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Mr. P is one of the many characters in the game Piggy. His crazy antics may frustrate me from time to time, but his caring heart wins me over every time. After all, he shows up frequently and has a major effect on the story. Read on this Mr. P Piggy guide to find out who Mr. P is and how to obtain his skin for your character!

What is Piggy?

Mr P Piggy

Piggy is an incredibly popular survival/horror Roblox game, first making an appearance in early 2020. As time pressed on, creator MiniToon added a total of 12 unique chapters to the game, building a fully fleshed-out story.

In the game, survivors have to sneak their way through a location, uncovering objects that will ultimately allow them to escape. On the other hand, Piggy is set on destroying everyone it can find. A single server can have up to six players, with Piggy controlled either by a bot or a human. While the game’s true ending was revealed at the end of chapter 12, developers have added additional game modes to keep things fresh and entertaining.

Mr. P At a Glance

Interestingly, Mr. P is not a pig but rather a large purple potato with a fancy suit, cane, hat, and mustache. He is a non-playable character that makes repeat appearances throughout Piggy’s 12 chapters. Throughout most of the game, it’s unclear whether Mr. P is good or evil and what his intentions are. However, this talking potato plays a key role in the overall story and the outcome of the game.

Mr. P’s Look

Mr P Piggy Purple Cyborg
Image From Roblox Piggy Wiki

When you first meet him, Mr. P looks like a rather large purple potato with a monocle and cane. He stands and walks on two feet, wearing a suit, tie, and hat to complete the outfit. The character also sports a black mustache over an otherwise non-existent mouth.

After the events at the hospital in chapter 6, Mr. P’s appearance changes drastically. He is transformed into a cyborg, with a large portion of the left half of his body now made of metal. Similarly, his left arm becomes a gun. Mr. P’s right arm from shoulder to forearm is also replaced with metal, but he maintains his potato hand. His right eye becomes cybernetic as well. Despite these changes, Mr. P chooses to keep his suit, red tie, and hat.

Original Design

Mr P
Image From Roblox Piggy Fandom

When Piggy was first released, Mr. P looked like a yellow potato of the same shape and size. However, he was not wearing any clothes besides a cowboy hat and had a more elongated mustache. Transforming into a cyborg had the same effect on his body, arms, and eye. 

Mr. P’s Appearances in Piggy

Mr P Piggy Cyborg
Image From Robox Piggy Wiki

Mr. P first makes an appearance in Piggy at the very end of chapter 4, the Forest. Players hear only his voice talking through a lone walkie-talkie device. At the beginning of chapter 5’s School, Mr. P asks the Player to enter the school and save his friend Bunny from certain doom. The Player complies and finally meets Mr. P in the sewer, where they see Mr. P for the first time. After passing out in the sewers at the end of chapter 5, the Player is taken to the hospital for treatment.

After waking up in the Hospital at the beginning of chapter 6, Bunny tells the Player that Mr. P is waiting for them in a helicopter on the roof. Unfortunately, Mr. P is nowhere to be seen. Players only find a note stating, “I have to do this for our own good. – Mr. P”. Little do players know that Mr. P. was actually undergoing treatment in the hospital to become a cyborg in hopes of helping him along on this quest. He assumes the Player and Bunny are long gone by the time the operation is complete, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Mr. P is actually not seen again until the Outpost in chapter 11 in cyborg form. He is full of grief and believes the Player to be dead and therefore only a hallucination. After chasing Mr. P through chapter 11, players make their way to the final level – the Plant. In the Plant, Mr. P behaves like a full-on villain and will pursue the players around the map. He can eliminate players or stun them with rubber bullets from his shotgun arm. Upon finishing the Plant level, players stand face to face with Mr. P. After reflecting on his actions in the Plant, Mr. P decides to fight off the remaining infecting, leaving the Player to escape. What the Player does next leads to one of the game’s three endings.

Choosing an Ending

When Mr. P runs off to battle the infected, players have the choice to escape the Plant or attempt to save Mr. P.

The Escape Ending

The Escape Ending

If the Player decides to leave the Plant, Mr. P is left to fend off the infected alone. He is never heard from again, but his hat is seen on the ground during the credits.

The Bad Ending

The Bad Ending

It’s also possible to go after Mr. P in the Plant after he goes to fight. Unfortunately, doing so ends poorly for the Player, who gets attacked from behind. The game ends with the Player getting infected and standing over Mr. P’s hat.

The True Ending

 The Escape Ending

Obtaining the true ending requires a bit of additional work before the final chapter. Players have to complete each of the previous chapters of the game and get each badge for doing so. In chapter 9 (the City), you need to pick up a picture of Mrs. P located under a purple car. Finish chapter 9 with the picture and then revisit the Plant in chapter 12.

Upon reaching the end of the game, choose to go after Mr. P instead of escaping. This time, Mr. P will tell you his story before the escape ending plays out. At the end, Mr. P’s hat is not on the ground, implying that he somehow survives.

Mr. P’s Story

Mr. P’s Story

When you obtain the True Ending, Mr. P explains how the events of the game came to be. As it turns out, Mr. P was working to create a cure for a sickness that his wife, Mrs. P, had. After working tirelessly, Mr. P presented the cure he created to the local doctors. After being told the cure was too unstable, Mr. P looked for volunteers of his own to test on. The Piggy family came to Mr. P’s rescue, choosing to test the potion for their friend. The results were promising at first, with the Piggy family becoming stronger and healthier than ever before.

Overjoyed, Mr. P gave the cure to his wife shortly before the Piggy family began to turn hostile. Sadly, Mr. P’s wife also started showing signs of anger, and he chose to let her go.

Mr. P tried to quickly produce a new cure while in the hospital, turning into a cyborg to help protect himself in the process. These batches also failed, leaving Mr. P in bad shape in the Outpost and Plant. After returning to his senses at the end of chapter 12, he chooses to combat the infected in the Plant so the Player can escape to live another day. His hat is not seen on the ground as it is during other ending sequences, so it’s likely he survived.

Obtaining the Mr. P Skin

Mr P Piggy

I’ve actually already explained how to get the Mr. P skin in the game. All you have to do is complete the game’s true ending, and the cyborg skin will be unlocked for you to use. Like all other skins, it is purely cosmetic and has no other effect on the game.


Mr. P is a heartbroken, misunderstood character that ultimately wants to do the right thing. Unfortunately, his mistakes cause a lot of pain and suffering to the world he’s a part of. He’s able to redeem himself at the end of the game, providing an opportunity for characters to locate a cure and return the infected to normal.


Question: Is Mr. P Good in Piggy?

Answer: Mr. P is a character who means well but unknowingly causes the infection to begin. He does not do so for evil purposes, and redeems himself at the end of the game by helping the Player escape.

Question: Is Mr. P Infected in Piggy?

Answer: No, Mr. P is not one of the infected characters in the game. Through his actions, he causes the infection in the Piggys that spreads to other characters.

Question: Who is Foxy in Piggy?

Answer: Foxy is a secondary bot in the Carnival map. He’s an unlockable character that costs 300 tokens to obtain.

Question: What is the Scariest Skin in Piggy?

Answer: Some say the devil skin is the scariest with its large wings and pitchfork. I find Mr. P just as frightening – after all, he’s a talking cyborg potato!

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