Superhuman Blox Fruits Guide

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Fighting styles are just one way of dishing out insane amounts of damage in Blox Fruits. Among those is Superhuman, a fighting style known for power-packed punches. This Superhuman blox fruits article explains in detail how to get the lucrative fighting style and just what it can do.

Key Info Up Front

Item Location: Martial Arts Master inside the hidden cave at Snow mountain

Item Cost: 3 million Beli 

Additional Requirements: 300 mastery in Electric, Dragon Breath, Dark Step, and Water Kung Fu; access to the Second Sea

Key Features: High damage, high combo potential, stun, knockback, great for PVP

What is Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is an extremely popular Roblox game that sees hundreds of thousands of people playing at a time. It is based on the long-running One Piece anime and manga series. Players do battle against NPCs and other players, sail the world and collect Blox Fruits.

The game recently launched Update 17 Part 2, adding in plenty of new content for players to check out. Created back in 2019, gamers can reach level 2300 and have access to three unique worlds.

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Fighting Styles

Fighting Styles are just one way for players to engage in battle in Blox Fruits, alongside Swords, Guns, and Blox Fruits. There are a total of ten fighting styles currently available in the game. Some are easier to obtain than others, and certain fighting styles require mastery of others to acquire. Here’s the current list:

  • Combat
  • Dark-Step
  • Death Step
  • Dragon Breath
  • Dragon Talon
  • Electric
  • Electric Claw
  • Sharkman Karate
  • Superhuman
  • Water Kung Fu

All players start the game with the Combat fighting style. It has a very basic moveset with two attacks. Once you purchase any other fighting style, it replaces Combat. Since Combat is unlearnable, replacing it makes it impossible to obtain again. Thankfully, it is very weak, and you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

You can only have one fighting style equipped at a time. With the exception of Combat, you can relearn any fighting style you’ve already unlocked by talking to the NPC you learned it from in the first place. It retains any mastery you had from before, so you can pick up right where you left off.

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Where to Obtain Fighting Styles

Players must buy fighting styles from NPCs located in various locations around the Blox Fruits world. Each NPC teaches one or two specific fighting styles if you’ve met all the requirements. These characters are often hidden away in locations and can be challenging to find.

The Superhuman Fighting Style

Superhuman Fighting Style

At present, the Superhuman fighting style is the strongest in the game. It is the only fighting style that requires more than Beli to obtain. Its moves specialize in stuns, knockback, and speed. This makes it a great fighting style to use during PVP. Blox Fruits developers have stated that Superhuman is getting an upgrade in the Update 17 Part 3 patch.


Superhuman has three unique movies that really make it stand out. You’ll have to reach mastery level 110 to unlock even the first ability.

Beast Owl Pounce

Mastery Level: 110

Key to Press: Z

Beast Owl Pounce propels the user in any direction. The player controls this movement during the attack and can make adjustments to make contact with an enemy. If you manage to collide with an enemy, the attack will punch the target over 20 times. Each hit does a decent amount of damage, with the final blow knocking the target back slightly.

This attack can also be used for travel, as the character moves quickly in a particular direction. It does have an 8 second cooldown before you can use it again.

Thunder Clap

Thunder Clap

Mastery Level: 220

Key to Press: X

Thunder Clap allows the user to charge up the attack if the X key is held down. When released, the character stomps the ground and sends out a shockwave from the point of impact. The shockwave does a good amount of damage to any enemy unable to get out of the way. Thunder Clap also summons a tornado that does no damage whatsoever.

Holding down the button does not cause Thunder Clap to do more damage or travel further from the host; it simply allows you time to line up your attack. This move has a 10 second cooldown.

Conqueror Gun

Mastery Level: 330

Key to Press: C

Conqueror Gun causes the user to dash forward, inflicting damage and knocking the enemy back. Even though the attack travels some distance, it will only affect the first enemy it comes in contact with.

If used outside of combat, this ability allows the player to move quickly from one place to another. However, it does have a 15 second cooldown before it can be used again.

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Ways to Power Up

Power Up

Damage from fighting styles depends largely on the Melee stat. Adding stat points to this skill directly increases damage output from a fighting style. Any time you level up in Blox Fruits, you receive three skill points to place in either Melee, Sword, Gun, or Blox Fruit.

You can also increase damage by growing in the mastery of the particular fighting style itself. Each fighting style has its own experience bar that levels up along with the character. This requires the grinding of monsters throughout the different islands.

