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Various products based on Piggy have been made publicly available due to their widespread appeal. Fans of the Roblox experience can purchase all such things to demonstrate their devotion and appreciation for the game and the developers.

Plush toys are one of the various Piggy-related items that you can acquire. Who doesn’t like a good plushie? Playing with these cute stuffed toys is a terrific way to pass the time.

If you’re looking to purchase new Piggy Plush toys for yourself or your children, you’ve come to the perfect place. Let’s take a look at some of the best Piggy plush picks below.

Details About Piggy Plushies

Simply put, you have a wide range of Plushies based on the various characters that make up the Piggy universe. These can be obtained through multiple channels, including the official Piggy Store and other retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

When deciding which options are the best, you will need to consider many different factors, and personal opinion will vary from person to person. You can narrow down your options with the help of the list supplied further in this article.

Top Picks at a Glance

If you are in a hurry and all you want to do is quickly go over the best options, do not worry. Among all of the different options that will be featured in the comprehensive list, the ones that are listed below are some of the ones that I would recommend most highly:

You could also think about purchasing a few of the “Jumbo Plushies”. These measure 16 inches long and will prove to be an excellent choice as a toy for children who want to enjoy the joy of playing with Plushies. Assuming that plushies measuring 8 inches may be a little on the smaller side, these Jumbo ones will do the job properly.

Selection Criteria

There are always going to be some criteria that you look for before making a purchase, whether it be a product or a service. The same holds true in this situation, and I have taken the following into consideration while compiling this list:

  • Price: When buying products, price is always one of the most important considerations for consumers in almost any context. Accordingly, to simplify the process, I have listed out products at varying price points so that you can pick the one that fits your budget.
  • Significance of the character: When there is a large number of characters to choose from in the Piggy universe, the most popular/iconic ones are generally preferred by many. I have considered the same, and the characters I think have a high level of popularity have been mentioned.
  • Series of the Product: This point will somewhat coincide with the previous criteria. Basically, the ones which are included in the earlier Series of items are among the better and best-selling selections on the different stores.

Aside from all the above, you do not need to be afraid about the material or quality because the stores selling the official Piggy-based items will only have high-quality products available.

Best Piggy Plushies

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. The following is a list, based on my personal opinion, of the best Piggy Plush toys, and I hope that it may be of some value to you in the selection process:

1. PIGGY – Collectible Plush (Collector’s Set – Series 1 & 2)

PIGGY - Collectible Plush (Collector’s Set - Series 1 & 2)

PIGGY – Collectible Plush (Collector’s Set – Series 1 & 2) provides five distinct plushies based on different characters of the Piggy Universe. Essentially, the ones provided in the two separate Series are:

  • Series 1: Piggy Plush, Clowny Plush, and Tigry Plush
  • Series 2: Willow Plush and Memory Plush

Each Plush is 8 inches tall and made from fine fabric. In addition to being used for playing, they may be used as home decor, and you can even create a Piggy-themed room for yourself.


  • This features unique Roblox Piggy Plushies based on famous figures from the universe.
  • Characters from both Series 1 and Series 2 have been included.
  • Includes DLC Code which can be used to claim virtual items in PIGGY: HUNT.
  • Buying it as a complete set of 5 would lower down the overall cost of each Plush.


  • The total price of PIGGY – Collectible Plush (Collector’s Set – Series 1 & 2) is $59.99, which may be too excessive for specific users.

2. Zompiggy Feature Plush w/ Sounds & Light-Up Eye

Zompiggy Feature Plush w Sounds & Light-Up Eye

This Zompiggy Plush is loaded with a plethora of unique features which distinguish it from all other ordinary alternatives available. Besides the various Sounds, the Light-Up Eye is a major attraction you’ll want to own.

In addition, the fabric used to make the Plush has a material that glows in the dark, which is another outstanding characteristic. If I knew someone who was a massive fan of Piggy, I would definitely give this to them as a present since I think it is the kind of thing that one would enjoy.


  • The eyes of Zompiggy Feature Plush can light up
  • The body has a glow-in-the-dark appearance.
  • Squeezing its body activates Zompiggy’s unique screech and other sounds.
  • The size of the Plush is 13 inch, which is comparatively bigger than the regular 8 inch Plushies.


  • The sound effects aren’t very loud and hard to pick out above the background noise.

3. PIGGY – Officer Doggy Collectible Plush (8″ Tall, Series 2)

PIGGY Officer Doggy Collectible Plush

Officer Doggy is widely regarded as one of the most popular figures within the Piggy universe. The character has garnered the interest of many people, including myself, and I find him somewhat appealing.

As a direct result of the fame of Officer Doggy, a Plush toy based on him has been created, and you can proceed to purchase the same. It is created with quality fabrics and stands 8 inches tall, but unfortunately, it does not have the glowing red eyes that are its trademark characteristic.


  • Based on Officer Doggy from the Piggy universe.
  • This toy is ideal for the children to play with.
  • Officer Doggy has a nice visual appeal and would further make an excellent showpiece.
  • The particular Plush could also be a perfect gift for people who are fans of the character.


