Adopt Me Free Pets Guide

Adopt Me Free Pets Guide: How to Get Pets for Free

When someone plays Adopt Me, they usually do it for one of three reasons: building their house to make it look better, roleplaying with friends, or trying to get the latest pets. The final option is what I want to look at today. There are so many pets to get in Adopt Me, but most of them require you to pay for them with one of the currencies in the Roblox game. But what about free pets? That’s what I’ll cover today in this Adopt Me free pets guide.

Adopt Me is one of the games that I play weekly, mainly because some of my family members adore everything you can do in the Roblox title. This is especially the case when it comes to pets. They are always wanting to get the newest pets and figure out how to master whatever limited-time event is going on. Because of this, I’ve played Adopt Me since pretty much its launch years ago and have a grasp on the free pets that you can get. I’ll break down this complicated scenario in this Adopt Me free pets guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The question of whether or not there are free pets in Adopt Me comes down to your definition of the matter. If you consider the starter pet you get at the beginning of the game to be a free pet, then yes, there is a free pet in the game. Other than that, you have to spend some money, either in-game currency or Robux, to earn all the other pets. Unless, of course, you have a friend willing to give you a pet for nothing at all.

Adopt Me Free Pets Overview

The whole point of Adopt Me is in the game’s title: it’s all about adopting and taking care of another living creature. In some cases, this might be another player if you decide to create a family together, but for some players, that might mean the adorable pets in the Roblox game.

This is what I personally stick to whenever I play Adopt Me. I am all about pets in games, and Adopt Me is one of the best examples of that. Admittedly, though, it isn’t always the friendliest game when it comes to obtaining pets in the experience.

After all, the developers do need to make money, and one of the core ways that they do that is through the pet system. With millions of players every month, it only makes sense that Adopt Me would use that to garner plenty of revenue and success from the pets that they offer.

Unfortunately, this also makes the situation of obtaining free pets a confusing and painful one. Many players want to know if it is possible to get pets for free because they don’t want to have to go through the grinding process or spend loads of Robux on these cutesy creatures. If you’re one of those players, I have the full breakdown of this situation below.

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How to Obtain Pets in Adopt Me

For starters, there is the method by which you obtain new pets in Adopt Me. There are a couple of ways to do this, with the first one being the eggs. This is the most prominent and common way of owning new pets in Adopt Me, as it forces you to buy the various eggs that the game offers.

This is an RNG-based situation where you won’t know what pet you’re going to get until you raise it. This involves taking care of its needs, such as feeding it, taking it to school, giving it a bath, and letting it have fun. Then when the egg is old enough, it will hatch and show you your new pet.

The second method is a direct purchase of a specific pet, which is extremely rare in Adopt Me. These generally only happen for special events in the game and usually require Robux at the same time, since you don’t have to deal with RNG. But even then, this is rare since some of the best eggs simply require Robux to begin with.

The third and final option is trading. This is where you meet with another player in-game, and you agree upon terms together. Then you trade your pets or whatever you have for the pets they have. But that method of getting a pet comes with its own problems, as I’ll note further down below.

How to Pay for Pets

Paying for pets is the problem that many players might have with the system in Adopt Me. They don’t come for free (like most things in life), so they are going to cost you something. There are a couple of currencies in Adopt Me, the first of which is the cash you get in the game.

This cash is earned through a variety of activities, such as logging in every day and completing all of the requests that your pet has for you. Many of the pet eggs you’ll find in the game require you to spend cash on them to acquire them.

However, there are some special eggs that will require more premium currency, like Robux. This means that you’ll need to spend real-world money or have someone do it for you in order to get those eggs. Lastly, some eggs require special currency from limited-time events during the holidays and the like.

Are There Free Pets in Adopt Me?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: are there free pets in Adopt Me? I will make it clear to you right now: yes, there is a free pet in Adopt Me, but a single one, and that’s it. However, this single free pet is the only one that you will find in the entire Roblox game in general.

How you get this free pet is by simply starting the game for the first time. On a brand new account, the game will guide you through the process of learning the ropes of Adopt Me, which will lead you to the adoption center where you get your first egg.

This egg is entirely free for you as a brand-new player, and you’ll be able to then progress through your days until it hatches and you get your sole free pet. However, the free pets stop there. From that point forward, you’ll have to earn all of your pets on your own using the various currencies. Unless, of course, you go the route of trading.

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Trading Explained

I will admit that there is another way to get free pets, and that’s through trading with other players. However, this method is unreliable, luck-based, and prone to numerous problems. You see, once you agree to the terms of trading and the risks it imposes, you can start trading with other players.

