you are the seeker but also other special abilities for use in taking down the hiders in lobbies.

But there are three other types of items you can get in the store. First off, there are new taunts you can get to show off your talent to the seekers and poke fun at them in different ways. In addition to that, everyone is able to get pets, which are little animals and UFOs that follow you around on the map.

These pets do nothing to help the game in terms of its gameplay, but it at least makes you look great when you seek out other players or hide on the map. Pets are always a welcome touch; you can buy a few of these.

Lastly, there are miscellaneous items. These include items like the game passes and boombox in the game. The boombox is of note since you can use this item to blast some music and other sounds while you are on the map. I have to give you credit if you are bold enough to do this. Plus, you’ll be able to play some nice music for the entire lobby to enjoy during the match, which I also appreciate.

How the Currency Works

Roblox Hide And Seek Extreme Currency

Speaking of all these items in the store, they don’t come for free. If you want to be able to access these items in the game, you’ll need to pay for them. There are a couple of ways that you can go about doing this. The first has to do with the free items, which you can immediately unlock in the store. You have to manually do this, though, as the game won’t unlock them for you.

The next set of items is the premium ones that cost Robux. You likely know how this deal works, where you need to spend real-world money or redeem one of those Roblox gift cards to unlock Robux in the game. Unfortunately, the best pets, avatars, and items like the boombox require you to spend Robux to get them.

The final option in the store is to use the credits. This is the proprietary currency in Hide and Seek Extreme. Credits are free to get, so don’t worry about buying them with Robux, as that is not necessary at all. There are a couple of ways that you can earn credits in this Roblox game.

The first is to win a round. If you survive as a hider, for instance, until the very end, you’ll earn ten credits for your actions. In addition, there are credits throughout the map during matches that you can collect that will manually give you some more currency. It can take a long time to grind games to earn credits, but it is possible with some patience.

Hide and Seek Extreme Reception

Hide and Seek Extreme is one of the most giant games in Roblox history. It has been around since 2015 in this current form, but it started out as a prior hide-and-seek game that was much simpler. It was then relaunched as this version of the game and has remained the same.

Since 2015, the reception for Hide and Seek Extreme has been quite strong. It currently has around 2.2 billion total visits to date. That puts it in the upper echelon of games as one of the few that has crossed a billion visits mark. It is one of the most successful and popular games in Roblox’s history.

And it shows no signs of slowing down, despite being older than many of the other games that are at the top, like Royale High and Bloxburg. Right now, when writing this during the middle of the week on a school and work day, there are almost 9,000 players playing it. And, trust me, it gets much higher than that during the peak hours of the day.

In addition to that, the reception for Hide and Seek Extreme is evident in the upvotes it has, too. It has an unbelievably impressive 91% rating on Roblox, which is super high. Kids these days are super picky, and it shows in the upvotes for the game. For instance, the game I consider to be the best Roblox game, Bloxburg, has 88%, while the runner-ups’ Royale High and Adopt Me have 88% and 83%, respectively, for reference.

Beginner’s Tips

Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme Beginner’s Tips
Image by Cody Perez

To help you out if you are new or want to get more wins and credits under your belt, here are some of the tips and tricks that I have learned over the years of playing Hide and Seek Extreme since 2016:

  • For hiders, use the map to your advantage. The moment you spawn in, use that free minute you have to run all the way to the other side of the map. This is the best way to avoid and win the match.
  • Following up on the first tip, you want to move to the other side of the map because it takes that time for the seeker to get to you, and you have plenty of time to get away from them if they start heading your way.
  • In addition, I recommend using the time to platform your way to hard-to-reach spots like the tire spot I showed off in my screenshot of a recent game.
  • Glitch spots like the one I use let you not only hide well but see the entirety of the map and where the seeker is relative to you.
  • Collect credits if you want on the map, but I don’t usually do this unless I’m the seeker or bored. I get enough credits from the wins I get each time.
  • If you are a seeker, I recommend using the glue, sprint or stun abilities. I mainly use sprint as it allows me to almost guarantee a win in a chase sequence.
  • Also, seekers should quickly check around the spawn point, like behind you when you start, as some clever kids like to hide in plain sight essentially, but they make for easy eliminations.
  • Put high-quality headphones in, and you’ll be able to know exactly where someone is taunting you if you’re the seeker.
  • There are black squares on the floor of specific maps in random locations. If you walk on them, they will launch you into the air. These allow you to access to higher areas to hide or find hiders. Don’t forget these.

Best Alternatives

Hide and Seek Extreme is one of the best games you can play right now as a beginner Roblox player or general survival/hide-and-seek fan. That said, the paper-thin progression system and easy difficulty as a hider might make you want to try out other games instead. If that is the case for you, here are some of the best alternatives you’ll find for free in Roblox:

  • Murder Mystery 2: This is the other game that is old and quite similar to Hide and Seek Extreme. It was the first Roblox game I played, and it has a fairly similar idea of trying to survive as an innocent player. But this time around, you are up against a killer. Thankfully, there is a sheriff who can protect you. If you want a game similar to Hide and Seek Extreme that is much more challenging to win, this is the one.
  • Banana Eats: Another challenging game that is quite similar to Hide and Seek Extreme is Banana Eats. With a strong player base, this is the one for you if you like horror games. Creepy bananas are out to either kill you or turn you into one of its own. With some well-thought-out maps and several game modes to choose from, this feels like the terrifying sequel to Hide and Seek Extreme in a way.
  • Flee the Facility: This is another game that is all about survival and horror. A killer is out to get you and a few friends, and you’ll need to complete computers to escape. This is like hide and seek, but with an interactive twist of having to dictate your own future.
  • Disaster Island: While not a hide-and-seek game inherently, it shares some of the same core ideas. You are on randomly changing islands where weather disasters appear, and you have to survive. Many times, this means hiding in the same spot from the disaster. This is a game to check out if you want something more intense and exhilarating.


Question: What is the best hiding spot in Hide and Seek Extreme?

Answer: The best hiding spot in Hide and Seek Extreme will depend on the map. In general, if it is hard for you to reach, it will be challenging for the seeker. Use the minute you have wisely to find a problematic hiding spot.

Question: How to cheat in Hide and Seek Extreme?

Answer: There is no way to cheat in Hide and Seek Extreme without getting banned. However, using the spectate feature, you can feel like you’re cheating since you know where the seeker is at all times.

Question: Is Hide and Seek Extreme on Xbox?

Answer: Yes, you can play Hide and Seek Extreme on Xbox.

What Roblox Game to Check Out After Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme is a game I don’t play much anymore, but it still holds a special place in my heart. I go back to it every so often to play a round or two, dominate it, and then switch to something else. The main reason I don’t stick around for too long is due to the fact that it is too easy to win in this game these days, especially as the hider.

If you play this game a lot and find out that you feel the same way, thankfully, it doesn’t have to stop there. There are so many other games in Roblox that are similar to Hide and Seek Extreme for you to check out. One such game that I recommend is Natural Disaster Survival, an older game that I adore where you have to survive random weather disasters on a small map. Most of the time, you’ll be hiding, much like in Hide and Seek Extreme.

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