  • PIGGY – Officer Doggy Collectible Plush is sized only 8 inches, which some of you might consider a little smaller.

4. PIGGY – Jumbo Plushies (Series 1)

PIGGY - Jumbo Plushies (Series 1)

Piggy-themed Jumbo Plushies would be something that any child would want. These large-sized Plushies are approximately twice the size of the standard ones; if I were a child, I would surely request that someone purchase them for me. 

Three choices from Series 1 are available: Piggy, Clowny, and Tigry. You may also purchase the ‘Complete Set’ if you want all three available characters. It would cut the price of individual characters, but it would cost $59.99, which is something I personally wouldn’t spend on three plushies.


  • Three distinct options are available based on Piggy, Clowny, and Tigry.
  • Due to their large size, the PIGGY – Jumbo Plushies outshine the other available options.
  • These come with unique Drawstring Bags that kids may use to carry.
  • Each Drawstring Bag is uniquely designed based on the character you purchase. 


  • Because the Plushies are all about 16 inches in size, they ay take up a large amount of storage space.

5. PIGGY – DoughMigos Pillow Plushies

PIGGY - DoughMigos Pillow Plushies

The following item on our list is the PIGGY – DoughMigos Pillow Plushies, an excellent selection for you to acquire. These Plushies stand at 8 inches and only include the heads of the many characters they depict.

There are five distinct alternatives: Piggy, Officer Doggy, Rash, Alfis, and Willow. You may purchase them all at once by choosing the ‘Complete Set.’ If you asked me to pick the finest one, I would say the Willow Pillow Plush looks the best. 


  • They are sized 8 inches, which is equal to that of the other regular Plushies.
  • Apart from being a toy, you can end up using DoughMigos Pillow Plushies for home decoration.
  • You can get these based on Piggy, Officer Doggy, Rash, Alfis, and Willow, five of the most popular characters.
  • It is also possible to use these Plushies as a cushion.


  • Because they are basic pillow plush, not every kid will enjoy playing with them as much as Action Figures and other toys.

6. PIGGY – Collectible Plush (Three 8″ Plushies, Series 3)

PIGGY Collectible Plush

Series 3 is the newest one introduced to the public. Like the previous Collectible Plushies, this one contains numerous characters, notably Robby, Rash, and Alfis. You can buy individual Plushies based on your favorites or the entire collection if you want to have them all.

To speak for myself, I am a big fan of the Rash character, and because of its general appearance, I would also suggest the same to you. You can also get Alfis and Robby because they are both quite good.


  • These Plushies come from the latest Series 3, making them the newest entrant.
  • There are a total of three different characters – Robby, Rash, and Alfis which you can purchase. 
  • All three characters are quite popular in among the fans of Piggy.
  • You may also get a complete set of three for a comparatively lower price.


  • A single Plush from the Series is priced over $16, which is costlier than the other Plushies from Series 1 and 2.  

Details About Frenemies Plushies

You will also find Frenemies Plushies in the Piggy Store and the many possibilities discussed above. The entire collection of the same comprises not only the well-known Piggy Plush but also other ones modeled on “Granny” from the game “GRANNY,” “Rod” from the game “Ice Scream,” and “Baldi” from the game “Baldi’s Basics.”

If you like those particular characters, you can also proceed to get the Frenemies Plushies. They come in at a comparable cost to that of the Piggy Plushies.

Additionally, as part of the FRENEMIES – DoughMigos collection, another character will be included in the mix. You will have the opportunity to acquire Mr. Peterson from the Hello Neighbor series.

FAQs – Best Piggy Plush Guide

Question: What is the best Piggy Plush?

Answer: It will be tough to pick the best Piggy plush out of all the options available. Moreover, since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there is no accurate answer to this question.
If I had to choose between all available alternatives, I would go for the “Zompiggy Feature Plush” because it has superior features compared to the other choices. The glow-in-the-dark look and sound effects would make for really entertaining toys for children.

Question: Where can I buy a Piggy Plush?

Answer: As I have already mentioned above, you may get your hands on the various Plushies associated with Piggy by shopping at the official Piggy Store, Amazon, and other popular online retailers. You can also look for them on other websites. Still, I would advise you to use the top available ones to acquire authentic Plushies of the highest quality.

Question: What is the Best Piggy Plush for a girl?

Answer: Because not all girls are the same, picking one Plush as the best would be unfair. Also, the overall preference might end up being different for each individual. 
If you intend to gift it to a girl, just think about which Piggy character the particular person finds their favorite.

Conclusion About The Best Piggy Plushies

After going through the alternatives described above, you should have a broad grasp of the different Piggy Plushies. For me, it would mean a lot if you found anything that helped you decide about purchasing a particular option.

I also recommend you visit the Piggy Store’s Plush section and look through all the other options to get a general idea of what else you can end up purchasing. I believe it is always good to evaluate your options to make a proper decision.

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