How To Get the Superhuman Fighting Style

The Superhuman fighting style is currently the hardest of the ten fighting styles to get. It requires 300 mastery in the following other fighting styles: Electric, Dragon Breath, Dark Step, and Water Kung Fu. Let’s first take a look at how to get each of these.



Cost: 500,000 Beli

With 500,000 Beli in hand, players must travel to the Skylands located in the First Sea. The Mad Scientist is located below the Skylands on the surface, hidden behind one of the rocks.

With subsequent game updates, you can now find the Mad Scientist in two additional locations. He can also be found in the Second Sea at Hot and Cold island next to the volcano or in the Third Sea at the Castle on the Sea.

Dragon Breath

Cost: 1,500 fragments

Dragon Breath is located in the Second Sea and must be purchased with fragments. To purchase the fighting style, you’ll need to head over to the Kingdom of Rose and find the NPC named Sabi. He is well hidden in one of the mini-arches on top of a big wall.

Dark Step

Cost: 150,000 Beli

The Dark Step Teacher will gift you with the Dark Step fighting style if you can locate him. He is hidden away between two houses on Pirate Island in the first Sea.

If you’re further along in the game, you can also find the Dark Step Dealer in the other Seas. You’ll find him in the Second Sea in a house near the volcano on Hot and Cold Island, or in the Third Sea in the Castle on the Sea.

Water Kung Fu

Water Kung Fu

Cost: 750,000 Beli

The Water Kung Fu Teacher at the Underwater City teaches this fighting style. To locate him, you need to look behind the palace and off to its right. He’s actually inside a wall that’s slightly different in color from the others around it. You will need to flash step to get inside.

Those who have access to the Second world can also find the Water Kung Fu Teacher standing outside on Hot and Cold Island.


Cost: 3,000,000 Beli

Once you’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears to grind each of the above fighting styles to mastery 300, you’re finally ready to become Superhuman. Hopefully during your grind you’ve managed to scrounge up 3,000,000 Beli as well.

The Martial Arts Master in the Second Sea is the only one who teaches his fighting style. To locate him, head over to Snow Mountain and look for a hidden cave between two blocks of ice. If you don’t have all the requirements, the Martial Arts Master will say, “You’re not strong enough yet. Keep practicing your martial arts!”. Otherwise, he will offer you the fighting style.

Pairing With Buddha

The Superhuman fighting style is awesome in PVP but falls short when it comes to grinding or raids. However, you can negate this some with the help of the Buddha blox fruit. Buddha increases the hit box and pairs really well with Superhuman’s basic attack activated with the left mouse button (also known as M1). With the high damage output, Superhuman is much more effective with several mobs around.

Earning Quick Mastery

The grind to obtain the mastery necessary for each fighting style can be a major drag. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to speed up the process.

Fight the Smoke Admiral

Fight the Smoke Admiral

The Smoke Admiral hangs out on Hot and Cold island in the Second Sea, inside a gray building on the hot side. He’s not terribly challenging and gives anywhere between 700,000 and 800,000 mastery when defeated. If you claim his quest, you’ll also receive 20,000 Beli and 32,500,000 EXP.

The bad news is that he takes 20 minutes to respawn. After you’ve taken him out, jump to another server to battle him again.

Autoclick on a Private Server

The Blox Fruit devs have stated that it’s okay to set up your character to auto click and do damage. To avoid the risk of being reported anyway, use a private server so no one else is around. This will also prevent someone from killing you for no good reason.

Position yourself close enough to at least one mob that will run over to you. Make sure you have logia equipped to avoid physical damage. You can walk away from the game and come back to see gains in mastery.


Superhuman pairs well with several weapon attacks, including the Rengoku, Pole, and Acidium Rifle. If you’re a blox fruit user, consider combining Superhuman with Ice, Dark, Rumble, or Paw for maximum effect.

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Final Thoughts

Superhuman blox fruits is arguably the most powerful fighting style in the game and has stuns and knockbacks to keep enemies from fighting back. These attacks are incredible for use in PVP scenarios. It’s slated to get version 2 abilities as soon as the next update goes live, offering the potential to be even better than it currently is.

There is a huge grind to get the fighting style, and it requires a lot of patience. It’s not great for grinding or raids, but pairing it with the Buddha fruit makes these a lot easier. If you’re willing to put in the time, Superhuman is a great fighting style to have!

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