This means that you can offer up specific items to players, and they can give you something they have in exchange. This includes pets, and it is technically possible to get pets for free in this manner. But before you go about asking people for free pets and accepting every trade request you get, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Watch Out for Adopt Me Free Pets Scams

This is a huge problem that I bring up all the time on our site, especially when it comes to trading. Scams are everywhere in Roblox, and this goes doubly so for Adopt Me since it is the largest and most successful game on the entire platform. And one of the biggest video games on the planet by itself.

As such, there are many kids and adults that go on Adopt Me and try to scam other players out of their pets and money. If you decide to try and get some free pets through trading or by giving up some of your older pets that you don’t want, please take the time to protect yourself from scams.

What this means is that you should always trade publicly and communicate in a public chat that everyone can see. Make crystal clear what you are trading with that person ahead of time before you begin the trading process. And then go slow with the actual trade itself.

The biggest mistake that some players make when it comes to trading for free pets and the like is they go too fast, press the trade buttons, and get scammed in the process for not looking. You want to add the items you offered and then wait to see if the other person puts the items they offered.

You can mouse over or click on the items they offer to ensure they are exactly what they said they would be. Once you are 100% certain they are the correct pets or items, then proceed with the trade. You’ll have one final chance to review the trade before passing the point of no return, so double, maybe even triple-check at every step of the process.

And above all else, remember this rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This is especially the case when it comes to “free” stuff.

How to Easily Get Pets Without Robux

As I mentioned already, getting free pets without spending anything at all isn’t usually going to happen in Adopt Me. You’ll usually have to spend at least something on the game. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to spend real-world currency in the form of Robux to get most pets.

The main form of currency you’ll use is the in-game cash that Adopt Me has. Unfortunately, obtaining this cash is relatively slow and hard to accomplish. Here are the best ways that you can get some money in Adopt Me so that you can save up for all of the eggs and pets you could ever want.

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Play Daily

The key with Adopt Me, for better or worse, is to play daily. The game highly encourages you to do this and has a login tracker similar to mobile games. The more days you log in and play, the more rewards you’ll get, even if it is to play for five seconds and then bounce.

The best part is that your rewards from this method will grow and get much better the more days in a row that you login. This is even to the point where you might get some premium currency in Adopt Me for logging in, which is immensely valuable and a great way to save up for some “free” eggs and pets.

Complete Tasks With a Family

The other primary method of grinding for currency in Adopt Me is to log in daily and play with a family. How this works is to make yourself a kid and then have a pet you are taking care of. Since you are a child, you’ll have needs that need to be taken care of, much like the pet does.

As you take care of your needs, like eating, drinking, sleeping, and going to school, you’ll be getting rewards for both yourself as a kid and the pet you have equipped. This essentially means double the rewards for every activity that you do in the game.

Now, you can do this by being an adult and adopting another player as your kid, but this is messy and unreliable unless you have a friend you’re playing with. But if you make yourself a kid and have a pet to take care of, you are essentially getting pets in half the time it would take you otherwise.


Question: How do you get a Free Pet in Adopt Me?

Answer: The only notable way that every player can get a free pet in Adopt Me is by starting the game in the first place. You’ll get a free pet just for checking the game out, but that’s about it. There is the chance of a free pet, possibly through an event, code, or trade, but those are all unreliable.

Question: How do I get a Free Legendary Pet in Adopt Me?

Answer: There are no free legendary pets at this time in Adopt Me. And, worse still, the starter pets you can get don’t include the legendary pets. If there is a possibility of a free legendary pet in the future, it’ll be through a code that is given by the developers or possibly through trading with someone.

Question: What are Codes to get Free Pets in Adopt Me?

Answer: There are no codes currently available for Adopt Me for players to obtain a free pet. That said, there is always the chance for codes in the future. As such, you should be sure to check out the Adopt Me Twitter page and follow it. That is your best chance of seeing any free pet codes in the future.

What Are the Best Pets in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is one of Roblox’s biggest and best games, and a large part of that comes from pets. In the end, though, nothing is truly free, even for the pets in this game. If you want pets, you’ll usually have to come up with the cash to buy them. Thankfully, though, there are some great ways of grinding for money in-game, as mentioned above, to get the best pets.

Speaking of the best pets in Adopt Me, you might be wondering what the cutest and best pets are in the game. After all, though RNG plays a factor, you may want to aim for only the best pets that exist. If that’s you, be sure to find out about the cutest and best pets in Adopt Me so that you know precisely which pets you should be aiming for when grinding for cash in the game.

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